Submitted by Bob Prescott
(1980 Sloop THULE, #211)

I had a very load thump in the steering at random intervals that I traced to the bronze pin on the starboard after steering sheave.  It is worn just as shown in volume 10 number 4 newsletter.

I have made my own stainless pins for about 75 cents each.  (6 feet of the stainless rod is $25).  I used two washers and two cotter pins.


Bob received the following from Edson regarding the sheave pins:

"Edson has been providing stainless sheave pins since 1989.  Boats prior to 1989 were installed with bronze pins.  These bronze pins are a wear item and need to be replaced.  They are approaching 23 years old.  There is no recall to speak of, but we are on a crusade to educate owners of older vessels to check and replace these pins.  There is no trick to pulling the pins, perhaps loosening the steering cables may help take some pressure off them. The most common size was a 3/8" X 1-11/16" pin with a working length of  1-3/8" (part #  960-A-1315A).  These replacement stainless pins are in stock and sell for $12.00 each.  Please give us a call and we'll process an order for you."
Best regards,
Jim Thomas

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(Editors' Note:  We recently replaced all sheave pins (bronze originals which showed some but not severe wear) on our 1975 Yawl, SHEARWATER, with 3/8" stainless bolts with Nyloc nuts, purchased at the local Ace Hardware for about $1.00 each.  We suggest all Alberg 37 owners having Edson wheel steering check these sheave pins and replace as required.)