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31 January 1992


Here's hoping that everyone survived the holiday season, and that we are all eagerly anticipating a great sailing season in '92, I know that we certainly are!

Since the last edition, we have several new members, and now we have a grand total of 22 A-37 enthusiasts, with 10 states and one Province of Canada represented.

I'm sure that by now all of you have purchased your 1992 boating "TAX" sticker (Canadians disregard). One may purchase the sticker ($50.00 for the A-37) by calling (800) 848-2100, credit cards freely accepted. At least this year the sticker will be good for the entire year. I've heard that the tax (fee) is being phased out.

Have any of you had any experience with water absorption/blistering in the A-37 hull. We have had no signs of hull blistering on SHEARWATER (1975, HULLNO.162), and we keep the boat in the water year round here in the mid Chesapeake bay. We have not hauled for 3 years, (use Pettit Unepoxy and dive on her to clean the bottom twice a year) but will this spring. Seems that the marinas around Solomons are doing a thriving business in doing blister repair, and I wonder if all of this is really necessary. Any comments would be appreciated and will be published as I receive them.

A safety improvement that we made on Shearwater was to install a locking device to the galley stove (SHIPMATE 3 BURNER PROPANE). Our stove was installed by Whitby (as far as I can tell), and lacked such a device. In fact, I suffered a severe burn to my left hand several years ago because a pot of boiling water slid off the stove when I inadvertently reached for the pot rail to use as a handhold. We installed a small barrel bolt with pop rivets to the left front of the stove just above the oven door. It in turn mates with a small block of wood attached to the left side of the stove opening. It was easy to install, looks ok and easily permits the stove to freely gimbel if required.

Anyone have any experience on using MICRON CSC copolymer bottom paint???? Comments????

A few words on electrolysis on underwater areas of the A-37. Several years ago when I hauled SHEARWATER, I had to replace the bronze bolts which attached the rudder gudgeons and the rudder shoe to the hull. The gudgeons and the shoe themselves were ok. The bolts were "pink". and the heads disintegrated when I tried to back them out. Had to drill and use an easy-out to remove them. A small wafer zinc attached to each rudder component should help.Also, I had to replace the bronze shaft log due to a small hole caused by electrolysis just aft of the stuffing box hose. The inside of the shaft log (1 1/4" bronze pipe) had eroded in one spot. Looked like someone had used a 1/2" drill and the tip of the drill had just gone through the outside of the log. I don't know of any good means of inspecting this with the boat in the water.

Our thanks to member Mike Hughes for contributing his account of a passage to Florida from the Virgin Islands in his A37. I hope this is the beginning of many more interesting contributions from members. No Mike, the worst job in an A37 is removing the transmission from a VOLVO MD2B with the engine still in the boat. More about that in some later edition.

I have recently signed an accord with BOAT U.S. whereby we are now a cooperating group, meaning that the annual BOAT U.S. membership now costs us half price ($8.50 per year). Probably most of you are already members, so when you renew your membership, simply state that you are a member of the ALBERG 37 OWNER'S GROUP, and you should receive the discount. I am not necessarily "pushing" BOAT U.S., but since the half price offer is available, we might as well take advantage of the discount.

I still plan to publish this newsletter at least quarterly. If the organization continues to grow as it has in the past few months, we may be forced to request a small annual fee to pay for the postage, paper and envelopes. We'll see what happens. I am in contact with Wayne Anderson of the WESTSAIL 32 group who has offered to give me some ideas regarding their organization. I may pick his brain a bit.

Till next edition,

Have a good spring outfitting.