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VOL 23, NO. 3 (SUMMER 2013)                                                                                                                           25 JULY, 2013


Upcoming Rendezvous Events

The 21st Annual




Saturday/Sunday, September 21-22, 2013




(Boats may arrive on Thursday or Friday)
 at the


Hampton Hall Branch, Yeocomico River  
1006 Brook Ave.

Kinsale , VA.


Virginia’s Beautiful and Historic Northern Neck)


(804) 472-3853
OR – (replace AT with @)


Click Here For Additional Rendezvous Information

If you plan to attend, please contact us at the above email/phone number no later than 7 September, 2013.

New Members

Welcome aboard to Mario Blondin of Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, the owner of the 1976 MK-II Sloop KANDACE ROSE (Hull # 168), which was formerly owned by Sonny and Petra Power of Mulgrave, Nova Scotia. .  KANDACE ROSE is normally berthed in Sorel, Quebec.  Mario recently wrote in an email: ‘We are in Bahamas, heading north to go home.’


Welcome aboard to Rowan Murdoch of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, the owner of the 1980 MK-II Sloop HENRY (Hull # 210) which was previously known as TIME PASSAGE. We’ve had a good amount of correspondence with Rowan the past month or so.

Rowen recently bought the boat in Ontario, and is doing a good amount of refurbishing in Gore Bay, Ontario.  Work includes work on the rudder, installing zincs on the rudder shoe and gudgeon, along with the cutless bearing housing,. Rowan found the maintenance information, especially the ‘Project Database’ to be of help in his work on HENRY.  The last report from Rowan is that he is ‘Heading South’, and may be attending the A-37 Rendezvous in late September – we hope he can attend!.


News From Members

Rick and Tracy Sidoni of Snyder, NY, the owners of the 1967 MK-1 Sloop SILK PURSE (who recently purchased the boat- previously named PIKA - from former owners and long time A-37 IOA members Lou and Jean Wayne of Rochester, NY) recently moved  SILK PURSE from Rochester to Wilson Harbor, NY.

The boat has recently undergone major ‘refurbishing’ including exterior painting, new bronze opening ports, and other improvements.  The boat (then named PIKA) was the Featured A-37 in 2004.

Also, Click here for a short slideshow showing the boat leaving Rochester, and also showing some of the work done on SILK PURSE.


We recently received the following from ‘Michael’ (no name of boat or owner’s name):

“We have an Alberg 37 ketch! We saw on one of your old news letter that S/V SAFARI was the only one. We were wondering if you know the sail dimensions as we are in a restoration project with ours S/V PROMISE. Thanks Michael”.

In response, we sent ‘Michael’ the following:

“Michael, We know of 3 A-37 ketches. Unfortunately, we have no real info about sail plans, etc., only 'hearsay'. We have no record of an A-37 (Sloop/Yawl or Ketch) by the name of PROMISE. Without knowing the hull ID number on PROMISE, we don't know if she had been renamed somewhere in the past. If you could fill out the "Join Us" form on the Web site (, we could perhaps find your boat with the info provided by the form.

The following is an excerpt from the Summer 2008 Newsletter ( "Joe Miller, the owner of the 1973 MK-II Ketch (yes, a ketch) PELAGUS, recently wrote: “I am curious to learn of any other Ketches still on the water. Joe Miller, Corpus Christi, Texas.” Joe also sent a few photos of his ketch.

Ed. Note: We know of only 3 A-37 Ketches:

SAFARI, a 1973 A-37 Ketch, Hull # 120, last known owners Lynn and Robert Gambrell, of St Thomas, USVI (haven't heard from them in about 5 years).

MY GIRL, a 1979 A-37 Ketch, (no hull #), belonging to Ron and Kaye Surley of Dallas, TX.

PELAGUS, Joe Miller, Corpus Christi, TX.

Don't know much about the A-37s which were built as ketches, and don't know if there were any more built and/or modified. We had a talk several years ago with Alex Magnone, who recently retired from WhitbyBoat (he had a boat refurbishing business in the original Whitby facility in Whitby, ON), and who was the A-37 shop foreman during most of the A-37 production. Alex said "we built a few as ketches, but I don't remember exactly how many". We don't know for sure whether all of the above listed ketches were 'factory built" or were modifications by previous owners. Ron Surley says his boat was built as a ketch by Whitby. Any members having factual historical info regarding Alberg 37 ketches would be welcome.)" That being said, you might want to contact one or all of these owners.”

(Ed. Note: If anyone knows ANYTHING factual about Alberg 37 Ketches, please let us know.)

Jeff and Janet Dickie of Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, the owners of the 1974 Mark-II Yawl TRUANT III, recently wrote: “We would so love to meet you both in Lunenburg, however we should be on our way down the coast in August. We have every belief that we will meet up with you somewhere along our way, possibly in the Abacos or somewhere warm and dry ...It is the best part of sailing, getting together with new friends, and especially common owners of Albergs. Have a wonderful time on the east coast, until we meet,

Janet & Jeff

P.S. keep us posted on your travels”

(Ed Note: Kaye and I are planning on taking a ‘land cruise’ to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia  with our ‘Casita’ camping trailer, and plan to attend the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival in Lunenburg, NS in early August.  We’ve done this trip several times to escape the Hazy/Hot/Humid August weather here on the Chesapeake Bay.  We hope that Jeff and Janet will be able to stop in Kinsale in September, possibly for the Rendezvous.)



We very recently received the following from Bob and Pam Prescott, of Marshfield, MA, the owners of the 1980 MK-II Yawl THULE:

“Hi Tom and Kaye,

Thule will be home in Jonesport Maine in late September but she will send her regards. We just returned from Yarmouth Nova Scotia and are wiser about fog and tide than we intended to become.

The trip was great in many regards. We visited Joshua Slocum’s boyhood home on Brier Island (and reread his book on the rest of the voyage). We went to Machias Seal Island to see the puffins but the rip was fierce and we stayed just a half hour (twice; coming and going). Between Grand Manan and Brier Island we saw finbacks and were followed by a pair of humpbacks (discretion being the better part of valor, I increased sail and moved away).

So THULE came home to Deer Isle Yacht Club and we will do short trips the rest of the summer. 

THULE At Anchor Off Brimstone Island, ME

I am hopeful that I am not too old to sail around Cape Sable to Bras d’Or next summer.

Best regards,

Bob and Pam”

(ED Note: We have ‘land cruised’ up in the Deer Island, Grand Manan, Brier Island, Bras d’Or Lake areas of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia quite often, and love the area.  In fact, we are planning to leave next week (31 July, 2013) for that area again to escape the HHH (Hazy/Hot/Humid) weather here on the Chesapeake Bay.)



Maarten van Hasselt, of Houston, TX, the owner of the 1975 MK-II Yawl JOAN III recently sent a photo of their boat:

“This one is last Saturday’s Lakewood Yacht Club Shoe Regatta on Galveston Bay. We only use the mylar headsail in races. I inherited this from the previous owner. I don’t think it goes very well with the classic nature of the A37 but it is a fast sail (we call it the secret weapon). We need to renew the sail wardrobe as it becomes difficult to trim adequately to get them as flat as we want.

Kind regards, Maarten”

(Ed. Note: Check out Maarten’s web site for some additional photos.)


Ryan and Adrian Mann of Martsons Mills, MA, the owners of the 1976 MK-II Sloop AVALON sent the following email requesting some answers to their maintenance questions:

“I was enjoying your (cruising) updates immensely, living vicariously through your adventures. I missed them as they ended, but am so glad you had a good trip. Avalon came out of the water in early November and immediately I started picking away at the list of things to fix. From little projects like new LEd nav lights, to big projects like sanding the bottom down to glass and barrier coating her, Avalon had a great deal of work completed this winter. At close to 40 ( with 10 of those years on the hard) she is still in need of some upgrades and repairs, but she is back in the water and quite a bit quicker with her new bottom. I followed your instructions and removed and cleaned the fuel tank, ran new fuel line and the engine sounds amazing! I changed out the cutlas bearing, but did not have to drop the rudder. She has about 60 miles thus far on her this year and I fall in love with her every time we take her out. She will be racing the annual Figawi Race to Nantucket over Memorial Day weekend along with L'ammare #91 owned by Robert Mintz. I have not met the boat nor Mintz, but am looking forward to seeing another Alberg racing. Cape Challenge, the seamanship program I run will be taking a few overnights on Avalon this spring and I have offered the Boy scouts of America to take youth out this summer when they visit the Cape. I plan to race her Wednesday nights throughout June and July at the Hyannis Yacht club before prepping her for our big trip to the Bay of Fundy with several kids from Cape Challenge. Her sails are old, her decks creak, her bright work isn't perfect, but we are looking forward to a great year with Avalon. We look forward to the newsletter.

If you get a chance, can you send me the key you have that goes along with your provisioning diagram? Always looking for tricks for storage! Also, I was looking this winter at many of the pictures online and noticed that some of the rudders rake back flat with the keel line. Others seem to have the traditional half moon shape. Do you have any insight on this? Our Rudder is good for now, but it does have a little sag in it indicating that it will need to be replaced in the distant future. Best wishes to the both of you from Cape Cod and I look forward to details from your trip once you recuperate!

Ryan and Adrian Mann

S/V Avalon-Alberg 37 # 162

(Ed. Note:  We replied to Ryan and Adrian with the following: We made the 'Provisioning Diagram' by scanning the interior layout from an old Whitby brochure into Photoshop Elements, then assigning 'numbers' to each nook and cranny (or just about all of them), and printing out the diagram. We never did actually 'describe' the locations, but used the diagram as a guide. We actually built a database (MicroSoft Access) using only the 'location numbers' from the Provisioning Diagram, not the actual description of the locations. After building the database, we then went through each physical location ID and actually listed the contents of each location. It would be fairly easy to add another 'field' in addition to the 'location ID' in the Database such as 'Location Description' . The database is 'searchable' by either 'Item Description' or by 'item location'

Unfortunately, we haven't been very diligent in maintaining the database (inertia set in), but it's still quite accurate, as most of our 'boat stuff' is in the same location as it was when the database was last updated. Some rainy day, we'll update the database. It was (and still is) quite valuable to have on-hand, and we keep a printed copy of the database (sorted by location and sorted by item description) on board.

Regarding the rudders, don't recall any A-37s with a 'rounded bottom', but we've not seen very many out of the water. Seems that a rounded bottom would be advantageous in a grounding.)

If anyone out there would like to have a copy of the ‘Provisioning Diagram’, and/or the ‘Provisioning Database’ described above, we’d be glad to send you a copy via email attachment.  The database requires “Microsoft Access” to run it.  

Additionally, AVALON was the first Alberg 37 to join the A-37 IOA way back in 1992 – She was owned then by Gerry and Lea Warwick, of St. Michaels, MD who were the original owners – both of whom are now deceased.


Bill Richards of Pittsburg, PA, the owner of  the 1982 MK-II Yawl EUPHORIA recently had a question:  

‘I installed a new Beta engine when I bought her, and find that I now have more power than prop, with a LH 13 x 14 prop now.  I would like to invest in a larger prop to reduce rpm and better match the power curve to efficiency.  I see from the last newsletter that you are sporting a 14-11 prop.  Did you have to make any alterations to the aperture to fit the 14 inch prop?  It looks pretty tight on my boat; the clearance would be rather small.  Can you provide any comments on your setup?  EUPHORIA has the angle-down transmission with the Beta engine.  Do you have the normal min clearance on between the prop and the hull, roughly 10 percent as I recall?  I would prefer not to have less than  the recommended one-half inch between the prop tip and the hull.’ 


(Ed. Comments - Which we provided to Bill):

We did indeed open up the prop aperture so that we could swing a 14' prop.  I barely was able to maintian the  proper prop tip clearance.  However, in hindsight,  instead of opening up the aperture I probably should have left the aperture as-is, and gone with a larger pitch on a 13' prop.  Of course, prop size really depends on the power curves on your particular engine, and the reduction gear ratio of the transmission.  We had the 37.5 hp/4 cyl Kubota engine mated with a Hurth/ZF 15MA transmission which has a 1.88-1 reduction ratio.  The 14"x11" prop gave us about 6 kts at 1900 rpm which is fairly close to hull speed in calm water with a clean bottom, and at the peak of the torque available curve for that particular engine.  Also, it was just about where the torque curve intersected the fuel consumption curve which meant that at that rpm, we were getting the best 'fuel mileage'.  I'm not sure which transmission Beta uses, but I do believe I heard that they went to the Twin Disc brand.


Since we had multiple failures of the Hurth transmission (which is documented to some extent on the web site), we decided to go with a model TMC 60A Twin Disc brand transmission which had a reduction gear ratio of 2.45-1, which required a 14" prop with much larger pitch (because the prop was turning quite a bit slower).  We settled on a 14" x 16"  prop, which works quite well (although we've recently had it repitched to 17" to decrease engine RPM slightly - with the 16" pitch we needed to increase RPM to about 2100 to get the 6 kts, which increased fuel consumption a bit - we will install the re-pitched prop when we return to SHEARWATER - in Fl - when we return this fall).

 ANYWAY, we might 'suggest' that you may want to simply have your existing prop 're-pitched'.  A competent prop shop should be able to repitch it for you at considerable less cost than that of a new prop.  Fortunately, we have a great prop shop fairly close to our home in Kinsale, who will 'adjust' a prop for a nominal fee.

We have had good success in using the 'prop calculator' available on-line at BOATDIESEL.COM.  The use of the prop formula is not free (there is a user fee), but it's a valuable tool for determining prop size for a particular vessel.  Has many different entering arguments (hull shape, waterline length, displacement, etc.), and is quite accurate (in our opinion) in determining prop diameter and pitch.  If one is constrained by prop diameter (as in our cases), one can enter the limitations and arrive at a proper sized prop.  You may want to check it out.


Back in May, we received the following from Tom McMaster and Rose Hansmeyer of Minneapolis, MN who are completing a 7 year Caribbean Curise aboard their 1985 MK-II Sloop SOJOURN, and are on their way ‘back north’:

“Well we made it to Key West, FL! We left Sunday around 1pm and sailed (sometimes in 8-10' seas/swell for a few hours) until the next afternoon when we started motor sailing. The trip started off with a pod of dolphins to entertain us as soon as we got into the Yucatan channel. The self steering wind vane (who we have named Pier as the brand is Voyageur) worked great. Its a good thing we fixed this while in the Rio Dulce. The rest of the trip was light wind or no wind so the iron jenny (diesel motor) got a work out and performed well. We sail much faster than we motor so this slowed us down. This is the reason we took off Sunday vs Monday. But we needed to wait till the seas calmed down abit as we had 20-30 N/NW wind due to a front the previous 2 days. This year has been FULL of North fronts. We were blessed with no compression loss/injector and belt ripping issues like our season started with. We were glad to have Vicki on board as it gave us 6 hours off watch schedule versus 3 hours. So this improved our sleeping time....

There is something about making passage with seeing no other humans around in such a populated world, watching the sun/moon/stars dance, the illumination in the water created by our wake, the changes created by wind/sea, the time to contemplate life, etc. What happens next is unknown other than we plan on putting Sojourn on the hard at Green Cove Springs Marina in St. Johns River, FL for a bottom job/blister repair, possible survey and downtime.

May you live your dreams! THANKS for all your support over the last 7 years while we were on our AMAZING journey with Sojourn! Life is full of changes you learn to accept. Please keep us posted as to your lives/dreams as we really want to stay in touch with ALL we have met!

Our Love

Rose & Tom

S/V Sojourn”



SHEARWATER Heading ‘South” Again This Fall (November, 2013)!

Since we plan to again do a sail cruise to the Abacos this Winter (November, 2013) through early Spring (May, 2014).  SHEARWATER is spending the late Spring, Summer and Early Fall on the hard at Westland Marina, in Titusville, FL.  This saves us about a month or more transit time up the ICW from Florida to Virginia, and this fall will save us about the same amount of time to transit down the ICW from VA to Florida.  We will launch SHEARWATER in early November; proceed to Vero Beach, FL for Thanksgiving (American), provision the boat, and head down to West Palm Beach where we will depart the US in order to cross the Gulf Stream to the Abacos.  We hope to be in the Abacos (Green Turtle Cay) for Christmas.  Anyway, that’s the plan!

A-37 Rosters Available

If any member wants an 'UP TO DATE" roster of A-37 IOA boats/owners, just let us know via email ( - replace the "-at-" with "@”) and we'll send you a copy via email attachment.  The roster will be in "HTML" format, and you will be able to display the roster via your web browser.  The reason we don't publish the complete roster on the A-37 website is to maintain member's privacy as the roster contains phone #s and email addresses.

A-37s For Sale

(Please check the Alberg 37 web site (A37's For Sale/Wanted) for the latest postings.) (Ed. Note: Several Alberg 37s have recently changed hands – so there are people out there looking for these great boats.)

Current offerings include:

FOR SALE : KUMA - 1971 Alberg 37 MK-II Yawl (Hull # 78 - Owned By Peter McIntosh)  

"I am moving up to a larger boat, and would like to sell KUMA. She is lying ashore in Antigua BWI. I have recently painted the topsides, overhauled the engine, rebuilt the stern gland. She has had the cockpit rebuilt with oak frames (the core was damp) and I have removed the wheel and water heater. She is ready to sail.

She is sold as seen $25k.”

Please e- mail me at

(Click Here To View a Few Photos Of KUMA)


FOR SALE: GENESIS - 1967 Alberg 37 MK-I Sloop (Hull # 23)

 Offered at $49,000 USD (Recently purchased Zodiac Cadet Series dinghy with recent 6 HP Tohatsu outboard can be negotiated). Genesis has been completely modernized, while retaining her classic lineage. She has been professionally painted, rigged, wired, and fitted with new electronics in 2007. I have owned Genesis since 1995. Over time, we completed a fairly extensive refit which is now 5-10 years old.

Main features: Awlgrip deck, mast & topsides; complete re-wire & re-plumb; recently replaced electronics, including Raymarine chartplotter, wind/speed/depth, radar, & under-deck Raymarine auto pilot. Inverter and microwave. Integrated Ipod stereo, refrigerator and hot water heater. Engine re-power with Westerbeke 44B in 2003. Rope halyards that lead to cockpit; modern ports; sails & canvas in great shape; rigged for spinnaker. 12� Flat screen installed in v-berth; and many, many other smaller items.

The work was completed over 5-7 years, and was done professionally. Extensive records and documentation kept. Boat is located in Naples, FL. Will consider a 50% share under the right circumstances.

Contact Reid Tomlin

Phone - Cell (973) 332-5701

Email: (replace AT with @)

Click Here for Photos


FOR SALE By Owner - TAMATA (ex STORNOWAY) - 1977 Alberg 37 MKII Sloop, Hull # 182. Fitted out for extended offshore cruising and ready to take you on your sailing adventures. New Awlgrip, electronics, rigging, autopilot and sails make this vessel an exceptional buy.  Located in Daytona Beach, FL. 

Price $55,000.00.  

Contact Eneida Likes at (386) 956-0595
Click here for photos.



FOR SALE - WINDFLOWER -1985 Alberg 37 MkII yawl Hull #240. Bristol condition brightwork, canoe green hull. One-owner, freshwater boat. ProFurl genoa furling/reef system. Autohelm 5000 below-decks auto pilot. Maxwell 1200 windless w/foot switches and cockpit remote, 110 feet of chain. Data Marine speed, log, depth sounder. Various electronics. Hot and cold pressurized water; 2 galley sinks; 2-burner propane stove and oven. Mercury 9.9 w/10-foot inflatable. Asking $69,000 U.S. Location: near Traverse City, Michigan. For more specifics contact John at

(Click here for link to photo)


FOR SALE - ESTORIL - 1987 Alberg 37 MK-II Sloop #245. Cruise ready with Furlex roller main & jib, wind & solar power, Amplepower 100amp alternator + battery monitor, fridge, propane stove, GPS, VHF & SSB radios, 9' Caribe dinghy + 8hp Johnson o/b & much more. Presently in Trinidad W.I. to cruise the Island chain. Asking $60,000 Cdn. For details contact Ian @ 011441424733155 or 011447815870369 (UK #'s) -  My Trinidad tel# is 1 868 768 8479
Or email    

(Click here for link to photos)

FOR SALE - SOLSKIN - 1970 MK-I Yawl, Hull # 58 (Click here for further details and link to photo).


FOR SALE - MARYNYA - 1973 MK-II Yawl, Hull # 123 - $35,000 USD.  Contact Michael Hughes at (replace AT with @ before sending email).  Click here for further details and link to photos.



FOR SALE - 1975 Alberg 37 Mark II Sloop SCRIMSHAW, Hull #152. Cruiser/racer well equipped for both missions. One owner. Excellent racing record. Superbly maintained. Many extras including cookware, dishes, silverware, cockpit cushions, dingy, Winslow 4 man liferaft, tools, 3 size genoas, 2 spinnakers, 2 mainsails, Raytheon depth/speed/wind instruments, loran, GPS, Tiller master, 3 anchors, 150' chain/nylon anchor rode plus additional 100' nylon anchor rode, cockpit canopy.  Boat located in Annapolis, MD.

(Click On Thumbnails For Larger Photo)


2010-Gov-Cup-A-1195-w.jpg (84690 bytes)  2010-Gov-Cup-C-1675-w.jpg (57465 bytes)


Scrimshaw_Deakyne(C)-2-5x7-75.jpg (48267 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne(C)-3-5x7-100.jpg (50633 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-4-5x7-100.jpg (57086 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-6-5x7-100.jpg (58266 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-8-5x7-100.jpg (31933 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-7-5x7-100.jpg (65330 bytes)

Owner Anxious - Make Offer.

Contact: Charles Deakyne. 410-647-6674, Email


 FOR SALE - SOLA GRATIA, Alberg 37 Mk II Sloop #107

Clean and well kept A37. Ready for cruising! Solar panel, manual windlass, Aries Windvane self-steering, 250' chain anchor rode, furling genoa, main with 3 reef points, lazy jacks, upgraded self-tailing winches, 1000 watt inverter, propane stove and BBQ, new anti-fouling, and more.  Deck recently professionally repaired and refinished. On the hard in Toronto. Asking $39,000 Cdn.

FOR SALE: 1972 Alberg 37 MK-II sloop; recent Westerbeke/roller furling/radar etc., etc. / ready to sail! Too many toys and no time. $44,000.00 - On the hard at West Newbury, MA.
Contact Dan Lord at: 978 462 1112     



Gear For Sale
(Check out the Gear For Sale/Wanted section of the website for latest listings)



Sandy Romer, who recently sold TUMBLEWEED (her "Alberg 37 Cousin", a Cape Dory 36), has some cruising gear for sale.  
Check out the items she has for sale!



Gear Wanted

Looks like no-one needs anything!!!



Web Sites of Interest

We recently ran across an add in ‘Professional BoatBuilder magazine, describing an ‘ultrasonic device’ to avoid algae and barnacles on boat hulls, which sounds quite interesting:

The device is listed as the “HARSONIC ULTRASOUND DEVICE, a very powerful device to keep the hull of your boat clean WITHOUT taking it out of the water and WITHOUT cleaning it every year. This means you don’t have to put new antifouling every year !! The interior system has a fixed transducer inside the hull which is connected to the electronic box. The system works completely automatically.”  The following links apply:

HARSONIC UltraSound  (Manufacturer located in Belguim)

American Ultrasonics  (Harsonics dealer in the United States and Canada.)

Does anyone have any experience with this device??


AKA ‘Boilerplate’
By the Editor

We are always looking for articles (cruising, racing, maintenance, etc.) and photos of your boat for inclusion on the website and newsletter.  Send the articles via email attachment in MS WORD and the photos in .JPG format if possible.  Please don’t send large files, especially high resolution photos.  Photos should be 100 kilobytes or smaller if at all possible.  Hopefully, we've included most or all of the pertinent correspondence that we've received over the past few months.  Our apologies to those items which we may have missed.

We need a good candidate for "Featured A-37"  It's been several years since we had a new addition to the Featured A-37 list.  If you would like to do a write-up and submit photos of your boat, we'd like to hear from you!  Take a look at the articles on the website (click on the link above) as examples.

The A-37 IOA participates as a cooperating group with BOAT U.S., and members receive BOAT U.S. membership for half price. Just mention you are a member of the Alberg 37 Owners Group and include the Cooperating Group number GA 83253 S when you join Boat U.S. or send in your annual renewal of membership.

Have a great Alberg 37 SUMMER!!!


Tom and Kaye Assenmacher in Kinsale, VA

1006 Brook Ave.

Kinsale, VA 22488 (replace AT with @)