The Web Site "Member List" is derived only from inputs via the "Member Input Form" which gets directly emailed to us upon submission from the web site.  We DO NOT publish the email addresses!  Only those that specifically state they want their information (Name, boat name, location/city/state etc.) get their info listed on the "Member List".  

We however enter ALL the info (email address, phone #s etc. into our MS ACCESS database which is not published anywhere.  We do however, upon request from MEMBERS ONLY, send out a copy of the current roster containing the data including address, email addresses, phone numbers etc.  

We prefer to send the "Roster" via email attachment in HTML format which is easily read by your web browser.  (In order to get the information into a printable format such as WORD, and to fit on 8.5" x 11" paper, the print has to be REALLY small.) In a nutshell, the member list on the website is not the "official" roster, and it may contain names of folks who no longer own the particular boat (we go through the list periodically to clean it up). 

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