Crosses The Atlantic

The Following are excerpts from an E-Mail received from Simon Foster (from Wales) 
8 July 2008:

"Hello Tom and Kaye,

I've been at sea cruising the N Atlantic since September last year starting from Wales - Africa - Caribbean - Eastern Canada.

Unfortunately the USA is the only country in the Western hemisphere that I can't visit with out first going through a costly and time-consuming application for entry visas. So I gave it a miss. (Contact your congressman!)

My boat, a 1973 A37 Mk II yawl (hull #111) originally from Philadelphia although I purchased it in  Maine 2005. Formerly registered as "FIGMENT", now registered in the UK as "Ara' Deg" (Welsh for 'easy does it').

I'm off to Newfoundland in a day or two and then hope to cruise Iceland and Norway before returning to Wales at the end of summer.

For a short video of my trip go to my Trinidad to PEI blog "PEI or bust!" at this address/link:

take care and have a good rendezvous in September,

Simon Foster"

A report on 7/17/08 has Simon on the north coast of Newfoundland en-route back to Wales via Iceland.  Check out his blog for this leg of the voyage at:

The Last Report from ARA' DEG on Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back in Welshland

"After 18 days at sea I landed in Tenby on 17 September.

It was a sail not without its up and downs.

We got sucked into two low pressure systems whirling from west to east. Both times we went we passed through the eye of the storm. For 12 odd hours as the evil eye passes over us the screaming wind dies down to a whisper and the needle on the barometer falls to ridiculous low level. Then the howling returns from the opposite direction. For the next 16 to 24 hours we claw our way out."

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