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VOL XVI, NO. 4 (FALL – 2006)                                                                                                                                   

16 OCTOBER, 2006


Alberg 37 Annual Fall Rendezvous

The 2006 Annual Fall Rendezvous was held at the Assenmacher dock on the Yeocomico River, near Kinsale, VA on the weekend of October 14-15, 2006.  Festivities actually began on Friday evening with an “All You Can Eat” Fish fry at the local Kinsale Harbor Marina Restaurant.

The weather was cool and clear, so that outdoor activities were possible. “Boat Talk” and photo ops of the attending boats was the order of the day.  Pot luck breakfasts, lunches and dinners were enjoyed by all. The following Alberg 37s were present: SHEARWATER – 1975 MK-II Yawl ( Tom and Kaye Assenmacher , Kinsale , VA ); SOJOURN – 1985 MK-II Sloop (Tom McMaster and Rose Hansmeyer, Minneapolis, MN);  ELIXIR – 1984 MK-II Yawl (Joran Gendell and friend Lynn, Williamsburg , VA).

Other members attending (without their boats) included: Lou and Jean Wayne of Rochester, NY (PIKA); Wayne and Sherrill Bower, Bowie, MD, (TEELOK); Ron and Kaye Surley, Dallas, TX (MY GIRL); Henk and Wendy DeVries, Cobourg, ON (PAWBEE); Lois Jacob and Merle Galbraith, Chicago, IL/Trinidad (INTERLUDE); Ron and Cindy Strahm, Independence, MO (ENVY); Kip and Linda Newbould, Coles Point, VA (TEVAKE); Wil Hewitt, Charleston, SC (FLORENCE GRAY); and Charlie Deakyne, Annapolis, MD (SCRIMSHAW)

Other attendees included: Becky and Jerry Knop, Reisterstown, MD;  Marcel and Karen Steinz, Oakville, ON; Carol and Jim Organ, (aboard their Gulfstar 41 Sloop SEADUCTION V) of Port Hawkesbury, Cape Breton, NS; Sandy and David Romer; Rod and Polly Mercker, Lottsburg, VA; Carol and Richard Hackett (aboard their Shannon 38 Sloop KILISSA, J.C., Marsha, and Joy Waters, Kinsale, VA.

A great time was had by all!!!!  

Click Here for Additional Rendezvous Photos

Welcome Aboard the New Members

Karen and John Duggan of Halifax, owners of the 1978 MK-II Yawl MARA 1 report:

“We are presently moored at the South Shore Marine in Chester NS, and love it there...(just 30 min north of Lunenburg).  It has all the amenities including Coast Guard/Customs office, marine supply shop and gift wear and a nice haul out rig to lift 9 ton Albergs in and out.  We plan to spend Labour Day weekend there.  Done lots of work on her, briefly: a new haul paint job, galley windows replaced, new hatch on V berth, new teak rail on starboard side, replaced dodger windows, new dinghy, new thru hole fittings, lots of painting and touch ups....the electrical needs work now...there is a great seminar given in Annapolis on that which we hope to attend. We still have a good 2 months of sailing left ere...still plan to sail the intercoastal thru the Panama Canal up to West side of Mexico someday.  My parents are building a home in Manzanillo there.  For now we also want to recover the deck on MARA 1.”

Les and Eileen Owen, of Grande Prairie, Alberta own the 1970 MK-I Sloop CALIBRATE.  She is berthed in Nanaimo, BC.  (Ed. Note: CALIBRATE is an Alberg 37 that we have not heard about before – we occasionally ‘discover’ a “new” A-37!)

News From Members

Joel Baum of Toronto, has placed his 1970 MK-I Yawl WIND MISTRESS on the For Sale List (see add in the For Sale Section of the Newsletter and on the Web site).

Mario Brunetta of Bridgeton, NY reported in an Email in July: “I retired from Chief of Police in Vineland about two months ago. 43 years on the job. There is an age limitation. So when my birthday came I was drummed out of the corp. Then I was asked by the Mayor of the City of Bridgeton where I live to help him out and become Director of Public Safety which is sort of a part time job that oversees the police ,fire and EMT  function. Against my better judgment I said yes,  Seeing how it is part time it shouldn't interfere with my life too much. That is where I am. Retirement is great. They were right, How did we have time to work???” (Ed. Note: HOW TRUE……)

Ken and Anita Tillotson at last report were in the Azores aboard their 1975 MK-II Yawl JOINT VENTURE. They departed Sydney, NS on June 23 and arrived in Flores, Azores on July 7th after a 14 day passage. They've been cruising the various islands of the Azores since that time and are presently in Praia da Vitoria on the island of Terceira.

Ron and Cindy Strahm, of Independence, MO are currently in the Kinsale, VA area doing extensive rework on their 1970 MK-I Yawl ENVY.  ENVY is presently on the hard at Port Kinsale Marina.  Additionally, the 1981 MK-II Yawl HERON, belonging to Rob and Julie Lee of Denver, CO is on the hard at Port Kinsale Marina.

Wil Hewitt  is currently working on his 1984 MK-II Yawl FLORENCE GRAY at Krentz Marina near Kinsale, VA.

Lou and Jean Wayne, of Rochester, MN, are preparing their 1967 MK-I Sloop PIKA for their 4th trip to the Bahamas.  PIKA at the time of this writing is also on the hard at Krentz Marina receiving new bottom paint and a new prop shaft.

(Ed. Note:  There currently 5 Alberg 37s (SHEARWATER; PIKA; HERON; FLORENCE GRAY; and ENVY) within about a 2 mile radius of Kinsale, VA – probably the highest concentration of Alberg 37s in the world!!)

Tom McMaster and Rose Hansmeyer of Minneapolis, MN, aboard their 1985 MK-II Sloop SOJOURN, attended Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD, then proceeded to Kinsale for the 2006 Fall Rendezvous.  At this writing they are making preparations In Kinsale, VA to continue their trip “Down South”. They departed their home port of Bayfield, WI in early Summer.

Chris Anderson recently sold his 1970 MK-I Yawl TEVAKE to Kip and Linda Newbould of Coles Point, VA.  Kip and Linda plan on bringing TEVAKE to the Chesapeake in the near future for upgrading and refit.

Jack Vanderloo, the new owner of SOUTHERN CROSS recently reported: “Christine and I weathered a 70+ knot thunderstorm at anchor - two power boats and two other sailboats dragged in a small anchorage and we did a 20 minute dance around the (still fully) anchored Southern Cross.  Quite something to experience - full power forward and astern in 22' of water on a 3/8" 120' rode!  Ask me if I knew where that rode was at ALL times!  No damage to any of us (miracle) and money in the bank in terms of experience gained.

We received the following excerpts from and Email from Mark and Debbie Crowe (SEACYCLE) on 9/24/06. They are currently in Trinidad:

“It has been pretty well all work here and little play except for a four day trip on the high speed ferry over to Tobago for a break with eight other couples from various anchorages in Chaguaramas. We have shortened up our furling system, taken off the front cap rails, re-caulked the hull to deck joint under them in that area adding bolts besides the rivets( some of which were gone). Also we fixed the bad scupper attachments which almost took the boat down off of Grenada and had our main sail re-sewn, made stainless steel security bars for the companionway (so we can lock ourselves in at night and not choke in the heat) added a bookshelf besides the mast for paperbacks and caned the three settee doors on the port side. Right now we are varnishing the entire deck bright work having stripped it down to bare wood getting rid of all the Cetol. We are using Schooner 96 from Interlux with good results so far finishing the second of eight coats this morning. Next major job will be the ports which I have been carrying since last year and then if time permits I am going to paint the fore deck with new anti-skid since the old one is very worn. If we can't do it here we are thinking of hauling up in Carriacou to redo our bottom and get our five year survey done so we will do the deck there. Right now we are pushing to try and get the boat ready for Oct. 15 for a two week cruise up the Orinoco River Delta in Venezuela returning to Trinidad for November 1st to get ready to head back up island for the season before November 12th when my visa runs out.

We don't think we will get much above St. Marten this year. We are hoping to stop and smell the roses on everything we had to hurry by last season. We also have to be back in Canada next June to attend to some business so we are going to come back here and haul the boat probably for three months. After that we will head to the western Caribbean or run north to the US to regroup for awhile. In any case all our plans are written in Jell-O. I have gotten the missing logs updated to Georgia but they are 28 pages long (and you thought I just talked a lot), so I think the best thing for us is to put all the logs and pictures on a blog which we are in the process of doing. Unfortunately  right now I am too busy with boat projects but I will get the blog address to you in the next few days. I also have spotted a least three other sisterships here and will send pictures of them along in the next email. Got any good books titles for us Kaye? Along  with everything else still managing a little better than a book a week. Say hi to everyone for us, talk to again soon

Cheers and Love   Mark and Deb”

Tropical Storm Ernesto – How a New Rubrail Saved SHEARWATER
By Tom Assenmacher

Tropical Storm Ernesto back in early September dealt us a heavy blow here on the Virginia’s Northern Neck.  Luckily, we took no real damage at our place, but we did have about 3' of water over the dock, with NE winds in the 50 KT range with some higher gusts.  Fortunately, the newly installed rub rail on SHEARWATER averted damage when she bumped up against the dock pilings at the higher gusts.  The rub rail really paid for itself during this storm!


Only About 3 Small Scratches On The Gelcoat, Barely Visible In This Photo.  The Stuff You See Is Debris From The Piling


ALBERG 37 Association Obtains Rudder Mold

Thanks to Ed Kunkel of Littleton, MA, the owner of the 1967 (hull #3) Alberg 37 RODEO, recently donated a rudder mold for the Alberg 37.  It seems that Ed had to have a new rudder built, and subsequently purchased the finished mold after his new rudder was installed.  The rudder mold was subsequently shipped (9/14/2006) to  Tom and Kaye Assenmacher in Kinsale, VA, where the mold will be made available to A-37 IOA members who might need to build a new rudder for their boat.  As the Alberg 37 ages, rudder building/rebuilding will become a matter of importance and safety.  Ed has graciously offered to lend technical assistance to those needing to use the mold.  For the “Full” story and some photos, check out the A-37 Web Site.

Submitted by Ron Fisher (WONIYA)

 This works great !!! Good when you're cruising alone or when all your family is together. Best feature is that no one has to wait for their special omelet !!!

-Have guests write their name on a quart-size Ziploc freezer bag with permanent marker.

-Crack 2 eggs ( large or extra-large) into the quart size Ziploc bag (not more than 2 ) shake to combine them.

-Put out a variety of ingredients such as: cheeses, ham, onion, green pepper, tomato, hash browns, salsa, etc.

-Each guest adds prepared ingredients of choice to their bag and shake.

- Make sure to get the air out of the bag and zip it up.

- Place the bags into rolling, boiling water for exactly 13 minutes. You can usually cook 6-8 omelets in a large pot. For more, make another pot of boiling water.

-Open the bags and the omelet will roll out easily. Be prepared for everyone to be amazed.

-Nice to serve with fresh fruit and coffee cake; everyone gets involved in the process and a great conversation piece.

Imagine having these ready the night before, and putting the bag in boiling water while you get ready. And in 13 minutes, you have a nice omelet for a quick breakfast !!!

(Ed. Note: We’ve tried this and it REALLY works, and when cruising, saves on dishwashing, and the water used in cooking the omelet can be used for dishwashing, making coffee, etc. – no WASTE!).

Photos of the making of the “PERFECT OMELET” are posted on the web site.


A-37s For Sale

(Please check the Alberg 37 web site (A37's For Sale/Wanted) for the latest postings.)
(Ed. Note: Several Alberg 37s have recently changed hands – so there are people out there looking for these great boats.)

Current offerings include:


ARTEMIS 1981 Alberg 37 sloop (Hull #216), owned by Ron Cole, located in Falmouth, Maine.

Exceptionally clean condition (freshwater boat until 2000, Maine ever since) Meticulously maintained with many recent upgrades including new sails, radar, holding tank system, 40” Edson wheel, stereo, EPIRB, two new anchor rodes, new mainsheet traveler, new hoses, updated wiring, new lifelines, as well as rebuilt head, freshwater pump, and manual bilge pump. 

Click here for photos and a more detailed inventory. (

Asking $62,500USD



Wind Mistress  Mark I Yawl, Hull #62.  Classic 1970 Alberg 37 yawl moored in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  White (AwlGripped) hull and deck with unique sea foam green accents.  Well maintained and lovingly cared for over the years as she sailed the Great Lakes.  Recent major projects have included refinishing the cabin interior (2004) and deck and cockpit woodwork (2004; 2006); stripping,  Interprotecting (barrier coat) and applying VC17 to the bottom (2005); replacing the cutlass bearing and stuffing box (2006). Fully equipped.  For detailed description, inventory, and photos, click here

.  Email questions etc.,  to Joel (or call: 416.406.6810).  CDN$70,000



TIME PASSAGE 1980 Alberg 37 Sloop (hull #210)
Fully equipped fresh water cruising boat located in Toronto, ON.
Includes #1 and #2 furling head sails, #2 and #3 with hanks, spinnaker pole, and mainsail. Very clean boat with many extras.
Upgrades/updates: 1999/2000 - Awlgrip hull and deck, electric windlass, SS 3 blade prop.
2002 - engine rebuild, new head, new cradle
2004 - screens added to full enclosure, new starting and house batteries, all lines, exterior teak painted
2005 - new sheaves and halyards, rebuilt alternator, new exhaust
Current owner regrets leaving sailing and plans to switch to power.
Price $74,000 CDN

Contact Dave Ord by email at   (remove _nospam_)


GONZO - Hull #110. Immaculate 1973 Alberg 37 sloop lying in Port Colburn, Ontario, Canada (Lake Erie).  Spent the last 18 months in the Caribbean Sea and the previous 30 years in the Great Lakes.  Lovingly upgraded for a planned circumnavigation - our plans changed, so we returned to Canada, but you can take advantage of all the improvements for your own sailing dreams.   Email Mitch at  (or call: 519.859.6129) for a detailed inventory list or answers to any questions. 

(Click here for Inventory) (Click here for Photos)

Yours for only CDN $72,000


ELUSIVE 1968 Alberg 37 MK-I Sloop (Hull #40)

Sleeps 6+, 3 jibs, mainsail, pole, new rigging 2002, new bottom paint 2002, Ampair wind generator, Raymarine Autohelm, VHF radio, digital depth sounder, refrigeration, marine 12000 BTU air conditioning, CD/am/fm Aiwa stereo with Bose speakers, 2 anchors w/chain, pressurized electrical freshwater system w/60gals water, electrical marine head, inboard Westerbeke 4-107 37hp, new dinghy may 2004, 2.5 w/outboard, bimini, dodger, BBQ. ELUSIVE is a documented vessel 527394, located in Puerto Rico

Asking $33K U.S.

Contact Captain Papo at (939)645-0282, (939)940-9756 or  See photos at


Web Site

We are always looking for articles (cruising, racing, maintenance, etc.) and photos of your boat for inclusion on the website and newsletter.  Send the articles via email attachment in MS WORD and the photos in .JPG format if possible.


Web Sites of Interest

Self-Steering (windvane) for the Alberg 37 -




Safety First (New Feature)

Click Here to Go to the SAFETY FIRST web page

Tom Assenmacher was recently working in SHEARWATER’s “engine room” (1975 MK-II Yawl), tightening the prop shaft coupling set-screws, when he inadvertently “sliced” open the little finger on his left hand on a sharp SS hose clamp, the tail of which he had clipped off when he had installed a new engine and exhaust system several years ago.  After saying “Oh FUDGE”, he wrapped the profusely bleeding finger in a (relatively) clean rag which he had nearby (didn’t want to get blood all over the white boat!), and proceeded up to the house, whereupon after counseling with Kaye, proceeded to the Emergency Room at the Rappahannock, VA hospital (a close 25 miles distant) where he spent the next 3 hours awaiting 13 stitches to be applied.  To make a long story short, the finger has healed quite nicely, and the hose clamps have subsequently been taped.  One never can be TOO careful when working around BOATS!!


Along the same lines (at least safety wise),  John Hughes (SARAH) contributed the following: “A warning from someone who's been there: (boy, do I feel stupid saying this!) when you're working alone on the boat, and you have to climb down into one of those seat lockers, prop a cushion somewhere so that the lid can't close. I had that happen to me one winter, and the hasp closed itself and the lid wouldn't open. Fortunately, by banging on the side where the hasp attached, I was able to make it "jump" and let me open the lid...but for a while, I was having dreams of spending the night in there or worse…… It happened in the years before cell-phones, but even with a cell phone...what are you gonna do if there's bad reception? There's not a lot of room to change to try to find a better signal in that locker!

(Ed. Note: Years ago I relocated the cockpit locker hasps so they couldn't lock one inside – i.e., turned the hasps “upside down”.  When I received my boat back from Alex at Whitby Boat last year (after having the topsides and cabin top refurbished/repainted), I discovered that they had mounted the hasps in the "normal" way.  One of the first things I did was to mount the hasp on the lower part of the cockpit so that I wouldn't get "locked in". I also attached a short “lanyard” to the top part which facilitates opening the locker.

 I normally work on out boat by myself, and have often wondered how long I would have to wait till Kaye discovered that I was being held "incommunicado" in the cockpit locker, as I often spend a lot of time there, especially in the STBD locker, checking the transmission oil level, stuffing box, etc.)




  Racing Corner

Ron Cole recently reported on his recent racing experiences aboard his 1981 MK-II Sloop, ARTEMIS: “We had another great summer on the water here in Maine. We did some of the GMORA (Gulf of Maine Ocean Racing Association) races in cruising class again this year (2006) with very satisfactory results. For the second year in a row we won our class in the overnight Monhegan Race (August 11, 12 and 13, 2006). We also placed second in the State PHRF Championships and the MS Regatta. The boat sure is a joy to sail.

Jay Zittrer participated in Galveston (TX) Race Week back in August and shared the following with us: “I put SHARED WATCH out on the race course again this past weekend for the Galveston Race Week.  It was a great weekend with great racing and some really fun parties.  The final awards ceremonies and celebrations were conducted Sat. night on the Tall Ship Ellisa. We sailed a great race (not perfect but not too many mistakes) and ended up third in our class and third in fleet.  We had a wide variety of boats to race against ranging from purpose built race boats like the J105 to some large cruising boats as well as a Gulf Coast 23 sailed by one of the local hot-shots. Shared Watch and the crew performed remarkably well with her brand new Dacron Main and Pentax No 1. genny she was fast, perfectly balanced and looking good. 

We received many compliments from both the cruiser types as well as the hot-shots in their race boats - the new genny looks pretty good, don't you think? “


Gear For Sale

brand new Monitor Windvane steering system (still in the box) designed for the A37. I bought it for my boat (TEVAKE) which recently has been sold, but the new owner didn't want the windvane.

I am asking $3500.00 USD for it. Click here to view an installation drawing for the Alberg 37

Click here for additional information regarding installation on the Alberg 37.

Please contact Chris Anderson at (949) 842- 6682, or email




By the Editor

Since Kaye and I are “Heading South” aboard SHEARWATER about the time you receive this newsletter, we are “taking a sabbatical” from the A-37 IOA and from publishing formal newsletters until we return to Kinsale probably in the spring.  Therefore, we will not be receiving nor answering emails on a regular basis.  We have also decided to hold in abeyance all membership donations, correspondence, etc., until we return from our trip next spring.  The Alberg 37 Web Site will remain “ON LINE” during the period of our absence, and we will endeavor to periodically post items of interest as they occur, and subject to our ability to go ON LINE in the Bahamas.

The A-37 IOA participates as a cooperating group with BOAT U.S., and members receive BOAT U.S. membership for half price ($12.50 vice $25.00). Just mention you are a member of the Alberg 37 Owners Group and include the Cooperating Group number GA 83253 S when you join Boat U.S. or send in your annual renewal of membership.


Have a great sailing FALL, WINTER and SPRING – see you when we return!!!!!!


Tom and Kaye Assenmacher