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VOL XVIII, NO. 2 (SPRING – 2008)                                                                                                                                 5 April, 2008

News From Members

Mark and Debbie Crowe, of Toronto, Ontario, who have been cruising their 1973 MK-II Yawl SEA CYCLE in the Caribbean for the past couple of years, have recently started a BLOG of their adventures: “Hi Tom, we are in Carriacou and now have the blog site in decent shape. We have some WIFI connection here so we will try and add more pictures and some of the original logs from the first few months over the next couple of weeks. I forgot to mention to you while we were in Trinidad we saw the following 37s, SOJOURN;  ESTORIL, INTERLUDE, DREAMWEAVER, a 37 from Quebec called CAP-LIB, I did not see the owner so I could not get you a reg. no. but they have just had the boat painted red. I also met another 37 called TREKKA who I had first encountered leaving Tyrell bay last year when we exchanged some yells as I went by when leaving. I later found out that he had no working engine and was leaving to sail north to Puerto Rico. This year I ran into him in Trinidad and he had quite a story. His name is Brian and he had just returned from Venezuela with no engine or autopilot single handling 450 miles against the wind and current to travel the 150 miles to Trinidad. I believe we might have been the first Alberg to go up the Orinoco but then again you never know. “

Check out Mark and Debbie’s Blog at:


We recently heard from Jon & Helen Kuhl of Camden, Maine, who sail the 1968 MK-I sloop KEMO SABE (recently renamed from SPIRIT) out of Rockport, Maine: “I have received some valuable info re refrigeration, and I am getting ready to post another cry of help re radar. The gimbaling mounts are so expensive  (backstay models), I am leaning towards a small JRC on a post which will gimbal as I will have the whole post and gimbal made at the local metal shop after I make a wooden mock up.  I also have a couple of other articles for submission sometime this year.    One is regarding our conversion of the boom crutch to a boom crutch/& bimini mounting frame combo, and the other is one is a continuation of the prop aperture enlargement and prop selection.  And finally  YES !  -the name change (from SPIRIT to KEMO SABE) is for real........"KEMO SABE"  rides again….   Now of course I have to find  a virgin whose blood must be shed on the fore deck in order to ward off any ill feelings from King Neptune.”


Peter McIntosh, who recently purchased the 1971 MK-II Yawl KUMA (his 4th boat), reports that he’s working on a private yacht, presently in Chile.  He’s hoping to get some work finished on KUMA and some passage making done in May when his next leave is due.  If anyone is interested in crewing long distance with Peter, please contact him via email (capt(nospam) remove "(nospam)".).


Ian and Glenda Rodd, of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, who will eventually sail the 1971 MK-II yawl ADVENTURE out of  Summerside, P.E.I. recently ordered the A-37 Sailplan CD and a pennant.  Ian wrote: “Spring...what’s that?  :-)  Still lots of snow but I am making preparations to have Adventure trucked to PEI from Maine in the next couple of weeks.  I would like to have her put away in the garage while the frost is still in the ground.  We are planning a trip to Maine over the Easter weekend and are looking forward to seeing the boat again. Thanks for the link to your Bahamas slide show.   




Roy and Maureen Brankley, of Woodstock, ON, sold their 1971 MK-II Yawl SEAFORTH back in August, 2007.  Roy relates: “Thank you for listing our Alberg on your web-site.. We had a number of enquiries. It is bittersweet to say that she has been SOLD and will make her new home in the St. Lawrence River sailing out of Quebec City. SEAFORTH has been a fantastic craft for us, true to the Alberg tradition and we feel very fortunate to have had the good luck to sail her for the past twelve years. We know her new owner will enjoy her as we did. Thanks again, Maureen and Roy Brankley”


Jack Vanderloo, of Ottawa, ON, recently (10 March 08) wrote that he is at work designing a propane tank storage locker for his 1977 MK-II Sloop SOUTHERN CROSS.  He has received several ideas from the A-37 Discussion Forum, and has been in contact with several A-37 IOA members regarding their locker designs.  Jack reports: “We are still in the throes of deepest, snowiest winter here.  To date some 140" with 10 to 14" more expected today.  Jeez!  Check out "umiak" in Google; perhaps that's what we Canucks should be allowed to sail!”


We recently received the following from Rose Hansmeyer and Tom McMaster who continue their cruise in the Caribbean aboard their 1985 MK-II Sloop SOJOURN:  “I am still in Antigua while Tom is home in MN to visit his Mom.  So I am meeting more cruisers, trying to volunteer at the Gov't Primary school and environmental group but things move slow here.  So doing hiking, biking, small boat projects and cleaning the bottom as the mangrove harbor is very nutrient rich (so that's bi-weekly event).” 

Also, check out their BLOG -


We (Tom and Kaye Assenmacher), recently returned from spending a month (February 2008) on Man O War Cay, Abacos Bahamas.  We had previously cruised the Abacos aboard our 1975 MK-II yawl SHEARWATER during the 2006/2007 winter, but this time ‘cruised’ to the Bahamas via Bahamas Air turboprop which goes to ‘windward’ quite well at 250 kts!!   (We drove from Kinsale to West Palm Beach, FL, with an enroute stop (going and returning) to visit our long time friends  Karen Kinnear and Marcel Steinz (previous owners of the 1977 MK-II SOUTHERN CROSS) of Toronto, who ‘winter over’ in Cocoa Beach, FL.  On our return trip we drove down to Little Torch Key, FL where we spent a few days with Lou and Jean Wayne (owners of the 1967 MK-I Sloop PIKA) who are wintering over in the FL Keys.)

We rented a small Bahamian cottage from a person we met during last year’s cruise, which was only a 2 minute walk to both the Atlantic side of MOW, and to the Eastern Harbour (AKA ‘American Harbour’) anchorage/mooring field.  Although we missed being on the boat, we didn’t have to stand any anchor watches!  We were joined on MOW by Joran Gendell and Lin Hayes, from Williamsburg, VA (they sail the 1984 MK-II yawl ELIXIR out of the York River) who spent a week with us.  We met quite a few cruisers (mostly Canadian) that we had met last year in the Abacos. We plan to cruise the Abacos again this fall/winter (this time aboard SHEARWATER)!  We’ve posted a link to a ‘slideshow’ of our recent visit to the Abacos on the Alberg 37 Web site “Home Page” ( It’s a fairly large file to download (approx 64Mb – so if you don’t have high speed internet service – i.e., dial up modem) it will take awhile to download the file. 



Alberg 37 Pennants Are Again Available

We recently received an order of (12)  Alberg 37 Pennants , so we will be accepting orders for them.  The cost of the pennant is $33.00 which includes postage for U.S and Canadian addresses (for some reason, postage rates to Canada are about the same as U.S. Postage Rates……..could be the strength of the Canadian Dollar….???)!


New Members

No new members were acquired during this period!


Racing Corner
(Check Out The Cruising/Racing Stories Section Of The Web Site
The Discussion Forum For Additional Racing Information)

Ashley Walker of Kemah, TX, who sails the 1975 MK-II yawl GOOD NEWS recently wrote: “We're chartering a 43' cat in Abaco in November along with a group cruise from Lakewood Yacht Club here in Seabrook, TX and really looking forward to it.  Your pic's will help motivate us. 

I’m looking forward to this spring and summer when I hope to have more time to spend with GOOD NEWS on Galveston Bay.  The racing season will begin here on March 1 with the BayCup Series.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to compete on GOOD NEWS, but Jay Zittrer will be entering SHARED WATCH (1987 MK-II yawl – one of the last A-37s) and should do well.  The BayCup series is more oriented to our type of boats as it’s a 24 mile distance race from Galveston Bay, crossing the Houston Ship Channel into Trinity Bay, and then returning.  Requires minimal navigation but is a good race without having to do the windward/leeward stuff. Also looking forward to receiving a new 155 Pentax Genoa to get me back to being competitive here on Galveston Bay, but won’t receive it in time for the BayCup race. I’ve never had a composite sail on GOOD NEWS before and was recently wrestling with a decision to either move forward with new sails or look for another boat.  I’ve recently decided she’s too good a boat to let go after 10 years of ownership and will be adding a few things to bring her up to date.  Jay Zittrer has been beating me like a drum over the last year so I thought it was time to reload. 

I'm also looking into finding, designing or making a "war banner" to fly from the head stay when in port during regatta's or other events.  Something along the lines of using white or navy spinnaker material about 5'x8' with an A37 logo in large white or black, and the boat name under it in a bright red color.  Didn't know if you knew if anybody is currently using anything similar.  May post an inquiry on the forum.  Will definitely post one with pictures when I get one.”


Another later (4/5/08) email from Ashley reports the following:

“He's (Jay Zittrer – SHARED WATCH) racing today in the Heald Bank Regatta which is an offshore event in Galveston, leaving from between the jetties, going 30 miles out to the Heald Bank rig, and returning.  The racing starts at 3pm today, so much of the sailing is at night.  I'm part of the Race Committee, as timer, and will be stationed onshore on the beach overnight, waiting to record the finishes.  We have 21 boats signed up and the forecast is for 15-20 knots of NE to E wind, so it should be good racing.  I told him last night to represent the Albergs well.

I should be getting my new genoa in a couple of weeks and will be looking forward to racing in this year's "Shoe Race" in May.  Also finishing up a war banner of which I'll take a photo and send to you.”

Ashley Walker

s/v GOOD NEWS #144


Alberg 37 Caps And Other Items
Now Available

Caps and other A-37 Logo items may be individually ordered from:

What A Stitch (

467 Ridge Road West, Rochester NY

BOBBIE (585) 581.1494 :: FAX (585)581-0387

Email Bobbie at:

Please DO NOT CONTACT THE A-37 IOA NEWSLETTER EDITORS (Tom and Kaye Assenmacher) with your cap order.

Photos of several A-37 Logo items including Caps may be viewed by going to the Alberg 37 Web site.



GALLEY TALK (Pots & Pans)
By Kaye Assenmacher

In order to conserve space and still have the necessary ‘tools’ to cook decent food aboard, we try to minimize the number of different pots and pans aboard  SHEARWATER. We also try to make ‘one pot’ meals as much as possible (but that’s another story…).

We carry:

1 ea.  Small 6” cast iron skillet (with aluminum multi-purpose lid (i.e., large enough to cover small skillet and also a sauce pan)..

1 ea. 10” cast iron ‘Dutch Oven’ (oven top is actually a 10” cast iron skillet) for various baking/frying jobs.

2 ea.  Silicone baking pans – one loaf pan; one ‘brownie’ (i.e., square) pan  (bought ours at Canadian Tire on one of our many trips to Canada).

1 ea.  4 Qt Pressure Cooker – for stews, baking bread, other things that require a large pot.

1 ea. 1 Qt Sauce Pan with lid.

1 ea. Stainless Steel (SS) Tea Kettle (with whistle – we need to get a new one since TJ lost the whistle overboard in the Bahamas).  This is an integral part of our ‘coffee maker’.

2 ea. Quart size SS vacuum bottles (the ones with SS interiors – not glass) – one we make coffee directly into using a ‘Melitta’ type plastic funnel and filters and hot water from the teakettle; one for hot water, or occasionally hot soup.  Made in the morning, they will keep coffee and water/soup hot through the late afternoon.

1 ea. 10’ SS ‘splatter shield’ to use over the skillet when frying food such as fish, chicken, etc.  Saves a lot of work in cleaning the galley stove!

A-37s For Sale

(Please check the Alberg 37 web site (A37's For Sale/Wanted) for the latest postings.)
(Ed. Note: Several Alberg 37s have recently changed hands – so there are people out there looking for these great boats.)

Current offerings include:

For Sale - ISLANDTIME - 1971 Alberg 37 MK-II Yawl, currently sailing as a sloop, but available as a yawl (yawl rig included).  New engine installed in 2007; Radar with Questus Mount; Windvane; Roller Furling; MAC PAC; Auto Pilot; GPS; Spinnaker; Hard dinghy with outboard (New); Refrigeration.  Located in Maine.  $49,000 USD. Contact Scott at: 207.326.9498 - Cell 978.549.0507


For Sale - WIND MISTRESS -  Mark I Yawl  Hull #62.  Classic 1970 Alberg 37 yawl moored in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  White (AwlGripped) hull and deck with unique sea foam green accents.  Well maintained and lovingly cared for over the years as she sailed the Great Lakes.  Recent major projects have included refinishing the cabin interior (2004) and deck and cockpit woodwork (2004; 2006); stripping,  Interprotecting and applying VC17 to the bottom (2005); replacing the cutlass bearing and stuffing box (2006).  Fully equipped.  Email questions etc.  to Joel ( (or call: 416.406.6810).  CDN$70,000


For Sale - After 20 years of owning her, John Volk is offering  "STORNOWAY"  for sale. She is a MK-II, Hull #182, built in 1979.  Originally built as a sloop, she was professionally converted to a yawl.  Details can be found at ... . Price is $65,000 CDN.


Alberg 37s Wanted

Wanted - Alberg 37 project boat.  Contact Art Svaldenis (

Wanted -  Alberg 37 Sloop.  Contact Larry Ciccola (

Information Wanted

Rose Hansmeyer and Tom McMaster are requesting the following information regarding their 1985 MK-II Sloop SOJOURN: “Does anyone know what the dimensions are of the 35 gal holding tank of a 1985 Mark II sloop?  We are thinking of cleaning it out and adding a water bladder.”

(Ed. Note:  Does anyone have the requested dimensions??  If so, could you let us know and we’ll pass it on to Rose and Tom.  Many years ago, we removed the original aluminum holding tank and built a wood/fiberglass/epoxy tank of the same dimensions as the original tank to use as a water tank.  Unfortunately, we neglected to take the measurements of the aluminum tank…..)
Gear For Sale

MK-I Interior Cushions - "As a result of re-jigging the interior of my 1967 MK-I (# 18) VECTIS, I had to have a whole new set of interior cushions made. Bad planning as I had only replaced the covers on the existing cushions, 2 years prior. So I have a complete set of cushions for sale which are like new, 2 years old in Sunbrella, a blue and white stripe. The new cushions cost me $3500! so I figure the older ones have got to be worth $1000. Any offers? VECTIS is a Mark I and the cushions are for the original MK-I configuration (although I believe configurations varied slightly). Buyer will need to pick them up in CT.

Contact Ian Dunn Email:



Bilge Pump Blues
By Gord Martin

(Ed. Note: While looking through our files we came across the following item of interest written by Gord in June, 2005.)

When I bought my 1975 MK-II Alberg 37 Sloop three years ago, I knew there would be lots of things to check and repair.  One of the first jobs was to check the bilge pumps.  The manual pump was not working so I immediately rebuilt it.  The electric pump seemed to be working reasonably well, so it was repeatedly pushed down the ever longer “things to do” list.

Well, I have ignored it for 3 years, always feeling a bit uneasy, but decided this spring it must be looked at.  We all know how inviting it is to try to work at the bottom of that deep dark bilge, so I worried about it for a few more weeks.  How was I going to get at it?

I can’t see screw heads – blame this partly on the bi-focals, and partly on the idiot who epoxied over the screws.  Also I did not like the idea of it being mounted on a board which looked quite thick, leaving too much water in the bilge.  The board was firmly attached to the bottom of the bilge, so I made up a tool consisting of a 2’ handle attached perpendicular to the mid point of a crowbar, then lay on my stomach, and flailed away with a sledge hammer.  The board finally popped loose, and I could get the greasy monster up to eye level.  Well almost to eye level, first I had to shift the battery, and chip the epoxy that held the wires in place, then undo the Marrettes (“Wire Nuts”).  Marrettes in a bilge! WOW!

At this point I checked the polarity, and thought it was a bit unusual to have yellow as plus in a red/yellow pair.  More about that later.  The pump was a Zurn brand and appeared to have a capacity of about 1500 GPH.

Now to the hose – the 1 1/8” pump outlet was reduced to a ¾” automotive heater hose, all limp and grungy, then further reduced into a ½” check valve at the thru-hull.  Is there any other way that the pump capacity could have been further reduced???  Based on the area of the check valve, this pump was operating at barely 25% of its theoretical capacity.

I took the pump back to my shop, cleaned it thoroughly and found that it was working fine, that is when hooked up to the right polarity. Yup!  That pump had been running backwards for who knows how many years.

  The red was supposed to be the plus side.  I was surprised to find that it moved quite a bit of water in my test bucket even when running backwards.  I wonder how many surveyors would think to check the rotation of a bilge pump!!

I didn’t want to completely trust a 30 year old pump, but also couldn’t just throw it away when it appeared to be working perfectly, so I bought a new Rule 2000 GPH pump and hooked them both up with new 1 1/8” hose, oversized check valves, and new ball valves.  The new pump went to a redundant thru-hull left from moving the exhaust to the transom.  And yes, the polarity was checked at least three times!

I mounted both pumps to welded stainless steel “L” brackets, which I can raise and clamp in place for service.

That is it for bilge pumps – now on to the next item on the list, and on and on and on….

Gord Martin


June 2005

TEVAKE Begins Refit and Restoration
1970 MK-I Yawl
Owned By Kip and Linda Newbould

Kip and Linda Newbould of Coles Point, VA recently purchased the 1970 MK-I Yawl TEVAKE from  Chris Anderson.  Kip and Linda have begun a complete rebuild/refurbish of  TEVAKE which will include installation of a new engine. 

Kip and Linda have considerable experience refurbisbing/repairing boats in general, having owned numerous sailboats and powerboats, and have worked in the boat repair industry for years.  They also have considerable cruising experience having cruised for years in the Caribbean, Bahamas, New England, etc.

The boat is in sound condition (hull and deck wise), but is in need of systems upgrade, cosmetic work on hull, topsides and deck, refurbishing the interior, etc. etc. The boat came with new sails, a life raft along with numerous items which will be refurbished and placed back into commission.

Work so far includes removal of unwanted/unneeded deck hardware, filling of hardware mounting holes, and general preparation for refurbishing of the deck and cabintop.  The topsides have been repaired, sanded (removal of several coats of paint down to the original gel coat) and generally prepared for eventual repainting later this spring.  An inoperable engine (Perkins Perama) has been removed and a substitute engine, a used Yanmar is in the process of being installed.

Below are a few photos of TEVAKE in the early stages of work – we expect to see further accounts of this restoration/refurbishing as work progresses. (To Be Continued)










TEVAKE Begins Restoration


Web Site

We are always looking for articles (cruising, racing, maintenance, etc.) and photos of your boat for inclusion on the website and newsletter.  Send the articles via email attachment in MS WORD and the photos in .JPG format if possible.  We are still on a ‘Dial Up Modem” here on Virginia’s Northern Neck – if at all possible, please don’t send large files, especially high resolution photos.  Photos should be 100 kilobytes or smaller if at all possible.  We’ve has some emails with attachments which take HOURS to download.  We may soon be getting high speed Internet Service in our area – we’ll let you know if/when this happens.


Web Sites of Interest

The following Web site links pertain to ocean predictions (weather; wave heights; Gulf Stream current and positions; etc.) which would be of interest to A-37 skippers contemplating Off-Shore transits (primarily in the Atlantic).  Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) Discussion Board Topic - Gulf Stream Routing Help.  Multiple threads on the SSCA Discussion Board – great information contained in this link!!   Naval Meteorology And Oceanography CenterNorfolk - Oceanographic Products (Winds and Seas Warnings; Gulf Stream Analysis; Imagery; and others).  Western Atlantic Currents and Speed at Surface Graphical Presentation.  Wind, Wave & Weather Forecasts for Sailors and Adventurers  Current velocities of the Gulf Stream (graphical historical information)



By the Editor

Kaye and I are tentatively planning on ‘going south’ to the Abacos again this fall aboard SHEARWATER.   Two years ago we left Kinsale on 26 October (about 10 days after the 2006 A-37 Fall Rendezvous) and it was COLD. 

This fall, we plan to leave a few weeks earlier and consequently we are planning on having the Fall Rendezvous possibly on the weekend of  27-28 September, 2008.  We’ll firm up that date by the time of the Summer Newsletter.  Mark your calendars!

We don’t know of any other A-37s heading South this fall with the exception of Lou and Jean Wayne  (PIKA), who will probably be heading south from Kinsale also (their boat spent the winter at our dock).   If anyone is planning on ‘heading south’ this fall, please let us know.

The A-37 IOA participates as a cooperating group with BOAT U.S., and members receive BOAT U.S. membership for half price ($12.50 vice $25.00). Just mention you are a member of the Alberg 37 Owners Group and include the Cooperating Group number GA 83253 S when you join Boat U.S. or send in your annual renewal of membership.


Hardcopy Newsletter versus Electronic Newsletter

We appreciate the positive response regarding receiving Email notification of the posting of the Newsletter on the Internet, vice receiving actual hardcopy via regular mail.  We now ‘snail-mail’ Newsletters to only a small fraction of the A-37 IOA membership.  The advantages of viewing the Newsletter on-line (or printing the MS WORD on-line version of the Newsletter) include the ability of viewing color photos of boats, projects, etc., and the ability to follow ‘hot links’ embedded in the Newsletter to other sections of the A-37 web-site and to other web sites of interest.  Thanks!

We invite you to periodically visit the web site for much more information, postings, photos, Discussion Forum,  etc., than are possible to include in the quarterly newsletter. 

Here’s To  A Great Outfitting And Sailing Spring!!


Tom and Kaye Assenmacher

 P.S.  Please Participate In The Discussion Forum!!!

Electronic Chart DVDs Now Include Complete Library of Nautical Publications 

2008 Edition Of Managing The Waterway: Electronic Charts Updates Over 3000 NOAA And U.S. Army Corps Electronic Charts
And Adds
179 Government Publications, Reference Texts, And Nautical Calculators

 Managing the Waterway cruising guide authors, Mark and Diana Doyle, have released their third annual update of electronic raster and vector charts for marine navigation. And this year, the couple have added a bonus: just under $3000 and over one gigabyte of nautical reference material in searchable Adobe Acrobat PDF format. 

 “This is a convenience product,” states Doyle. “Although boaters can find and download many of these digital assets themselves, we think they’d rather be boating.”

 The process begins by downloading, updating, and cataloging NOAA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers raster and vector electronic chart libraries. The charts are organized into popular cruising geographies and cataloged for easy loading and unloading in popular e-charting applications such as Nobeltec, Maptech, Raytech, Fugawi, The Capn, and MaxSea. In fact, the standard BSB (raster) and S-57 (vector) charts provided by NOAA and the U.S. Army Corps work in all laptop-based navigation packages.

 In the past, several government publications were also included on the 2-DVD set. “People kept telling us how convenient it was to have Coast Pilots and Light Lists on DVD...but they wanted more,” continues Doyle. “So we added publicly-available PDFs of the resources boaters are most likely to need.”

These Government Publications, Reference Texts, And Nautical Calculators Include:

American Practical Navigator (Bowditch)

NGA List of Lights

Atlas of Pilot Charts North Atlantic Pub. 106

NOAA Coast Pilots

Canadian Coast Guard Radio Aids to Navigation

NOAA Hurricane Basics

Chart No. 1

NWS Observing Handbook No. 1

Distances Between Ports Pub. 151

Radio Navigation Aids Pub. 117

Distances Between U.S. Ports

Sailing Directions (Enroute)

Federal Meteorological Handbook No. 1

Sailing Directions (Planning Guides)

International Code of Signals Pub. 102

Sight Reduction Tables Pub. 229

Marine Weather Service Charts

State Chart Catalogs

Mariner’s Guide for Hurricane Awareness

USCG Light Lists

MF and HF Channels

U.S. VHF Channels

Nautical Calculators

World Port Index Pub. 150

Nautical Chart User’s Manual

Worldwide Marine Radiofacsimile Broadcast Schedules

Navigation Rules (International & Inland)

The 2-DVD set also contains free and trial software applications for both the PC and Macintosh, including SeaClear II, MacENC, Fugawi Marine ENC, NavSim BoatCruiser, and TIKI Navigator.

 Doyle summarizes, “These are evolving times for laptops aboard, e-charting, and the warehousing of enormous amounts of reference information. At $39.95, we’re trying to make it easy and affordable. Some boaters already own navigation software and only need updated charts and reference materials. Others are newbies who want free or trial software and charts to test the e-charting waters. In either case, they’re good to go.”

To receive a 10% discount, Alberg 37 IOA members should include the voucher code
when ordering the DVD set!!

To Order The DVDs, Use The Following Links

 (Note: The Alberg 37 International Owners Association in no way receives any compensation from Semi-Local Publications LLC.  We have used this Electronic Chart DVD set during our recent Bahamas Cruise last year and consider it an excellent product, which has been improved by the addition of many easily usable Nautical Publications!)
Tom and Kaye Assenmacher,
Kinsale, VA