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Tom and Kaye Assenmacher
P.O. Box 32 Kinsale , VA 22488
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VOL 21, NO. 2 (SPRING -2011)                                                                                                                    2 April, 2011


Well, it's been a long, cold and dreary late winter and early spring here on Virginia's Northern Neck!  Fortunately, Kaye and I escaped the small amount of snow which we had in late January, as we 'headed south' (by car this time), leaving Kinsale in mid-January and returned in late February.   We 'circumnavigated' the southeastern quarter of the US.  We spent 2 weeks in Key West, FL where it was cool, but there was no 'white stuff' to shovel, only white beaches.  Then on to Pensacola, FL where we spent 5 days, part of which was spent touring the Naval Aviation Museum - Pensacola is where Tom (TJ) entered Navy Flight Training in 1962 - it was like 'old home week' for him. The snow white beaches at Pensacola Beach were quite pristine, in spite of having had some oil problems caused by the BP Gulf oil spill.  One would not have known there had been a major clean-up effort there last summer and fall.

Then on to Corpus Christi, TX to visit Kaye's family - where we were able to see numerous Whooping Cranes in their nesting grounds on Padre Island.  From Texas we visited TJ's brothers in Arkansas and Missouri (where they don't understand sailboats very much).

We visited with A-37 owners Wil and Ruth Hewitt (FLORENCE GRAY) in Charleston, SC, and Ken Vaughn (IMAGINE) in Savannah, GA.  Time and weather constraints prevented us from visiting (i.e., 'sponging off' other A-37 owners).

We then returned to Kinsale in late February to begin 'spring cleanup', and cruise planning for later this spring and summer.  We are planning on again cruising to the Abacos next fall and winter (provided we are both still 'vertical'.  We had a great trip, were gone about 40 days and drove a bit over 6800 miles.

New Members

Welcome aboard to Jeff and Janet Dickie of  Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia.  They are the owners of the 1974 MK-II Yawl (# 129) TRUANT III - she is berthed on St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia.

They report: "We are aware that we are the 3rd owners of our boat. A school teacher who lives in Ontario purchased the boat from the builder in 1974 ( we personally met him while in Ontario last year).Thus, where the name of the boat came from (truant—missing school). He possessed it from 1974 until 2000 when he sold it to the owners we bought it from , also in Ontario. The boat remained in Ontario, with the exception of 1982-1983 where they were in the British Virgin Islands, via Florida. Documentation includes custom documents, showing ports of Florida and the British Islands, along with the original purchase and sale documents and then the subsequent sale agreement in 2000. We bought TRUANT III from a lovely lady in Picton, Ontario, who unfortunately lost her husband last year and she allowed us to buy it from her. We sailed her home from Picton, Ontario to our home in Nova Scotia during May/June 2010."

(Ed. Note:  There appears to be some question as to the true hull # of this boat.  We have another boat, MYA/ISLAND TIME in our database with the same hull # - we are attempting to solve this ambiguity....)

Welcome aboard also to Ricky Barr of Marathon, FL.  Ricky is the owner of the 1971 MK-II Sloop EMMA ROSE (Hull # 70) - she is berthed at the Boot Key Harbor City Marina in Marathon.

Racing News

The following photos are of the 1975 MK-II Yawl JOAN III, owned by Maarten and Joan van Hasselt:

"Just two pictures of the last two weeks with Joan III. fully on the water. Both pictures in gusty winds on Galveston Bay. First is actually just mizzen and 70% of genoa; second and full view is taken by Brad Larson while we participate in the Houston Yacht Club Spring Series, in the process of tacking."



JOAN III Looking Good On Starboard Tack


JOAN III In The Process Of Tacking


The following photos were taken in December (2010). Most of the work on Joan III has been done (there is still a list, but we are getting to what we felt was needed for the first round). These are very "Texan" pictures taken in Galveston Bay as you can see the gas platform in the background! Joan III is in the picture as are our friend Leo Sayavedra and his son Christophe.




Joan I And Our Friend Leo Sayavedra And His Son Christophe


(Ed. Note: You may follow Maarten's and JOAN III's progress on their Website.


News From Members

Bill and Heather Beaver, the owners of the MK-II Yawl HALCYONE report: "We haven't been doing much with the Alberg.  Last year was pretty much of a bust as Ali was 2 (old enough to get into trouble, but not old enough to stay put) and Davey is 5."  It must be nice to have your own crew .....

We received the following from Tom McMaster and Rose Hansmeyer, the owners of the 1985 MK-II Sloop SOJOURN.  Tom and Rose have been cruising 'down south' since 2006:

In mid-February: "Its monsoon weather today but we have the luxuries of internet via a cell Tigo USB stick so getting things done.  We hope to travel to Antigua, Guatemala in April for the holy week as we understand that it's pretty interesting and cultural. Not that we are that religious.  We also have MN guests with us and more on the way.  Sojourn gets really small when we can't expand outside during rain.  Otherwise we are great and doing lots of snorkeling and diving.  We will be storing Sojourn in Rio Dulce, Guatemala this hurricane season while we return back to MN.  Our renters in town-home are leaving so have to get that settled and purchase furniture, etc. as we have never lived there. We are planning on coming back to east coast spring 2012."

In mid-March: "We're still at Roatan and plan on storing boat at Rio Dulce, Guatemala this hurricane season.  We have had a bit of challenges with refrigeration and watermaker problems, along with the Link 2000 overcharging the batteries - so there have been a bunch of projects and expense.  But what else do you do when you are cruising, along with having fun??!!  We will have 4-6 guests come visit before we leave, so that is taking time as well.  Then summer 2012 we will be heading your direction (i.e., back to the USA).  


Rose & Tom"

(Ed. Note: You may follow the adventures of Tom and Rose aboard SOJOURN by going to their Cruising Blog at


LOU AND JEAN WAYNE of Rochester, NY have been spending the winter aboard their 1967 MK-I Sloop (#16) PIKA in the Abacos, Bahamas.  Having left PIKA on the hard at Abaco Yachts Services (AYS)  in Green Turtle Cay last spring, they returned in late December to find the boat in fine shape, thanks to their extensive 'summerization' of  PIKA.  They report that the weather in the Abacos has been GREAT!, and somewhat warmer than previous winters.  They will again be leaving PIKA  at AYS this summer to return again next winter.

(Ed. Note: For 'Summerization'  procedures, see the following in the Warm Climate Storage Checklist of the A-37 Website.)

In early March, we received the following from Bob Adams of Kingston, Ontario who owns the 1967 MK-I Sloop PENINA: "..... to continue the website and news letter which I enjoy very much. Although I am no longer cruising in the Caribbean and Bahamas, I am still (at 80+ years) still sailing PENINA (MK-I, #12) from Kingston Ontario on Lake Ontario and the 1000 Island region. I keep hoping to get to one of the rendezvous but something keeps interfering. Maybe this year.....

My parallel and perhaps more important career began a very long time ago in small boats. I migrated to larger and larger craft and further horizons. Along the way I built two boats from scratch - a 24’ wooden sloop and a 40’ ferro cutter, both of which are now sold. These involved excursions into yacht design, welding, rigging and cabinetry. I have sailed the Baltic to Oslo, North Sea, English Channel, Irish Sea, Atlantic to Gibraltar, Mediterranean, east to Cyprus, trans-Atlantic to the Caribbean, the Windward and Leeward Islands, the Bahamas and the Great Lakes, in a variety of my own boats - about 40,000 nm. I presently sail my Alberg 37 on Lake Ontario. I am currently involved  as part time mate and engineer with the sail-training vessel Fair Jeanne, a 110’ brigantine.

Hoist a cold one (or two) with our regards

Bob (and lady friend Liz)"

(Ed. Note: Bob must be a lot of 'cruising yarns' to spin as a result of his many years of sailing!  Bob, care to share them with us??!!  Fair Winds And Following Seas......)


Check out Wayne and Cindy Milroy's cruising adventures aboard LEEWAY II by going to their SailBlog. (  In early March, LEEWAY II was at Dinner Key, Miami, FL.


Received the following from Eric Illsley (1976 MK-II Yawl LADY JO) in early January: "I got a few photos of an Alberg 37 sloop that was cruising in our area (Penetanguishene, ON) this Fall. The boat was CHIKARA NI, sail number KC192 & Canadian flagged. When I ran it through the Transport Canada vessel registry query system, it came back as "suspended, 2008", so there's no owner info available. I'm not exactly sure why a vessel would be suspended from the registry, but there it is...


Any Ideas - Who Owns This A-37??

I saw her later, anchored near Magazine Island. I never got a close look at the transom, so I don't know her home port either. I may have stopped by for a chat, but I was singlehanding that day & didn't want to manoeuvre in close quarters without another set of eyes onboard.

The shot was taken in the outer harbour at Penetanguishene, looking northwest. Pinery Point is to the left, while Beausoleil Island is to the right in the photo."

For some information and photos about Eric's boat, visit his website (

(Ed. Note: Great photo!  I'm assuming from the sail # that the boat hull # is 192.   We don't have that # in our database (nor the boat name).  I Googled CHIKARA NI and didn't come up with anything boat related.  She's a proper looking A-37 Sloop, I must say.  We would be most interested in determining her history and ownership.  With that sail/hull #, she would fit in the 1978 model year.)



Canning For Cruising
By Kaye Assenmacher

We've made two 7 month 'deployments' to the Abacos aboard our 1975 MK-II Yawl SHEARWATER (Winter 2006-2007; and again in 2009-2010).  One of the things we discovered is that after a long day of transversing down the ICW in the fall from Kinsale to West Palm Beach, FL (our 'jumping' off point to the Abacos) in the fall, the crew is ready for a hot dinner, but neither crew member is really interested in preparing and cooking the meal when 'sailor's mid-night' is fast approaching (when it gets dark really early in the Fall).  Besides this, it's normally quite cool till one gets to north Florida (the past couple of years it was COLD until we reached the Bahamas in late December)!

SO, before we left on our most recent trip 'South', I decided to do some 'canning' of fast prepared foods to use after these long, cold days.  I have a large pressure cooker at home, which we've occasionally used (bought at a local flea market for very few $$).  I buy boneless/skinless chicken breasts, and cubed stew beef (when it's on sale, hopefully), and can the food in pint fruit jars.  The following photos 'tell the story'....


The Raw Material (Skinless/Boneless Chicken Breasts)


Tightly Pack Chicken Breasts Into Sterilized Pint Canning Jars
Place 1 Chicken  Bouillon Cube On Top As Shown
Do NOT Add Any Water


Wipe The Rim Of Each Jar With Paper Towel


Place New Jar Lids On Each Jar


Screw Jar Rings Onto Jars And Tighten Snugly


Pour About 2" Of Cold Water Into Empty Pressure Cooker
Place Filled Jars Onto Rack and Place Into Pressure Cooker


Install and Tighten
Pressure Cooker Lid
Over Stove Burner and Begin Heating Until Steam
Begins to Flow Through Regulator Vent - Then Place Regulator on the Vent



Continue Heating Until 11 PSI Is Indicated On the Pressure Gauge
Maintain 11 PSI for 70 Minutes
(By Regulating The Stove Burner - I.E., Turn Burner Up Or Down)


After 70 Minutes, Turn Burner Off And Allow The Pressure To Reduce To Zero
 Before Removing The Pressure Regulator And Opening The Pressure Cooker

The 'Finished Product'


The same procedure is used to process the cubed stew beef, except I substitute 1 tablespoon of Lipton Dry Herb And Garlic Soup Mix for the bouillon cube.

Check for proper sealing by observing that each jar lid is 'concave', which means there is a vacuum in the jar.  Properly sealed pressure processed food will keep for a year or longer.  Leave the metal jar rings in place until the food is to be used.

We store the jars by inserting each pint jar into an old sock (clean please!) to prevent breakage, and place the 'socked' jars in a plastic milk crate which is placed in the quarter berth. We use the quarter berth - minus cushions - as storage for a number of items, namely food items, some spare parts, paper goods, etc.

Take out a jar to add to vegetable soup, make chicken tacos, etc.  Use the beef to make stew, BBQ sandwiches, beef soup, etc.  Really great when you run out of fresh meat from the frig and aren't near a grocery.  It's sort of fun to do this project.....ENJOY!!!

Click here for additional information regarding canning of meats.


A-37 Rosters Available

If any member wants an 'UP TO DATE" roster of A-37 IOA boats/owners, just let us know via email ( - remove the "-at-" with "@" ) and we'll send you a copy via email attachment.  The roster will be in "HTML" format, and you will be able to display the roster via your web browser.  The reason we don't publish the complete roster on the A-37 website is to maintain member's privacy as the roster contains phone #s and email addresses.

A-37s For Sale

(Please check the Alberg 37 web site (A37's For Sale/Wanted) for the latest postings.) (Ed. Note: Several Alberg 37s have recently changed hands – so there are people out there looking for these great boats.)

Current offerings include:

FOR SALE - 1975 Alberg 37 Mark II Sloop SCRIMSHAW, Hull #152. 

Cruiser/racer well equipped for both missions. One owner. Excellent racing record. Superbly maintained. Many extras including cookware, dishes, silverware, cockpit cushions, dingy, Winslow 4 man liferaft, tools, 3 size genoas, 2 spinnakers, 2 mainsails, Raytheon depth/speed/wind instruments, loran, GPS, Tiller master, 3 anchors, 150' chain/nylon anchor rode plus additional 100' nylon anchor rode, cockpit canopy.  Boat located in Annapolis, MD.

(Click On Thumbnails For Larger Photo)


2010-Gov-Cup-A-1195-w.jpg (84690 bytes)  2010-Gov-Cup-C-1675-w.jpg (57465 bytes)



Scrimshaw_Deakyne(C)-2-5x7-75.jpg (48267 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne(C)-3-5x7-100.jpg (50633 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-4-5x7-100.jpg (57086 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-6-5x7-100.jpg (58266 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-8-5x7-100.jpg (31933 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-7-5x7-100.jpg (65330 bytes)

Asking $65,000 US.

Contact: Charles Deakyne. 410-647-6674,Email

For Sale - 1980 Alberg 37 MK-II Sloop Located in Port Townsend. Washington Great offshore boat. Excellent condition well maintained. Lots of sails, Profurl roller furling, Volvo diesel, Windless, Monitor and Autohelm self steering, GPS, VHF and single sideband radios, Bruce anchor with 200' chain and 150' rode, recent survey. Depth and knot meters. 

Contact James at (360) 765-3222 


FOR SALE - SOLA GRATIA, Alberg 37 Mk II Sloop #107

Clean and well kept A37. Ready for cruising! Solar panel, manual windlass, Aries windvane self-steering, 250' chain anchor rode, furling genoa, main with 3 reef points, lazy jacks, upgraded self-tailing winches, 1000 watt inverter, propane stove and BBQ, new anti-fouling, and more.  Deck recently professionally repaired and refinished.

On the hard in Toronto. Asking $51,500 Cdn.

FOR SALE: 1972 Alberg 37 MK-II sloop; recent Westerbeke/roller furling/radar etc., etc. / ready to sail! Too many toys and no time. $44,000.00 - On the hard at West Newbury, MA 

Contact Dan Lord at: 978 462 1112   


FOR SALE: GENESIS - 1967 Alberg 37 MK-I Sloop (Hull # 23) offered at $49,000 USD (Recently purchased Zodiac Cadet Series dinghy with recent 6 HP Tohatsu outboard can be negotiated). Genesis has been completely modernized, while retaining her classic lineage. She has been professionally painted, rigged, wired, and fitted with new electronics in 2007. I have owned Genesis since 1995. Over time, we completed a fairly extensive refit which is now 5-10 years old.

Main features: Awlgrip deck, mast & topsides; complete re-wire & re-plumb; recently replaced electronics, including Raymarine chartplotter, wind/speed/depth, radar, & under-deck Raymarine auto pilot. Inverter and microwave. Integrated Ipod stereo, refrigerator and hot water heater. Engine re-power with Westerbeke 44B in 2003. Rope halyards that lead to cockpit; modern ports; sails & canvas in great shape; rigged for spinnaker. 12” Flat screen installed in v-berth; custom Fairclough winter cover; and many, many other smaller items.

The work was completed over 5-7 years, and was done professionally. Extensive records and documentation kept. Boat is located in Myrtle Beach, SC. Will consider a 50% share under the right circumstances.


Click Here for Photos


Contact Reid Tomlin


Phone - Cell: 973-332-5701

Email: (replace AT with @)




ADLIB, a totally refitted Mirage 24 Midget Ocean racer is offered as trade for a Cruise Equipped Alberg 37!

I am looking for an A37 project boat. The motor and cosmetics are not critical but it must be structurally sound (bulkheads, hull, deck). Located on the east cost near NC is a plus. I can be reached through email at (replace AT with @)



Gear For Sale
(Check out the Gear For Sale/Wanted section of the website for latest listings)


Alberg 37 Custom Cover for sale . The cover was made by Fairclough Sailmakers, and is listed at $1,500USD. It has been used 4 seasons and recently has been serviced for extra reinforcement and stitching (cover is currently at Fairclough's facility in New Haven, CT) .Cover retails new for $4-5,000. I have recently moved to FL and have no further need for a winter cover. Contact Reid Tomlin at: (239) 263-6877 .  Check the Gear For Sale page on the A-37 Website for a photo of the cover.

Lou and Jean Wayne of Rochester, NY, have some gear from their 1967 MK-I Sloop, PIKA, which they no longer use.  The gear includes a Halyard Winch, an Edson 24" aluminum wheel (with leather covering).  All items are in excellent condition and are fairly priced.  All items are located in Kinsale, VA (at the Assenmacher's 'Marina'). Click here to view the items, and for contact information.


For sale - Zodiac, 4 man offshore valise liferaft. Never deployed, purchased new in 2000. Always stored inside and is in great condition. Buyer responsible for shipping and repackaging, however if it cannot be repackaged for any reason send back and we will refund the purchase price (shipping not included). Asking $800 USD.  Contact Bill and Debbie Horne:  (replace AT with @).


Dodger Frame For Sale, Geoff Cunliffe of Mississauga, Ontario, the former owner of the 1979 MK-II Sloop, THE EVERDEN, now cruises aboard a Lagoon 410 Catamaran, PARTY OF TWO.  As part of his re-outfitting PARTY OF TWO, Geoff had a new hard dodger built for his boat.  He has a very heavy duty dodger frame for sale, which could be adapted to a large catamaran, or a wide beam monohull.  The frame is built of 1-1/4” heavy wall Stainless Steel.  The Frame is approximately 12’ wide. Good for use 'as is' OR could be parted out for davits, or other uses. Geoff is asking $200 (USD) for the unit.  Check the Gear For Sale/Gear Wanted page on the Website for photos.  The frame is located in Kinsale, VA Contact Tom Assenmacher  at: (remove 'NoSpam').

NOTE: This dodger frame is NOT for an Alberg 37




Gear Wanted

Wanted as spare - Datamarine S-200 DL LCD Digital Depth Sounder Instrument.

Tom McMaster

S/V Sojourn

Discount For A-37 IOA Members

Members of Alberg 37 Owners Association receive 20% off Managing The Waterway Cruising Guides, Nautical Books, And Electronic Charts.        Orders must be placed through their website (

Simply cut-and-paste the following 20% off voucher code on the order page when prompted, then hit "recalculate". The Voucher Code is: 17ALBERG7222122.

This code is good for any purchase, including their already discounted "bundles". 

(Please note that previous 'voucher codes' are no longer valid.)


Web Sites of Interest is a website developed by long time cruisers (Connie and Dave McBride),  which shows by example how easily you can eliminate stress, become more independent, raise your children in a safer environment (while spending more time with them, instilling values not based on the mighty dollar) and avoid the traps of commercialism. "Because we live and sail simply, we have been wandering for 8 years with no intention of stopping. This is not a trip for us; it is our life, and I hope to share our success with stories of laughter and tears, as well as how-to tips and DIY projects for preparing, sailing and making a boat a home, so that others can join us." (

Clean Boating Act This web site explains the EPA Clean Boating Act, and its implications to boaters. (

 ActiveCaptain - The Interactive Cruising Guidebook   The Active Captain database has one goal in mind - to provide a place where boaters can freely share information. The results prove that it works.
(Ed. Note:  Check out this website, especially the on-line The Interactive Cruising Guidebook!)

Ocean Navigator Online - The Online Resource For The Offshore Sailor (

Many of us A-37 owners have a Simpson-Lawrence windlass or other S-L product, but somehow have lost the manual, or need spare parts.  Check out the SL Spares Website.  They also provide FREE parts diagrams for S-L Windlasses. (

Good Old Boat - The Boating Magazine for the rest of us! - Good Old Boat On-Line Newsletter and Good Old Boat Magazine website. 
(Ed. Note: The editors of Good Old Boat (Karen Larson and Jerry Powlas) provide us with complimentary free subscriptions to use as 'raffle' prizes at our annual A-37 Rendezvous.)

Who/What/Where And When??

Jay Zittrer, the previous owner of SHARED WATCH, recently sent the following photo. Jay stumbled onto this on one of the sailing forums.  Can anyone provide any information about the boat in the photo??

Any Idea Where/What/When?? The Boat Looks To Be In Nice Shape


Future Canadian Rendezvous????

Are any Canadian A-37-IOA members interested in sponsoring and hosting a future Alberg 37 Rendezvous??  (We recently had an inquiry from one of the Canadian A-37 IOA members.) We had 3 previous very successful Rendezvous in the Toronto Area:

(Click on the following links for Rendezvous write-ups and photos)

The first Canadian A-37 Rendezvous was held 23 June, 2001 at the Oakville Yacht Squadron (Oakville, ON)

The second Canadian A-37 Rendezvous was held 28 June, 2003, also at the Oakville Yacht Squadron (Oakville, ON)

The third Canadian A-37 Rendezvous was held 25-26 June, 2005 at the Port Whitby Marina (Whitby, ON)

The two Oakville Yacht Squadron Rendezvous (2002 and 2003) were sponsored and hosted by Marcel Steinz (previous owner of SOUTHERN CROSS).  The third Rendezvous (2005) was sponsored and hosted by Wayne and Cindy Milroy (LEEWAY II) at the Port Whitby Marina.

All three of these Rendezvous were held in late June (close to the Canada Day Holiday), were very well attended and we had many boats show up, as there are quite a few A-37s in the Toronto area.

So, if anyone (or a group of A-37 folks) is interested in sponsoring and hosting such an event in the 'out years', please contact us. (Tom and Kaye Assenmacher - - replace AT with @ before sending the email).

(Ed. Note: We have not yet set the date for the 2011 Annual Fall Rendezvous here in Kinsale, but will be setting the date soon - we anticipate it will be held in mid to late September as we are planning on 'heading south' aboard SHEARWATER in the late September - early October timeframe.)


By the Editor

We are always looking for articles (cruising, racing, maintenance, etc.) and photos of your boat for inclusion on the website and newsletter.  Send the articles via email attachment in MS WORD and the photos in .JPG format if possible.  Please don’t send large files, especially high resolution photos.  Photos should be 100 kilobytes or smaller if at all possible.  We’ve had some emails with attachments which take HOURS to download. 

Hopefully, we've included most or all of the pertinent correspondence that we've received over the past few months.  Our apologies to those items which we may have missed.

We need a good candidate for "Featured A-37"  It's been several years since we had a new addition to the Featured A-37 list.  If you would like to do a write-up and submit photos of your boat, we'd like to hear from you!  Take a look at the articles on the website (click on the link above) as examples.

The A-37 IOA participates as a cooperating group with BOAT U.S., and members receive BOAT U.S. membership for half price. Just mention you are a member of the Alberg 37 Owners Group and include the Cooperating Group number GA 83253 S when you join Boat U.S. or send in your annual renewal of membership.

Have a great Alberg 37 SPRING -  AND KEEP IN TOUCH! 

Tom and Kaye Assenmacher in Kinsale, VA