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VOL XVIII, NO. 3 (SUMMER – 2008)                                                                                          7 July, 2008


Rendezvous Time Again!

The 16th Annual Alberg 37 Fall Rendezvous is set for the weekend of 27-28 September, 2008.  We have moved up the date this year from the weekend following the Annapolis Sailboat Show to the last weekend in September.  Since SHEARWATER and PIKA are planning on ‘heading south’ to the Bahamas again this fall, we have decided to leave Kinsale no later than mid-October this year, vice the end of October (our trip to the Bahamas in 2006-2007 began on 26 October and it was COLD till we arrived in Florida in late December).  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend this annual (and fun) event.  Additional information is available at the end of this newsletter and on the A-37 web site.

News From Members

Joe Miller, the owner of the 1973 MK-II Ketch (yes, a ketch)  PELAGUS, recently wrote: “I am curious to learn of any other Ketches still on the water. Joe Miller, Corpus Christi, Texas.”  Joe also sent a few photos of his ketch.



(Ed. Note: We know of only 3  A-37 Ketches:

SAFARI, a 1973 A-37 Ketch, Hull # 120, last known owners Lynn and Robert Gambrell, of St Thomas, USVI (haven't heard from them in about 5 years).

MY GIRL, a 1979 A-37 Ketch, (no hull #), belonging to Ron and Kaye Surley of Dallas, TX.

PELAGUS, Joe Miller, Corpus Christi, TX. 

Don't know much about the A-37s which were built as ketches, and don't know if there were any more built and/or modified.  We had a talk  several years ago with Alex Magnone, who recently retired from WhitbyBoat (he had a boat refurbishing business in the original Whitby facility in Whitby, ON), and who was the A-37 shop foreman during most of the A-37 production.  Alex said "we built a few as ketches, but I don't remember exactly how many".  We don't know for sure whether all of the above listed ketches were 'factory built" or were modifications by previous owners.  Ron Surley says his boat was built as a ketch by Whitby. Any members having factual historical info regarding Alberg 37 ketches would be welcome.)


Dave Jenkins, of Stoney Creek, Ontario -  the owner of the 1975 MK-II Sloop BODILLA, recently reported that his boat is now located at the Shining Waters Marina, Tantallon, Nova Scotia.  Dave reports: “Now keeping the boat in Nova Scotia.  I was heading across the ocean but lost my crew for that leg. Had friends in NS ,so I came out of Nassau, over to Bermuda and up to Halifax. Bermuda to Halifax was a rough ride, with 7 gales and 2 storms. Rode one storm under tri-sail in 50kt. wind and 20 ft. seas. Boat was fine with only minor damage. She's on the hard now and I will return next June and explore N.S.”


Joran Gendell, of Williamsburg, VA and the owner of ELIXIR, a 1984 MK-II Yawl earlier this spring was a crewmember on a friend's boat from the Norfolk, VA area to the Abacos, Bahamas.  Joran wrote of their passage: "First leg was offshore from the Chesapeake Bay.  It started fine but by the second night, we were getting pounded.  Then a front roared through and we had it rough from the other direction.  The wind and sea was formidable.  We put in at Beaufort, drenched and tired. With south winds, we did the next leg to Charleston via the ICW.  Only SUDDEN stop was on a sand bar just inside one of the ocean inlets. With winds from the North again, we went offshore from Charleston. The next day we were tired of hand-steering downwind and put in again at the Saint Johns River near Jacksonville. ICW again down to Ft. Pierce where the skipper had friends to visit. Next day we were back offshore.  We followed the coast south as best we could.  At 11 pm, we tacked east.  Arrived at West End at sunrise after an easy passage across the Gulf Stream (motor-sailed close-hauled most of the way). Spent a glorious day pool-side at West End. Next day we had a letter-perfect sail from West End to Great Sale Cay. Next day we motor sailed to Great Guana, arriving Sat afternoon.  Naturally we went to Nippers for 'adult beverages', then back to the bunk!. Sunday we had planned to snorkel but lightning and rain cancelled that.  We motored over to Marsh Harbour for our final night of the trip.  Not quite the trip we had planned, but quite an adventure!"



We recently heard from Heather and Bill Beaver of Annapolis, MD who own the 1972 MK-II Yawl HALCYONE.  They wrote: “On April 11th we continued our somewhat ill-conceived plan of outgrowing the boat before we ever get a chance to really cruise her.  Our second family expansion project is named Alexandra Helice and came in displacing 8 lbs 4oz. All is well here, daughter and mother are doing fine, but it does cramp sailing a bit.  Priorities ... what could I have been thinking?

Boat progress has been slow.  I seemed to take much of the winter to accomplish two simple tasks: 1)paint the bottom and 2) replace the packing in the stuffing box.  Painting was easy, the stuffing box turned into your typical boat disaster.  When I finally managed to break the thing free I thought I was there.  No silly boy - The packing nut went hard up on the shaft coupling just as it disengaged the threads of the stuffing box so there was no way to get anything in there.  Eventually I ended up pulling the engine, removing the shaft from the inside of the boat, shortening the tube that the stuffing box attaches to, and reworking the stuffing box.  While the engine was out I pulled the transmission and replaced the front and rear seals and the sump pan gaskets on the Westerbeke in a vain attempt to try to keep some of the fluids I pour into it, actually inside it.  Did I mention that our engine alignment was apparently crap and that the shaft had worn about half way through the tube that the stuffing box attaches to ... When I finally got it all together and back in the water I discover that the engine overheats.  One thermostat and radiator cap later and I'm good to go (I'd already done the muriatic acid stunt on everything).

Then there's the head, which I need to re-gasket, and the main water tank that leaks, and the autopilot which I seem to be too cheap to address, the leaks along the rail that will probably only be fixed by replacing and reseating the wood gunwale cap.  The list goes on and on, but hey, its more fun then work.

On a positive note, I just signed a big note to buy the slip where we've been renting for years, so I guess we are committed.

Its nice to hear from you.  Keep in touch.


Bill, Heather, David & Alie”


Greg Schurch of Hatfield, MA, and the owner of the 1968 MK-I Yawl DESTINY, wrote in mid Spring that he is replacing the starboard side decking (a BIG job).  We wish him well in his repairs


We recently heard from Jose De Leon via the A-37 Discussion Forum: “Hi, I have a 1967, Number 8 Mk I sloop (AMAZING GRACE) here in Chicago.  She is in fine shape.  I had some work done on the topsides this year.  All the stresscracks/gatoring was taken care of and then painted with Awlgrip a dark blue and the original red boot stripe and white stripe were also done in Awlgrip.  She looks really pretty.  My interior is in pretty good shape.  I also painted the entire non-wood surface below with white Brightside, one coat primer and two coats of Brightside.  It is the world of difference. I have been using teak oil on the wood and I plan on doing some varnishing below and refurbishing the sole. I have expanded the v-berth and it is quite comfortable.  The engine is a new rebuilt atomic four that I put in about 5 years ago when I first bought the boat.  The original was an atomic four.  I have updated the electrical with a new bank of house batteries and isolated the cranking battery.  I have also added LED running, anchor and steaming lights and added some deck lights which were missing.  I have two year old sails fully battened with a new sail track and a Dutchman system and I have added some Anderson ST winches, Stainless dorade vents and dorade guards all new halyards, topping lift, and sheets.  This year I trade in the two burner Origo alcohol stove for a Taylor Lavac Kerosene stove it is really pretty and fits right in with the boat (got it used on eBay for $400.  I have also added a bit more teak.  I made a new hatch cover out of the salvageable teak and some new teak for the aft lazarette and a new solid teak hatch for the forward hatch from some of the original teak and some new.  I also have solid teak side lazarette hatches and threw away the old fiberglass and plywood covers. Added a teak base outside the combing boards for the winches and cleats and have exchanged all the old aluminum cleats for stainless steel Herreschof cleats.

I have one soft spot on the side decks that I plan to take care of this next year as well as painting and fixing up the decks.  I plan on replacing the non-skid with gray Treadmaster.  I have seen some other classic boats with the Treadmaster and it looks quite nice and works really well.   I am also planning on a midship hatch for light and air to the main cabin and I am seriously considering a small butterfly hatch (I know they can leak but they are pretty).  I also hope to add hot water as I live on my boat in the spring, summer and early Fall.  Would like to change the electrical over so that I can run my refrigerator off the motor.  Right now it only runs from shore power. And so much more...  It never ends!!!!


Jack Vanderloo, of Ottawa, ON has been fabricating a new combined propane gas storage compartment/helmsman’s seat for his 1977 MK-II Sloop SOUTHERN CROSS.  We’ve seen some photos on the A-37 Bulletin Board-Forum, and expect to have a “Project” write-up sometime from Jack……..


Tom McMaster and Rose Hansmeyer continue their adventures in the Caribbean aboard their 1985 MK-II Sloop SOJOURN.  You can follow their adventures on their on-line blog at  Last reported location in late June was the island of Grenada.


We recently had a phone call from Nick Valci, who along with his wife Nancy, own the 1978 MK-II Sloop NANCY ANN.  They had recently arrived in Trinidad, placed NANCY ANN on the hard, and will return later to continue their adventures in the Caribbean.


Steve Smith, of Elmhurst, IL, has recently placed his 1976 A-37 Yawl THISTLE on the market (see the ‘For Sale’ section of the newsletter.  Upon looking at the photos of THISTLE, we think she is a MK-III, as she has the aft facing nav station vice the forward facing nav station/quarter berth.  Steve writes: “I did not know it was called a MK-III. That must be written somewhere on the boat papers.  I would have guessed they say MK II.  But the nav station does face aft.  I do not believe there was modification done by the owner so maybe that was a requested option.  The first owner lived in Toronto so he might have talked directly with the boatyard.    I like the nav station.  Its one of my favorite places to sit and read or hang out on the boat”. 

(Ed. Note: Perhaps this may have been a Whitby ‘prototype’ of the MK-III.  Didn't realize they built any MK-IIIs as early as 1976, as I had thought they were only built later in the production cycle.  I've only seen a couple of MK-IIIs.  When we bought our  1975 MK-II in 1982 from Whitby Boat Works (the original owner had moved up to a Whitby 42), they were building a MK-III which had the aft facing nav station. Does anyone else out there have a MK-II with an aft facing nav station?  If so, we’d like to hear from you.   Interesting....... )

New Members

Robin Phillips of Gillies Bay, BC recently purchased the 1967 MK-I Sloop (Hull #1) COYOTE ANGEL from John Yankovich. We had lost track of COYOTE ANGEL over the years, and were pleased to find that the first Alberg 37 is still ‘alive and well’!  She is berthed on Texada Island, BC.


A-37 IOA Hosts Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 Association Summer Cruise

The A-37 IOA played host to members of the Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 One Design Association participating in the Association’s Southern Bay Cruise.  The cruise began in the Annapolis, MD area on June 29 which included stops in the Rhode River; Solomons, MD; Kinsale, VA; the Great Wicomico River, VA, and other Southern Chesapeake Bay locations.  Six boats, including 3 Alberg 30s arrived on the afternoon of 1 July to raft-up off the Assenmacher dock on the Hampton Hall Branch of the Yeocomico River near Kinsale VA.  Festivities included a happy hour and barbeque were held later that evening, along with boat tours of the 2 Alberg 37s, SHEARWATER and PIKA.  It was readily apparent that both organizations greatly value the designs of Carl Alberg and the fine boats produced by the Whitby Boat Works.  Alberg 30 members attending included: Bob and Elaine Leigh (CLADDAGH); Jim and Sanda Davis (ISA LEI); Jay and Joan Davenport (REVOLUTION); Jim and Barbara Palmer (WACONAH); Ray and Sandy Meyer (VICEROY); and Dennis Kane (WARANATOO).  A-37 IOA members included the hosts Tom and Kaye Assenmacher (SHEARWATER) and Kip and Linda Newbould (FELICE).


A-37 IOA Hosts Alberg 30 Association Cruise


Frank Smart’s Half Model Project

Frank Smart, previous owner of the 1970 MK-I Sloop BRANDELARA II, has been building a half-model of the boat.  He recently shared some photos of this project with us, one of which is displayed below.  We hope that Frank will soon be finished with this project, and will share the results with us.  Frank’s attention to detail and accuracy are extremely noteworthy!

Frank recently wrote: “Thought I'd give you an update on the progress of the Brandelara II half hull project.    I'd put it aside for quite a while as other projects got priority.     I still have some finishing to do on the hull .... clean up the cove stripe for one, attach the rudder, make up decals for the name etc ...  then get it off my working back-board and onto a better one.  Anyway, here are a few shots of where it's at.    I'm really pleased with it as it really reminds me of our old boat.  When I get it finalized,  I'll send you some better pictures and maybe the members will be interested in seeing them.  Cheers, Frank Smart”.

Frank Smart’s BRANDELARA II Half Model


Another Alberg 37 ‘Discovered’

Ed. Note: We recently received a request to place the 1979 MK-II Yawl (#197)TAWANI  in the ‘For Sale’ Category (see the For Sale notice in this newsletter)..  Since we had no record of  this boat, we requested and received the following account from the owners Pieter and Hanna Wolse.  TAWANI  is berthed in Victoria, BC:

“We purchased TAWANI in 1989 in Vancouver after which we spend 3 years sailing her locally as well as gradually making her offshore ready. We replaced the engine in '91 with a new Volvo three cylinder diesel. Prior to leaving for Mexico in 1992 with our three daughters, we replaced the main sail and purchased a new 130% genoa, new dodger, some new rigging, installed a Monitor wind vane and a new Force Ten propane stove. In 1994 we left Puerto Vallarta for Hawaii where we kept the boat till 2000. During those 6 years in Hawaii I worked on overseas assignments and TAWANI spent most of her time stored in the yard. Between assignments we always returned to Hawaii to sail among the islands. From December 1999 till late summer 2000 we spent many hours to give TAWANI a major overhaul which involved new standing and running rigging, new roller furling, new Lewmar hatches, new teak on the cockpit seats and main hatch, new GPS, instruments and auto pilot, new 110% "ocean" jib, dripless stuffing box and a full professionally applied Awlgrip paint job for hull, topsides and deck. In the interior we relocated the sink from above the engine to the starboard side (with a dedicated grey water tank). In September 2000 we sailed TAWANI back to British Columbia. In recent years we've made additional improvements such as new "proper" sea cocks and associated hoses, new toilet, water tanks and installed a propane heater and  Lewmar electric windlass. Until recently my daughter Faye has lived aboard TAWANI during her years in university in Victoria, Vancouver Island. TAWANI has always been lovingly cared for as if she was my "fourth daughter". During our major offshore trips she has always giving us confidence in her ability to "carry on" to a new destination regardless the inevitable adverse weather conditions. With her classic grey hull and off white cabin roof TAWANI is a very noticeable vessel in any marina and I am sure she will fill her new owner with pride.”


Courtesy of Bunkey Cunliffe &  Kaye Assenmacher



Seems that the ubiquitous ‘Walmart’ bag is everywhere!  While cruising, we often stock up on items from ‘Walmart’ type stores (like in Vero Beach) before heading off-shore to the Bahamas.  Because such items as trash bags are expensive (especially with the price of petroleum based products now) in the Bahamas and elsewhere, we ‘recycle’ them for later use instead of placing all these used plastic shopping bags in the local dumpster.  Since the used bags are quite bulky when simply wadded up and placed in a drawer or bag, we do a ‘flag fold’ on them, which saves a lot of space, while making them handy to use as small trash bags.

The following sequence of photos show how!





Now you can tell your non-cruiser friends what you do on a boat all day!!


Racing Corner
(Check Out The Cruising/Racing Stories Section Of The Web Site
The Discussion Forum For Additional Racing Information)


GALLEY TALK (Cleaning ‘Solutions’)
By Kaye Assenmacher

While cruising aboard SHEARWATER, and not wanting to carry a lot of cleaning supplies, we’ve narrowed down the number of ‘Cleaning Solutions’  to basically 3 items.  Using old spray bottles, we use water and household ammonia in one spray bottle; water and white vinegar in another; and water and laundry bleach in another bottle.  The proportions are approximately 25% ammonia/vinegar/bleach and 75% water.   Be sure to clearly label each bottle with an indelible marker (Magic Marker type), and do NOT mix ingredients.  We use the ammonia/water mixture to clean countertops, cooktops, etc.; vinegar/water mixture for mildew control, and general cleaning (also recommended by STRATAGLAS as a cleaner for dodger vinyl); and bleach/water mixture for sanitizing the head/shower/etc.  We like the above ‘solutions’ so well that we use them almost exclusively at home too!!

A-37s For Sale

(Please check the Alberg 37 web site (A37's For Sale/Wanted) for the latest postings.)
(Ed. Note: Several Alberg 37s have recently changed hands – so there are people out there looking for these great boats.)

Current offerings include:

For Sale - ISLANDTIME - 1971 Alberg 37 MK-II Yawl, currently sailing as a sloop, but available as a yawl (yawl rig included).  New engine installed in 2007; Radar with Questus Mount; Windvane; Roller Furling; MAC PAC; Auto Pilot; GPS; Spinnaker; Hard dinghy with outboard (New); Refrigeration.  Located in Maine.  $49,000 USD. Contact Scott at: 207.326.9498 - Cell 978.549.0507


For Sale – STORNOWAY- After 20 years of owning her, John Volk is offering  "STORNOWAY"  for sale. She is a MK-II, Hull #182, built in 1979.  Originally built as a sloop, she was professionally converted to a yawl.  Details can be found at .  Boat located in Halifax, NS.  Price is $65,000 CDN.


For Sale - TAWANI is a well maintained 1979 Alberg 37 Yawl (Hull #197) and features NC 42 Profurl roller furling, Monitor Windvane and a Dickson propane cabin heater. She has undergone numerous upgrades since 2000 including: new Awlgrip paint on the deck and topsides, new Lewmar hatches, new Lewmar windlass, new ground tackle, a newer genoa, updated electrical including new batteries (installed in 2008), and new thru-hulls.  Built in 1979, her classic looks and yawl rig are noticed where ever she goes. She's offshore ready and a delight to sail in the bay on a Sunday afternoon.   TAWANI is located in Victoria, BC, and the price, $59,900.00 is in Canadian dollars.

For more information and pictures please email Faye Wolse at: 250 995 2959


For Sale – THISTLE – by owner Steve Smith:  “Our 1976, Alberg 37 Yawl (# 165) is for sale.  Asking $40,000.    It is stored inside in town of Whitehall, Michigan, on shore of White Lake, (attached to Lake Michigan).  Is in great shape.  All owners have taken good care of her.  Bright Pink Gennaker rounds out sail inventory.   Is ready to use for cruising, and spending much of summer aboard as we did.    Can be viewed at Whitehall Landing.  Broker there can show boat or talk about it.  See (three Ls) and click on used boats for photos and list of stuff.   Or call owner directly if you seriously want to buy it.  Steve at 630 941 1883.”



Alberg 37s Wanted

Wanted -  Alberg 37 Sloop.  Contact Larry Ciccola (

Gear For Sale

MK-I Interior Cushions - "As a result of re-jigging the interior of my 1967 MK-I (# 18) VECTIS, I had to have a whole new set of interior cushions made. Bad planning as I had only replaced the covers on the existing cushions, 2 years prior. So I have a complete set of cushions for sale which are like new, 2 years old in Sunbrella, a blue and white stripe. The new cushions cost me $3500! so I figure the older ones have got to be worth $1000. Any offers? VECTIS is a Mark I and the cushions are for the original MK-I configuration (although I believe configurations varied slightly). Buyer will need to pick them up in CT.

Contact Ian Dunn Email:



We’ve recently performed a few needed maintenance projects on our 1975 MK-II Yawl SHEARWATER.  Namely replacing the gaskets on both of the overhead Atkins and Hoyle hatches, and replacing the gaskets on the 6 Atkins and Hoyle opening ports.  A full write-up of these projects will be posted on the A-37 website under the “Project Database” pages.  The proper gasket material (.5" round neoprene 'cord'), for the overhead hatches is available from Clean Seal at - it's the solid 'cord' #6500. It takes about 80" of the 'cord' to do one hatch (we still have some of the material available if you want to reseal your hatches).  The material for the Atkins and Hoyle opening ports is available from McMaster-Carr ( and is Item # 90125K51 (Commercial-Strength Neoprene Extra-Long Strip 3/8" X 1/4", Black) and is available by the foot.


Overhead Hatch Gasket Replacement

Opening Port Gasket Replacement

We also ‘re-engineered’ SHEARWATER’s holding tank installation to a more ‘modern’ version along with rebuilding the original W/C Imperial 51 head (for about the 3rd time).


Web Site

We are always looking for articles (cruising, racing, maintenance, etc.) and photos of your boat for inclusion on the website and newsletter.  Send the articles via email attachment in MS WORD and the photos in .JPG format if possible.  We are still on a ‘Dial Up Modem” here on Virginia’s Northern Neck – if at all possible, please don’t send large files, especially high resolution photos.  Photos should be 100 kilobytes or smaller if at all possible.  We’ve had some emails with attachments which take HOURS to download.  We hope to be getting high speed Internet Service in our area (we aren’t holding our breath!) – we’ll let you know if/when this happens.


Web Sites of Interest

SailNet Sailing Community Forums – multi-topic sailing information




Upcoming Rendezvous Events

The 16th Annual


Saturday/Sunday, September 27-28, 2008

(Boats may arrive on Thursday or Friday)
 at the


Hampton Hall Branch, Yeocomico River  
Kinsale , VA.

(On Virginia 's Beautiful and Historic Northern Neck)

GPS Coordinates:

38-01.262 N

076-34.417 W  


Click Here for Previous Rendezvous Write-ups and Photos

NOTE: Rendezvous which were held prior to 1998, are not recorded on the Alberg 37 Web site except in the archived newsletters. The first Alberg 37 Rendezvous was held over the Labor day weekend in September, 1993 in
Kinsale, VA, and have been held annually since the first event.

 It's ALBERG-37 FALL RENDEZVOUS time again! Plan to include this event in your fall cruising plans (especially you Chesapeake Bay owners). This is a "come as you are" event, no planned activities except relaxing and visiting with other A-37 folks. Plan on pot luck get-togethers as this is a most INFORMAL rendezvous (steamed crabs and oysters on Saturday PM). We have room for several A-37s, with room for more rafted alongside. Hampton Hall Creek is quite protected and has plenty of room for anchoring adjacent to our dock if desired. You will miss out on a good time if you don't attend. Attached are directions both by water or by land. Kinsale is about 35 NM (by water) south of Solomons, Maryland,  just off the Potomac River about 10 NM from the Chesapeake Bay,  and about 65 miles (by road) south of Fredericksburg , VA .

DIRECTIONS BY WATER: From Point Lookout MD (Chart #12233 Potomac River/Chesapeake Bay) proceed west  about 10 miles to the Yeocomico River Entrance light Fl R4s 18 ft 4M “2”  (38-02.44N  076-30.04W). From the Yeocomico River Entrance light proceed (Chart #12285 Potomac River Yeocomico River Inset 4) westward to Fl G 6sec "3" (line up on the large white house with red roof on Horn Point), then to "2". Note the shoal area to the Southeast of "2". Give "2" a slightly wide berth to the Southeast, and you will have no problem.  Continue in the West Yeocomico past 2 red daymarkers (#4 and #6) and past the Port Kinsale Marina to starboard. Continue to where the West Yeocomico stops (at Kinsale) and you must either turn to the port or starboard. Turn to port (starboard takes you to the grain elevator and a marina) and follow the channel into the Hampton Hall Branch. You will see it open up into a small bay, just continue around the bay until you see a point (WITH FLAGPOLE) on your starboard. Give this point a wide berth, and continue to the second boat dock after passing the point where you will see SHEARWATER tied up there anxiously awaiting all her sisters (we'll have the A-37 sign and large pennant displayed)! (Check chartlet on Website for an overall view of the area.)

DIRECTIONS IF YOU COME BY CAR: From Fredericksburg, VA, proceed on Rt. 3 to Montross, VA.  Proceed south on Rt. 3 out of Montross , VA. About 2 miles south of Montross, VA you will see Rt. 202, make a left on Rt. 202 and proceed on Rt. 202 through Hague, VA.  About 4 miles from Hague, you will see Rt. 203 (at BP gas station and a sign to Kinsale), make a left on Rt.203 for about 1.2 miles and you will be coming into Kinsale. As you approach Kinsale, you will be coming down a small hill, just at the bottom of the hill you will see a sign saying 'Hampton Hall Estates' and also a street sign “ Brook Ave. ”. Make a right turn on Brook Ave. and continue for about 1.2 miles until 1006 Brook Ave , where you will also see a red "12" "daymarker" marking our driveway. Just drive on in and come on down to the water. That's where we will be. If anyone wishes to stay overnight (those who come by boat, we assume you will anchor out or raft alongside overnight), there is an Inn and a motel in Montross, and several Bed and Breakfasts in the area, (or pitch a tent in our back yard).

  Lodging Information in the Kinsale Area is Available on the Alberg 37 Website

The Port Kinsale Marina, that you passed on you way in by water, is a full service facility, and has a fuel dock. Groceries and other supplies are available nearby, and we have plenty of available transportation.

If you have any questions about the rendezvous, send us an Email ( - remove "NoSpam")  or give us a call at 804.472.3853  (leave a message if we are not at home).  

If you plan to attend, please contact us at the above email/phone number no later than 15 September, 2008.



By the Editor

If anyone is planning on a “Southbound Snowbird Cruise” this fall, we would like to know about your plans.  We are planning on a Southbound cruise to the Bahamas aboard SHEARWATER this winter, leaving the Kinsale, VA (mid Chesapeake Bay) area around mid October, possibly as early as October 10.  Of course a lot depends on fuel prices, weather, preparations etc. etc.  Lou and Jean Wayne of Rochester, NY, who keep their MK-I Sloop PIKA at our dock are also tentatively planning on a Bahamas Cruise.

The A-37 IOA participates as a cooperating group with BOAT U.S., and members receive BOAT U.S. membership for half price ($12.50 vice $25.00). Just mention you are a member of the Alberg 37 Owners Group and include the Cooperating Group number GA 83253 S when you join Boat U.S. or send in your annual renewal of membership.

We Appreciate Your Support Of The A-37 IOA!!!


Hardcopy Newsletter versus Electronic Newsletter

We appreciate the positive response regarding receiving Email notification of the posting of the Newsletter on the Internet, vice receiving actual hardcopy via regular mail (which is becoming very expensive).  We now ‘snail-mail’ Newsletters to only a small fraction of the A-37 IOA membership.  The advantages of viewing the Newsletter on-line (or printing the MS WORD on-line version of the Newsletter) include the ability of viewing color photos of boats, projects, etc., and the ability to follow ‘hot links’ embedded in the Newsletter to other sections of the A-37 web-site and to other web sites of interest.  Thanks!

We invite you to periodically visit the web site for much more information, postings, photos, Discussion Forum,  etc., than are possible to include in the quarterly newsletter. 

Here’s To A Great Sailing Summer!!



Tom and Kaye Assenmacher

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