1967 Alberg 37 MK-I Sloop Hull # 17
Todd and Natalie Stebleton

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a-Copperhead Arrives b-Todd aboard Copperhead c-Bow Pulpit and Rollers d-Copperhead Looking Aft e-Port in Coachhouse
a-Copperhead Arrives.jpg b-Todd aboard Copperhead.jpg c-Bow Pulpit and Rollers.jpg d-Copperhead Looking Aft.jpg e-Port in Coachhouse.jpg
f-Copperhead Cockpit g-Copperhead Cockpit h-Copperhead Interior Looking Forward i-Copperhead Interior Looking Aft j-Copperhead Galley-Port Side
f-Copperhead Cockpit.jpg g-Copperhead Cockpit.jpg h-Copperhead Interior Looking Forward.jpg i-Copperhead Interior Looking Aft.jpg j-Copperhead Galley-Port Side.jpg
k-Copperhead Galley-Stbd Side l-Copperhead Pilot Berth to Stbd m-Copperhead  Salon-Port Side n-Copperhead V-Berth-Port Side o-Copperhead  Looking Aft from V-Berth
k-Copperhead Galley-Stbd Side.jpg l-Copperhead Pilot Berth to Stbd.jpg m-Copperhead Salon-Port Side.jpg n-Copperhead V-Berth-Port Side.jpg o-Copperhead Looking Aft from V-Berth.jpg