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VOL XVIII, NO. 4 (FALL – 2008)                                                                                        7 OCTOBER, 2008

16th Annual Alberg 37 Fall Rendezvous Held!

The 16th Annual Alberg 37 Fall Rendezvous was held the weekend of 27-28 September, 2008.  Additional information and photos are available on the A-37 web site.  Our thanks to Karen Larson of GOOD OLD BOAT magazine for sending 2 complimentary subscriptions for the Rendezvous Raffle.

Members attending were: Tom and Kaye Assenmacher (SHEARWATER); Wil Hewett (FLORENCE GRAY); Rob Lee (HERON) who attended by boat; Ian Dunn (VECTIS); Joran Gendell and Lin Hayes (ELIXIR); Kip and Linda Newbould (MISCHIEF); Lou and Jean Wayne (PIKA).  Alberg 37's in attendance were: SHEARWATER; PIKA, and HERON. 

Others attending were: Don and Angela Manning (and friends); Jerry and Becky Knop: Ralph and Carol Hutton; Sandy and David Romer; Richard and Carol Hackett; and Geoff and Bunkey Cunliffe. 

Rainy and stormy weather greeted attendees at the kickoff pot luck supper on Friday evening.  The weather broke and cleared somewhat on Saturday in time for the traditional 'crab feast' on the dock where a bushel of the 'Chesapeake Finest' were consumed, followed later Saturday evening with Becky Knop's 'Need New Lips' crab soup, another tradition.  Of course, the entire weekend was taken up by lots of 'boat talk', and a continual 'GAM'.

Sunday dawned cloudy and showery, but nonetheless, as true 'ALBERGERS', we struggled on with a pot luck breakfast featuring scrambled egg sandwiches on English muffins by Bunkey Cunliffe.  Later on Sunday, we consumed a large amount of roasted oysters, home grown by oyster gardeners Tom and Kaye Assenmacher.

Prizes were awarded to those members traveling the farthest which included a complimentary subscription to GOOD OLD BOAT.  These were awarded to Ian Dunn (VECTIS) who drove down from Connecticut, and to Rob Lee (HERON) who flew in from Steamboat Springs, CO.  (Rob keeps HERON in nearby Port Kinsale Marina. and arrived a few days earlier to prepare HERON for him and his family's fall cruise of the Chesapeake).  A prize of an Alberg 37 Pennant was awarded to Kip and Linda Newbould for the most improved Alberg 37.  They are in the process of restoring the 1970 MK-I Sloop MISCHIEF (ex-TEVAKE).

Although not the greatest of weather for the Rendezvous, all attendees voted the event a huge SUCCESS.  Our thanks to all who attended.

Rendezvous photos will be posted on the Alberg 37 web site.


2008 Alberg 37 Rendezvous



Season of Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

(Ed. Note: This summer and early fall has been a terrible season for hurricanes and tropical storms/disturbances.  We survived Tropical Storm HANNA here on the Chesapeake Bay, which in our area turned out to be a "Non Event".  Other areas were not so fortunate.  We received email from members Ashley and Stephanie Walker (GOOD NEWS), and Jay and Leigh Zittrer (SHARED WATCH) who keep their boats at the Lakewood Yacht Club near Galveston, Texas.  The following are emails received from them recounting their experiences this summer.):

"Tom and Kaye:

 Thanks for your message.  We spent the day on Monday preparing for the storm that we didn't even know existed until Sunday afternoon.  All reports coming in were that Eduardo was to come right up Galveston Bay on top of us.  We stripped the canvas and sails off both boats to reduce windage and put some extra lines on, took some pictures just in case, left them with a prayer, then hurried home to board up the house and pick up all the yard stuff.  We apparently worked hard enough to cause the storm to veer slightly just before landfall, sending it in towards High Island which is about 50 miles east of where we are.  We did experience wind gusts of about 45 knots but little or no surge as we were on the west side and the winds were mostly northwest to west all day, blowing water to the other side of the bay.  We did get about 5 inches of welcomed rain over a 12 hour period, but it ran off well and little or no flooding was experienced here.

 Jay and I are "Boat Buddies" at Lakewood Yacht Club where contact information and authorization to board is exchanged and on file at the Club.  The idea is for the Club to be able to contact either of us in the other's absence, for purposes of tending to the other's boat in time of need.  It's a good idea and paid off in this case.  Jay was winding up a vacation in the Virgin Islands and we had agreed previously I would check on SHARED WATCH while he was gone.  So, we performed the same tasks on SHARED WATCH as we did to GOOD NEWS and know he would do the some for us.  Both boats came through well and we were lucky to dodge the stronger winds and tide.

 Glad to hear you're doing well with SHEARWATER and look forward to hearing about your trip South.  As always, we appreciate your work with the A37 Association and thank you for that.

 Best regards,

 Ashley & Stephanie Walker

s/v GOOD NEWS #144"


"Hi Tom,

 Thankfully Eduardo turned out to be a non-event.  Leigh and I were away doing a charter with another couple in the BVI so relied on Ashley to storm prep SHARED WATCH which he did giving us peace of mind.  ...nice to have someone close by who knows the boat so well.

 We had a great time in the Islands and were thinking how nice it would be to have SHARED WATCH down there although the Beneteau 42 equipped with a much needed generator and air was pretty nice too.  I think if we had the forward cabin rather than the large "owners cabin" in the back of the center cockpit boat we would have been fine with the fresh breeze blowing down the hatch though.

 Thanks for checking in.

 Jay and Leigh Zittrer"

But then- Hurricane IKE in September!!!!

From what we've heard from Jay shortly after the hurricane, both SHARED WATCH and GOOD NEWS survived Hurricane IKE in fine shape, although there was major destruction in their marina. For a few photos of SHARED WATCH and the marina, please visit the A-37 Discussion Forum at:

 News From Members

Tom McMaster and Rose Hansmeyer continue their adventures in the Caribbean aboard their 1985 MK-II Sloop SOJOURN.  Last reported location in mid September was in Rio Macareo in Venezuela.  You can follow their adventures on their on-line blog at:  . 

They wrote in July: "Hi you guys, We're in Tobago for a week or two before heading over to Trinidad where we will put in a watermaker, another 130 watt solar panel, charge controller and will have to modify the LPG box to accept 2 new fiberglass 10 pounders. Do you know anyone who has done this? We got the idea from the owners of "Sally Ann" who we met briefly in Bequia. Any ideas or "plans" you can share is much appreciated. 

Also, from another email in July: "We had a nice 86nm night passage from Grenada with calm seas and light E/NE winds so light motor sailed most of the way -- current 1-2 knots so even we could push thru that OK.  Tom wasn't sure we could make it the first couple hours as he way starting to push to go to Trinidad but I pushed him out just enough for the wind to go a bit NE and current around Grenada to release us.  It took us about 3 weeks to find the right weather window which is why we ended in Grenada and not depart north from Carriacou.  As you may know the wind/seas and current are against you so need to find NE and light for both.  We are having a bit of refrigerator issues while here but will endure until we get to Trinidad.  Leaving Store Bay today for anchorages north toward Charlottesville.  Went via bus this AM to get release form to go from Scar to Char and had to push customs to get him to write down some other anchorages -- silly -- I guess issue with drugs and US homeland security push.  UGGGG!!!!  Live your dreams!!!  Rose & Tom"


We received another email on 8/31/08: "We arrived at the Rio Macareo, a tributary to the Orinoco on Saturday, the 30th. We are traveling with one other boat, "Southern Cross", Dee and Don who are from Ohio. We are in Venezuela but are not exactly legal as there is no where close by to check in with customs and immigration. Oh well, many other boaters have preceded us and done the very same thing without incident so we are pretty sure things will be okay. Our first night was spent anchored next to a mangrove "island" where white and scarlet ibis roost for the night. They arrive just about at sunset in large flocks and it reminds one of a Christmas tree with red and white ornaments nestled in the mangroves. The current in the river is very strong, 3 knots or sometimes more which makes for very slow movement upstream. To add insult to injury huge rafts of hyacinths (?) lily pad type vegetation float down with the current and foul the anchor rode so they must be cut away periodically. The water is very brown I assume because of runoff from the interior of the country. The river is also home to the Piranha so I don't plan to do much of any swimming, even though the Wareo, indigenous people swim without any fear. We have brought some things from Trinidad to trade with the Wareo, colorful material, needles thread etc for making clothing. Paper, pencils, toothpaste and toothbrushes, personal hygiene things that they have to travel many miles up river to obtain. In return we are offered woven baskets, oars carved from trees etc. As we have just arrived at the first village we have yet to see what more they have to offer.

As you might imagine, we need to be totally self sufficient, bringing enough fuel, food water etc for the entire trip as there is no where to go for provisions and help is perhaps days away. That is why most people will travel with a "buddy boat" just to be on the safe side.

We will keep you updated on the Rio Macareo and when we get back to an internet connection we will update the website with more narrative and hopefully some lovely photos too.

Our current lat & long is : N 09.48.2 W 061.35.3

Peace and Love, Tom and Rose"


Another email on 9/15/08: Greetings,

"Just a quick note to say we are still in the Rio Macareo in Venezuela. We are still traveling with Southern Cross, the other boat. We are both well although I (Tom) got bit up badly on his feet by we think mosquitoes while he was sleeping. The result was very sore, swollen feet that are slowly getting better. The trip has been fascinating, seeing monkeys, parrots, macaws, fresh water dolphins and of course the Wareo people who live on the river. The down side to all of this is in a moment of inattention we forgot to lock our motor on its mount and awoke to find it was stolen over night while we slept. Ouch, a $2000.00 mistake on our part. There is a man named Collins who lives here, speaks English and is known up and down the river who has made it his quest to find our motor for us. With the many side tributaries to the Macareo we are not holding out much hope of him finding it but you never know.......

More later when we reach Trinidad and an internet connection. Peace and Love, Tom and Rose  Present position for Google Earthers is: N. 09.39.7 W. 061.30.6"

Back in July, we received the following email from Ken and Anita Tillotson, who are extensively cruising their  1975 MK-II Yawl JOINT VENTURE, currently in Venezuela: "We're back in Canada ...landed in Toronto on June 10th. JOINT VENTURE is on the hard, on the island of Margarita in Venezuela and out of hurricane alley.  The main reason that we stayed in Margarita (rather than continue on to the mainland) is because we discovered a broken prop shaft after a week at anchor in Porlamar.  I'm looking to replace it with a stainless steel one...any suggestions?   We're in London (Ontario) now but will be heading for Saskatchewan before too long. We'll be working out there trying to save our farmers a few tax dollars and to re-establish a cruising kitty. We plan on returning to JOINT VENTURE next May/June to resume our adventure.  Our rough plan is Venezuela, ABC islands, Panama, Galapagos, Marquesas. Tahiti, Bora Bora, Figi, New Zealand....18 months.    Anita will have some time this winter to bring many of our adventures to print for the Alberg site et al.  I've almost finished writing about our first trans-Atlantic passage to the Azores and will forward that to you in due course. Cheers & smooth sailing, Ken & Anita"

Mario Brunetta reports in an email that he is having his 1967 MK-I Sloop LOTUS re-painted: "As I mentioned I am getting Lotus re-AwlGripped this winter. It was last done about 14 or 15 years ago. It held up well and the same guy (a friend who has a marine service) is doing it again. The clear coat over the  jade green top sides is lifting in small spots right by the rail  but generally it held up well. I did get a price down in the Chesapeake when I was there but they wanted  as much as the boat was worth to do the job and I wasn't real happy how they explained they would do it. The place were I am getting it done is 1/8 of a mile from my marina and he has a heated building to control temp and humidity."

Pat and Wayne Jobb, of Garden Bay, BC are the owners since 2003 of the 1970 MK-I Sloop BRANDELARA II.  They both retired in 2007 and purchased a home in Garden Bay and moved the boat to Garden Bay from Sidney.  They have recently added a new radar, wind generator and sail cover. In July 2007 they cruised the San Juan Islands where they enjoyed July 4th fireworks in Roche Harbour.  Latest photos of BRANDELARA II are posted in the "Photo Gallery" and also in the "Members List" on the Alberg 37 web site.  (Ed. Note:  We received Pat and Wayne's Christmas Card, photo etc. back in December, 2007.  Their letter inadvertently found its way into our Christmas Card Folder!  This week (9/15/08), Kaye was going through last year's Christmas Cards and addressing cards for this Christmas, and lo and behold, here was Pat and Wayne's card from last Christmas!  Oh well, .......better late than never!)

New Members

Simon Foster, of Wales, UK reported in to us via email on 8 July (we don't yet have very much info regarding Simon):

"I've been at sea cruising the N Atlantic since September last year starting from Wales - Africa - Caribbean - Eastern Canada.

Unfortunately the USA is the only country in the Western hemisphere that I can't visit with out first going through a costly and time-consuming application for entry visas. So I gave it a miss. My boat, a 1973 A37 Mk II yawl (hull #111) originally from Philadelphia although I purchased it in  Maine 2005. Formerly registered as "FIGMENT", now registered in the UK as "ARA' DEG" (Welsh for 'easy does it').  I'm off to Newfoundland in a day or two and then hope to cruise Iceland and Norway before returning to Wales at the end of summer.

For a short video of my trip go to my Trinidad to Prince Edward Island,  blog "PEI or bust!" at this address/link:

Take care and have a good rendezvous in September.

Simon Foster"

(Ed. Note:  Subsequent to this email, Simon has sailed from PEI to Newfoundland in July, and from Newfoundland to Iceland in August.  On August 30: "I'm pushing off tomorrow to face the cold winds of Valhalla on a run south to Ireland and Wales. Forecasts look reasonable and I should be drinking a Felinfoel within two weeks. I'll post again from Wales with some pictures and clips of the sail down. Check back in two weeks ... or so."  His latest post on September 30, 2008 has Simon arriving in his homeland, Wales, after a safe but stormy passage from Iceland to Wales  Check out his blog  - quite an adventure.)


Jon and Megan Vernon, are the owners of the 1973 MK-II Sloop SOLA GRATIA.  She was previously owned by Stanton Smith of Wilmington, NC and is currently berthed in Toronto, Ontario.

Jon recently wrote: "We brought her from North Carolina to Toronto, Ontario. (We sailed up to New Jersey before engine problems forced us to have her trucked to Lake Ontario.)  In 2006 we did a summer cruise to Thunder Bay on Lake Superior.  It was a great cruise".

Found - A "Lost" A-37

Once in awhile, we hear of a 'new' A-37, meaning an A-37 of which we have no previous record.  Such a boat is GLOBITOU, a 1975 MK-II, cutter-rig ( Hull # 151).   She is currently owned by Rudolf and Jocelyne von Allmen, of Summerstown, Ontario.  She is currently sailing in the Mediterranean , slowly completing a wonderful circumnavigation, having left her homeport in the 1000 Islands in 2002. Her ETA back home in Ontario is June 2009.  The following is an excerpt from an email received in late August:  "Yeah, it has been an eventful 6 years and we are still having fun and enjoying the adventure. Our Alberg 37 has been a wonderful boat and we have taken good care of her. But then, she has taken excellent care of us also, in any kind of sea. When we have a bit more time, we will share some of our experiences with you all. Right now, we are preparing the crossing west, from Turkey to Sicily, where GLOBITOU's  good pointing ability will be greatly appreciated by us ( winds are mostly on the nose!). 

 (Ed. Note: The boat is currently  listed For Sale (on the 'For Sale' section of this Newsletter and also on the A-37 web site).  Photos of GLOBITOU may be viewed at:

Racing Corner
(Check Out The Cruising/Racing Stories Section Of The Web Site
And The Discussion Forum For Additional Racing Information)

Charles Deakyne, of Severna Park, MD (near Annapolis, MD), recently participated in the annual Chesapeake Bay Governor's Cup Race, an overnight race from Annapolis, MD to St. Marys City, MD (a total of about 70 NM).  Charlie, who is 81 years young, has participated in every Governors Cup Race since 1981.  The following is an email received from Charlie shortly following this year's race:


Glad you saw the nice article in the Post. It would have been nice to have gotten a 1st place, but we were happy with a 5th under the circumstances. The winds were fickle, no west wind as they had predicted and they were mostly southerly and varied from 0 at times to 30 in the thunder storm Sat. morning as we were coming up the Potomac. We experience a whole seasons worth of conditions  in one race, as I told the two first time crew I had. Beating upwind, calms, spinnaker runs, reaching and another flat calm for nearly an hour within sight of the finish. Frustrating. So we were happy with a 5th.

We came back Sat. night and had a second thunder storm while we were motoring down Potomac. That was a north wind that continued all the way home. What a difference 24 hours could have node, but that's sailboat racing. You make the best of what you get. But to are still allowed to curse the weatherman!


For an account of Charlie's dedication to the sport of sailboat racing, the following link is provided to an article which appeared in the Washington Post on Thursday, July 31, 2008.


A-37s For Sale

(Please check the Alberg 37 web site (A37's For Sale/Wanted) for the latest postings.)
(Ed. Note: Several Alberg 37s have recently changed hands – so there are people out there looking for these great boats.)

Current offerings include:

For Sale - ISLANDTIME - 1971 Alberg 37 MK-II Yawl, currently sailing as a sloop, but available as a yawl (yawl rig included).  New engine installed in 2007; Radar with Questus Mount; Windvane; Roller Furling; MAC PAC; Auto Pilot; GPS; Spinnaker; Hard dinghy with outboard (New); Refrigeration.  Located in Maine.  $49,000 USD. Contact Scott at: 207.326.9498 - Cell 978.549.0507


For Sale – STORNOWAY- After 20 years of owning her, John Volk is offering  "STORNOWAY"  for sale. She is a MK-II, Hull #182, built in 1979.  Originally built as a sloop, she was professionally converted to a yawl.  Details can be found at .  Boat located in Halifax, NS.  Price is $65,000 CDN.


For Sale - TAWANI is a well maintained 1979 Alberg 37 Yawl (Hull #197) and features NC 42 Profurl roller furling, Monitor Windvane and a Dickson propane cabin heater. She has undergone numerous upgrades since 2000 including: new Awlgrip paint on the deck and topsides, new Lewmar hatches, new Lewmar windlass, new ground tackle, a newer genoa, updated electrical including new batteries (installed in 2008), and new thru-hulls.  Built in 1979, her classic looks and yawl rig are noticed where ever she goes. She's offshore ready and a delight to sail in the bay on a Sunday afternoon.   TAWANI is located in Victoria, BC, and the price, $48,000.00 is in Canadian dollars.

For more information and pictures please contact Faye Wolse at: 250 995 2959


For Sale – THISTLE – by owner Steve Smith:  “Our 1976, Alberg 37 Yawl (# 165) is for sale.  Asking $40,000.    It is stored inside in town of Whitehall, Michigan, on shore of White Lake, (attached to Lake Michigan).  Is in great shape.  All owners have taken good care of her.  Bright Pink Gennaker rounds out sail inventory.   Is ready to use for cruising, and spending much of summer aboard as we did.    Can be viewed at Whitehall Landing.  Broker there can show boat or talk about it.  See (three Ls) and click on used boats for photos and list of stuff.   Or call owner directly if you seriously want to buy it.  Steve at 630 941 1883.”


For Sale: GLOBITOU, Alberg 37, MK-II, cutter-rig, built in 1975 ( Hull # 151).  Her current owners have lovingly cared for her and she has undergone numerous upgrades. She is currently sailing in the Med, slowly completing a wonderful circumnavigation, having left her homeport in the 1000 Islands in 2002. Her ETA back home in Ontario is June 2009. For info and pictures, please go to  On the bottom of the website, you will find our contact e-mail addresses.


Alberg 37s Wanted

Wanted -  Alberg 37 Sloop.  Contact Larry Ciccola (

Gear For Sale

MK-I Interior Cushions - "As a result of re-jigging the interior of my 1967 MK-I (# 18) VECTIS, I had to have a whole new set of interior cushions made. Bad planning as I had only replaced the covers on the existing cushions, 2 years prior. So I have a complete set of cushions for sale which are like new, 2 years old in Sunbrella, a blue and white stripe. The new cushions cost me $3500! so I figure the older ones have got to be worth $1000. Any offers? VECTIS is a Mark I and the cushions are for the original MK-I configuration (although I believe configurations varied slightly). Buyer will need to pick them up in CT.

Contact Ian Dunn Email:
For sale - Zodiac, 4 man offshore valise liferaft. Never deployed, purchased new in 2000. Always stored inside and is in great condition.. Buyer responsible for shipping and repackaging, however if it cannot be repackaged for any reason send back and we will refund the purchase price (shipping not included). Asking $800 USD.  Contact Bill and Debbie Horne:  (replace AT with @).  For photos of the liferaft, go to

Dodger Frame For Sale,

Geoff Cunliffe of Mississauga, Ontario, the former owner of the 1979 MK-II Sloop, THE EVERDEN, now cruises aboard a Lagoon 410 Catamaran, PARTY OF TWO.  As part of his re-outfitting PARTY OF TWO, Geoff is having a new hard dodger built for his boat.  He has a very heavy duty dodger frame for sale, which could be adapted to a large catamaran, or a wide beam monohull.  The frame is built of 1-1/4” heavy wall Stainless Steel.  The Frame is approximately 12’ wide. Good for use 'as is' OR could be parted out for davits, or other uses. Geoff is asking $200 (USD) for the unit.  Check the Gear For Sale/Gear Wanted page on the Website for photos.  The frame is located in Kinsale, VA Contact Tom Assenmacher  at: (remove 'NoSpam').


Edson Binnacle And Wheel Steering System For Sale

I have just removed the Edson binnacle and wheel steering system from my 37 Yawl "KUMA", and it is currently on consignment at Bacon and Assoc. in Annapolis. It is a complete system and includes the quadrant, pulleys > and wire, and compass it was working well when I removed it for the cockpit sole replacement (wet core). I have decided to go back to the  original tiller steering. The asking price at Bacon's is $995. I will take $500, and will throw in the water heater that I have also removed.

 Peter D. McIntosh  (replace AT with @)


Gear  Wanted

Tiller Pilot and Windvane

I am refitting "KUMA", my 1971 MK-II yawl, and am looking for a Tiller pilot, 12volt, any make, also a windvane self steering system, Monitor preferred, but other makes considered. Contact Peter Mac.  (replace AT with @)


Re-insulating The Ice Box/Refrigerator

This summer we (Tom and Kaye Assenmacher) have undertaken several 'projects' on our 1975 MK-II Yawl SHEARWATER.  One of these projects was to re-insulate the refrigerator (ice box).  The original box, as all MK-II owners know, is at best only fairly well insulated.  Several years ago, while doing general refurbishing of the boat's interior, we injected several cans of 'builder's' foam insulation into the voids between the icebox liner and the hull, bottom and sides with only limited success.  Our box still has the original owner-installed air cooled Adler-Barbour Cold Machine which was installed probably in the 1976-1980 time frame (we've owned the boat since 1982), and believe it or not, still works great (we had it recharged years ago, had to replace the electronic control unit also years ago, and have had to replace the cooling fan several times over the years)!  The unit draws about 5.5 amperes when it's running, and before re-insulating, ran about 50% of the time.

We had read several articles about re-insulating the box, some of which required removal of the box's interior - we didn't want to do that!  Another article we read suggested applying a foam/fiberglass liner to the interior, so, we elected to re-insulate in this manner.

We had also heard of a commercial fiberglass panel material, called Sequentia Fiberglass Reinforced Wall Panel, available from building supply stores such as Lowes.  This material is a fiberglass laminate, about 1/16th (actually 0.072") inch thick, and comes in various colors and textures (we chose white with a slight 'pebble' texture), and comes in a 4' x 8' panel and costs about $30 per sheet. We decided to 'glue' the insulation material to the Sequentia panel material, which would make a rigid foam/fiberglass panel which would be easy to clean, and relatively easy to install.

As the insulating material, we chose 1" blue extruded polystyrene (also known as 'blue board') rigid foam insulation (also available at Lowes or any building supply house), which is light, doesn't absorb moisture, has an a relatively high "R" value of 5.  We figured adding this insulation to the existing insulation would provide adequate insulation with minimal effort.

We started the project by making some rough paper patterns of the ice box interior, as it was impossible to install large sections of the foam/fiberglass panel material.  We then 'glued' the blue foam insulation board to the rear side of the Sequential glass panel material using thickened epoxy (West Epoxy thickened with #404 structural adhesive powder).  The blue foam board is NOT dissolved by the epoxy, and makes for a very strong panel. 

We then began the cutting and fitting of the panels, which was quite a time consuming task.  We ended up with approximately 15 panel segments which covered the entire box interior, i.e., bottom, sides and top (we left the refrigerator freezer evaporator box in the icebox during this process).  We then 'glued' the fitted segments into the box using 3M 5200 adhesive, leaving approximately 3/16" between segments to allow for injection of 5200, forming waterproof  and bonded seams (these seams were masked with tape to keep the installation neat and tidy).  We also replaced the old Styrofoam insulation in the icebox lids with "blue board".  The entire project took approximately 40 hours (could probably do it in less time now that the 'learning' curve has been established.  We have begun taking data to determine the effectiveness of the added insulation - preliminary results show a marked improvement of box temperature, decreased refrigerator running time, with commensurate energy savings (our  two 85Watt solar panels can now keep up with the refrigerator electrical consumption).

Finished Ice Box


Check out more photos on the A-37 Web site.



MISCHIEF (ex-TEVAKE) Refurbishing Project

Kip and Linda Newbould, of Coles Point, VA continue the refurbishing of their 1970 MI-I Yawl MISCHIEF.  Recent (Spring, Summer and Fall 2008) projects include a new toe rail, a new rub rail, and a new paint job on the topsides (dark green Awlgrip).  For photos please refer to the Project Database on the A-37 web site.


MISCHIEF Receives A New Paint Job



MISCHIEF Receives A New Toe Rail



MISCHIEF Receives A New (Used) Engine


Web Site

We are always looking for articles (cruising, racing, maintenance, etc.) and photos of your boat for inclusion on the website and newsletter.  Send the articles via email attachment in MS WORD and the photos in .JPG format if possible.  We are still on a ‘Dial Up Modem” here on Virginia’s Northern Neck – if at all possible, please don’t send large files, especially high resolution photos.  Photos should be 100 kilobytes or smaller if at all possible.  We’ve had some emails with attachments which take HOURS to download.  We hope to be getting high speed Internet Service in our area (we aren’t holding our breath!) – we’ll let you know if/when this happens.

Web Sites of Interest

The Salty Southeast Cruisers Net - A terrific resource for Sail (and Power) Cruisers transiting the US Southeast Coast: Contains info regarding bridges, anchorages, weather and tides and much more!




By the Editor

Since Kaye and I are again “Heading South to the Bahamas” aboard SHEARWATER about the time you receive this newsletter, we are again “taking a sabbatical” from the A-37 IOA and from publishing formal newsletters until we return to Kinsale probably in the spring of 2009.  Therefore, we will not be receiving nor answering emails on a regular basis.


 Please hold in abeyance all membership donations, correspondence, etc., until we return from our trip next spring.  The Alberg 37 Web Site will remain “ON LINE” during the period of our absence, and we will endeavor to periodically post items of interest as they occur, and subject to our ability to go ON LINE in the Bahamas. 




The A-37 IOA participates as a cooperating group with BOAT U.S., and members receive BOAT U.S. membership for half price ($12.50 vice $25.00). Just mention you are a member of the Alberg 37 Owners Group and include the Cooperating Group number GA 83253 S when you join Boat U.S. or send in your annual renewal of membership.


Have a great sailing FALL, WINTER and SPRING – see you when we return!!!!!!


Tom and Kaye Assenmacher


Yeocomico River
Kinsale, VA

Posted 10/7/2008


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