1967 Alberg 37 MK-I Sloop Hull # 17
Todd and Natalie Stebleton

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p-Copperhead Galley Looking Aft q-Copperhead Deck and Cabintop q-Copperhead Stern Quarter r-Note Original Roller Furling on Mainsail s-Note Copperhead Flying A37IOA Pennant
p-Copperhead Galley Looking Aft.jpg q-Copperhead Deck and Cabintop.jpg q-Copperhead Stern Quarter.jpg r-Note Original Roller Furling on Mainsail.jpg s-Note Copperhead Flying A37IOA Pennant.jpg
t-Note Copperhead's Original Woodwork u-Natalie and Todd (aboard SHEARWATER)      
t-Note Copperhead's Original Woodwork.jpg u-Natalie and Todd (aboard SHEARWATER).jpg