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VOL 24, NO. 3 (SUMMER 2014)                                                                                                                                               7 July 2014  

Upcoming Rendezvous Event

(The 22nd Annual)





(Boats may arrive on Thursday or Friday)
 at the


Hampton Hall Branch, Yeocomico River  
1006 Brook Ave.

Kinsale , VA.


Virginia’s Beautiful and Historic Northern Neck)


(804) 472-3853
OR – (replace AT with @)

 Click Here for Previous Rendezvous Write-ups and Photos

If you plan to attend, please contact us at the above email/phone number no later than 31 August, 2014.


SHEARWATER Returns Home To Kinsale
(By Tom and Kaye Assenmacher)

As reported in an earlier newsletter, Kaye and I for various reasons (mostly weather related) did not go to the Abacos (Bahamas) this winter, but instead stayed in Vero Beach, FL (On a mooring at the Vero Beach City Marina) from mid November, 2013 until early April, 2014.  Although Vero IS NOT the Abacos, the area is ‘very cruiser friendly’ and enjoyable with great beaches, good transportation (free), a great marina, and ‘lots to do’!  We departed Vero Beach on 1 April, 2014.

Vero Beach City Marina (1 April 2014)

Our first stop was near Cocoa, FL

At Anchor Near
Cocoa, FL (1 April 2014)

Our Itinerary Back To Kinsale Included The Following Stops

Vero Beach, FL  Dep 0810 4/1/2014Cocoa Beach, FL Anchorage Arrive 1650.  N28 21.525 N – 080 43.010 W 
54.6 SM


Cocoa, FL Dep 0715 4/2/14 – Arrive Daytona (Seabreeze Anchorage) FL1830
69 SM


 Daytona (Seabreeze Anchorage) Dep 0715
4/3/14 - Arrive 15:30  River’s Edge Marina, St. Augustine, FL 
51 SM
29 53.128 N; 081 19.352 W
(Note: We stayed 5 days at River’s Edge


St. Augustine (River’s Edge Marina) St. Augustine, FL Dep1100 4/9/14Arrive Pine Island, FL Anchorage 14:25 4/9/14
15 SM
30 03.121N; 081 21.842W.


Pine Island Dep 0755 4/10/14Fernandina Beach, FL Anchorage (Bells Creek) Arr. 1645
(Anchored with HORIZON)
 50 SM
  30 40.802N 081 28.804W


Bells Creek Dep. 0700
4/11/14 Offshore to Charleston, SC  - Arrive Inlet Creek Anchorage (just north of Ben Sawyer Bridge) 12:15, 4/12/2014.

  (Ran aground at 11:15 just past Inlet Crk – TowBoatUS in area – arrived within 15 minutes, got towed off, and went to Inlet Creek for the night.)
157 NM 

32 50.316n 79 46.778w
Approx 28 Hours off shore.


Inlet Creek Dep 0645 4/13/14 – Arr Awendaw Creek, SC Anchorage (just south of McClellanville) at 11:00
26 SM
  33 02.068N 079 32.239W
Plan to traverse ICW through McClellanville, SC ‘skinny water’ section at ¾ tide-rising tomorrow 4/14/14.


Awendaw Creek Dep 0645 4/14/14 – arrive Osprey Marina (Just South of Myrtle Beach, SC) at 1715 4/14/14
We stayed at Osprey for about a week!


Osprey Marina Dep. 0815
4/21/14 – arrive Calabash Creek , SC Anchorage at 1310 4/21/14
32 SM
33 52.397 N 078 34.171 W


Calabash Creek Dep 0700
4/22/2014 – arrive Wrightsville Beach Anchorage, NC 1550 4/22/2014
60 SM

34 12.410N 077 47.952W
Spent 2 nights at
Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach, NC Anchorage Dep 0700 4/24/2014 – Arrive Swansboro, NC (Caspers Marina) 1730 4/24/2014 
34 41.116N 077 07.264W. 


Swansboro, NC Dep 0800 4/26/14 – Arrive  Broad Creek Anchorage, NC (off Neuse Riv) 1730 4/26/14
35 05.358N 076 36.483W


Broad Creek, NC  Anchorage Dep 0620 4/27/2014 – Arrive Dowry Crk Marina (Near Belhaven, NC) 1300 4/27/2014
35 32.020N 076 32.115W   

(We stayed at Dowry Creek Marina 5 Nights – One of our favorite Marinas!)


Dowry Crk Marina Dep. 0700
5/2/2014 – Arrive Little Alligator Anchorage, NC 1525 5/2/2014 
52 SM
35 55.844N 076 01.600W


Little Alligator
Anchorage NC Dep 0650 5-3-2014 – Arrive South Mills Lock, NC on ICW (tie-up along bulkhead between lock and bridge) 1530 Lock Through – 1550 Tie-up 5/3/14

55 SM
36 26.599N 076 19.568W


South Mills Lock (Via Dismal Swamp Route) Dep 0830 5/4/2014 –Arrive Hospital Point Anchorage, Norfolk, VA 1600 – 5/4/2014 
34 SM
36 50.784N 076 18.019W


Hospital Point Dep 1000 5/5/2014 – Arrive Hampton Public Piers Marina,
Hampton, VA 133- 5/5/2014      
17.9 SM
37 01.476N 076 20.450W


Hampton Public Piers Dep. 0635 5/8/2014 – Arrive Kinsale (Home) VA 2005 5/8/2014
80 NM-13.5 hrs. 
(Revert back to NM/KTS)
   38 01.260N 076 34.421W




Other than running aground near Charleston, SC, we had ABSOLUTELY no problems with the boat (or crew) on our 5 week transit both Off-Shore and up the Intra-Coastal Waterway (ICW)!


(At Least For Now!)



New Members

Welcome aboard to Bob Dow and Robin Roaf of Eliot Maine, the owners of the 1981 MK-II Sloop (#216) ARTEMIS.  They sent the following excerpts from an email in late April:

We love our Alberg 37 Artemis! We live in Eliot, ME and keep Artemis on a mooring in back channel, Kittery, ME off of the Piscataqua River near Kittery Point Yacht Yard where Bob works. We cruise down east every August. Sometimes we sail to New Brunswick when the wind and weather permit.  We spend a fair amount of time sailing locally enjoying the Isles of Shoals. We are not racers at heart but did race for a benefit last September, the Gosport Regatta, from Portsmouth, NH to the Isles of Shoals. We took 3rd place in our class. What fun! I have attached a photo.

ARTEMIS Over The Finish Line At The
Gosport Regatta

Since buying ARTEMIS we have done many upgrades. The most serious was the two, yes two, transmissions we installed. Each with its own exciting story involving approaching hurricanes etc. We finally upgraded to a bigger transmission and knock on wood things seem to be okay though we are installing yet another rattling damper plate this year.

We are replacing and adding wood to her each year. She has a new eyebrow, teak cockpit seats and bridge deck and this year new combing caps and aft hatch. The nonskid on the decks and cabin top was redone and we pushed out the anchor locker to extend the forward cabin V-berth. Last year we made all new canvas; dodger, awnings and sail covers. This year we are making new cushions. There have been many mechanical and electronic upgrades and repairs as you might expect of a boat her age.”

(Editor’s Note: We had ARTEMIS previously listed as being previously owned by Erik Dullerud of West Hill, Ontario (the boat then was called LA JOLLA) who then sold the boat to Robert Helind in the spring of 1999. We have no record of Robert Helind ever 'joining' the Association. The next owners of ARTEMIS was Ron and Diane Cole of Windham, ME - in 2003, Kaye and I made a trip to the Canadian Maritime Provinces, and on our way up through 'down east' Maine, we stopped by and went sailing aboard ARTEMIS with Ron Cole.  The last reference to ARTEMIS was that the Coles had sold the boat to Bob and Robin back in 2007. So thanks for bringing us up to date! Anyway, we try to maintain the 'geneology' of these 'good old boats'.)



News From Members

John and Priscilla Daverman, the owners of the 1984 MK-II Yawl WINDFLOWER recently report that WINDFLOWER has been sold.  They wrote:
“…It is hard to give this up. But we got a good price—exactly what we paid for her when we had her built 29 years ago. Regards, John & Priscilla Daverman.”


Jim Larkin, the owner of AERIE, a 1987 MK-II Yawl (Hull # 247 – we think it’s the next to last A-37 built!) stopped by for a short visit while we were in Vero Beach (FL) last winter.



 The Above 'Guys' With Kaye (SHEARWATER)

Ryan and Adrian Mann of Martsons Mill, MA and the owners of AVALON, a 1976 MK-II Sloop wrote:

‘……Glad to hear from you. I am sorry you were unable to do a crossing, but at least you aren't expecting another foot of snow tomorrow like we are! This has been a tough winter for us with the fierce cold and multiple big storms. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to spend on Avalon this winter (unlike last year when I tore into multiple major projects). During the last sail of the year last fall, our Volvo 2003 diesel sprung a leak near the heat exchanger. It fried the brand new alternator and starter installed in June 2013. It seems one of the tubes entering the heat exchanger's clamp ( a small metal plate about the size and shape of a razor blade) rusted off. A new alternator, starter and a cleaned out heat exchanger are hopefully all she will need to run this season! I'm also pleased to say that Adrian, my wife and First Mate is due with our first child in early July. You know all too well how hard it is to find good crew, so I thought let’s grow our own!


Aside from the joys of winter and pending parenthood, I have been trying to plan for some upgrades this year on AVALON as usual. The 38 year-old aluminum roller furler is getting a new stay strung in it, I'm planning on upgrading the wire main halyard and wire winch (dangerous as all get out) to rope with a single speed winch. I'm repairing some of the gel coat cracks in the deck and planning to ‘kiwi grip’ the non-skid sections. As some of the other owners have noted, Kiwi Grip is really great stuff and soft on the knees unlike the sand-in-paint variety nonskid. I highly recommend it.


I noticed that you have a Bimini on Shearwater. With a little one coming, I'd like to look into getting a bimini on AVALON. Do you have any measurements from yours I could use to spec? Any advice in style? As a casual racer, I would like one that can be folded away easily, but am open to suggestions.


Have a great ride back up the ICW. I presume this sailing season will be shorter for me this year than in the past so I look forward to many great pictures from you and Kaye……’


(Ed. Note: In response to Ryan’s query above – we provided the following via an E-mail back in March 2014:


Thanks for the email - Congrats on the new 'Crew Member'!!

I'll try to provide some info and 'suggestions''! We too may do a "KIWI Grip' job on our decks. Hopefully, it turns out well for you. Photos and a 'write-up' on your project would be most welcome.

We indeed have a dodger and bimini on SHEARWATER. We installed it in about 2004 and it has given us excellent service. We did it in 'Pacific Blue', which seems to be the most UV resistant Sunbrella color to use. We orded it at the Toronto Boat Show from GENCO Marine ( We would suggest that you look them up and give them a call. They may even have a record of our purchase.

At that time, they had patterns for A-37s (they probably still have the patterns) and after talking with their sales rep, we ordered it, and about 2 weeks later the dodger/bimini were delivered to our home in Kinsale, VA via UPS. Their instructions were great, and we had no problems installing the components. Our bimini has a telescoping frame, and can be easily stowed 'folded down' at the aft end of the cockpit. It even came with a sunbrella cover which makes the stowed bimini quite neat.

After we installed the dodger/bimini, we decided to do a complete cockpit enclosure (Jean Wayne (PIKA) did the canvass work on the cockpit enclosure). This has turned out to be a great addition, as it allows us to have an 'all weather' cockpit, which is really nice on cold/rainy/windy days (like we had yesterday and last night). Genco can probably do a cockpit enclosure too.

Then we mounted solar panels, first on the dodger, then after our first Bahamas cruise, we installed panels on the bimini too. We are mostly 'energy independent', at least when we have sunny days.(

Since you have a sloop, you may need to use 'mid-boom' sheeting on AVALON, as end boom sheeting (with the sheeting track at the cockpit rear) as the bimini would probably interfere. Since we have a yawl, we use the original mid boom sheeting, which works very well

The following are links to a photos of the enclosure:

If you need other info, please contact us - we'll try to provide!

Best Regards……”)

Doug Savage, of Marion, MA and the owner of the 1973 MK-II Sloop SOLA GRATIA wrote the following in March: ‘Ahoy from on board the Sola Gratia berthed at Cozy Cove marina in Fairhaven, MA.  If you've been watching the weather over the winter then you know....however, I have had a great winter and love 'living aboard' to Marion shortly.....perhaps some long distance is in my future but I need few years to get her to where I want her.....Doug….’

Back in late March, we received an inquiry from Jonathon Westmoreland of Tupelo, MS regarding an ‘abandoned 1969 A-37 in a marina outside of Fulton, MS on the Tennessee/Tombigbee Waterway.  The person making the inquiry was.  The following are excerpts from correspondence (via email) with  Jon.

The boat is currently located outside of Fulton, MS in a marina on the Tennessee/Tombigbee Waterway. It was last registered in 2011 but has not been out since 2009, based on the information from the marina owner and the food products still left on the boat. According the marina, an older gentleman took the boat to the coast and was gone for 2 years before returning. I've found charts of the Bahamas and the east coast so I'm assuming that is correct. I have had a boat at this same marina for about two years, so can attest to the fact that it hasn't moved since then. A sea strainer for the head froze and burst this winter, so the boat found its way to the bottom. We were paid to recover the boat but after inspection we decided to just pay the slip rent that was past due (8 months) and take the boat. We are waiting for the paperwork to get through the state for abandonment. And i haven't been able to find a hull number as yet which is one the main thing I've been scouring for. The survey I found was completely wasted as it had been submerged for a month or so. I will forward these documents to you as soon as I find them. Thank you for the reply, be safe and have fun.  Jonathan Westmoreland’

(Ed. Note:  In response to several emails from Jon, we provided the following information: ‘Jon, Where is the boat located - where and when was it 'abandoned'? Of all the years we've been working with these boats (we bought SHEARWATER in 1982 - and are the 2nd owners), we've not heard of any A-37s which had been abandoned - thus our interest in knowing a bit of it's history. Thanks, Tom.’  If anyone has information on this boat, please forward it to us – and Thanks!’)



SHEARWATER ‘Lessons Learned’
By Tom and Kaye Assenmacher

After we returned from our ‘Southbound Cruise’ to Vero Beach, FL in early May, and after having made 5 cruises in the last 8 years, we decided that SHEARWATER needed a thorough interior cleaning, as most of the myriad of ‘nooks/crannies/lockers/drawers in our A-37, had not been completely emptied and thoroughly cleaned in quite some time.   That turned out to be a BIG task.

We began by completely emptying the port and starboard cockpit lockers, and the lazarette (which were ‘brim full’ with lines, a spare 35# CQR anchor, several spare rope anchor rodes, spare sail, cleaning supplies, etc. etc.

What A Mess!!


This Is Only A Small Part Of The ‘Stuff’ Removed from SHEARWATER

We then completely unloaded the interior of the boat (all lockers/cupboards/storage area under the quarter berth, etc. etc.).  MORE STUFF!  Fortunately we have a good dry and secure place to store all of the stuff (what we call ‘The Barn’).  We completely (very nearly) stripped the boat, and then began cleaning.

HOWEVER, we narrowly averted ‘sinking the boat’!  Before we had completely unloaded the boat, I (TJ) had taken a hose and rinsed off the side decks because we had been tracking a bit of ‘dirt’ onto the boat.  I had laid the hose and nozzle on the side deck when I had finished hosing off the port side deck (with the hose still under pressure – I hadn’t turned the hose bib off on the dock.  We then broke for lunch, and after about an hour I returned to resume work on the boat.  As I was walking down the dock, I noticed that SHEARWATER was lying slightly below her normal lines, and as I approached the boat, I saw that the hose (an old green ‘plastic’ hose had burst (like a balloon)  under the heat (it was a hot day) and pressure.  The burst portion of the hose was adjacent to the port side opening port in the main cabin, and was spraying water through the port into the main cabin!  Fortunately, the screen was in the port opening, and prevented some of the water from emptying. 

The Culprit Hose

I immediately shut the water off, and went below to survey the ‘disaster’.  Water was up to about 2” below the cabin sole!  For some ‘unknown’ reason (probably a ‘Senior Moment’), I had turned off the bilge pump switch!  Actually I had earlier that morning, ran a good amount of water into the bilge sump along with a bit of laundry detergent clean the bilge sump, and had turned off the bilge pump to let the detergent ‘work’.  Anyway, I turned on the bilge pump, and about 15 minutes later we had a (more or less) dry boat.  No wiring nor batteries were affected, and all electrics worked as advertised.  We were quite lucky in that all the tanks in the bilge (2 water tanks and the fuel tank) were full – otherwise, had they been empty, they would have ‘floated’ through the cabin sole with considerable damage. We did have quite a lot of tools, electrical supplies, etc. etc. stowed on top of the tanks, as we hadn’t yet unloaded those areas.  This ‘stuff’ got wet, but we took it all to the ‘barn’, dried it out, cleaned the tools with ‘BoeShield’, and repackaged all items in heavy duty Ziploc bags.  Being fresh water, all the unaccessible areas in the bilge received a good rinse!  Guess the moral of this ‘story’ is that the ‘unexpected can bite you when you least expect it!’

We finally got the boat stripped and all the gear carried up to the ‘barn’ where it now sits, ready to be sorted, arranged, etc.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to be quite strict in reloading SHEARWATER later this summer, as we carry ‘way too much stuff’ on the boat. However, being a ‘ belts and suspender’ type of person, I like to have ‘backups of backups’.

We then proceeded to clean the boat interior, including the overhead, all cabinet/locker/drawer interiors, etc. using the bleach/vinegar method as described in the Warm Climate Storage checklist to combat mold/mildew.  The interior cleaned up very nicely.







A Few Photos Showing A Cleaned Interior


We Also Emptied And Cleaned The Chain Locker

We removed all the settee and V-berth cushions from the boat, laundered all the cushion covers, and sprayed the foam down with a water/vinegar mixture to combat mold.

Cushions Removed For Cleaning


Another task which we periodically do is to ‘line’ the Shipmate (the original 1975 3-burner model with oven- which still works perfectly) galley stove with heavy duty aluminum foil to make cleanup of spills, etc. much easier.  The following photos show what we do concerning the galley stove.

We Remove The Stove-Top And Place Heavy-Duty Aluminum
Over All 3 Burners,  Make Cut-Outs For The Burners,  And
Replace The Stove Top

Stove Top Finished


The area underneath the stove is quite inaccessible  for regular cleaning, so we have devised a method of making that job easier.  The following photos describe the process.  We have used this method over the years, and it works well.  One measures (to the nearest ¼”) the space underneath the galley stove (both length and width), and cuts a piece of aluminum sheet to these dimensions (a stainless steel sheet would be better).  We then cover the sheet with heavy duty aluminum foil, and then insert this foil covered sheet into the space underneath the galley stove.  The sheet holds most ‘spills/dribbles/etc.’, which makes cleaning the area much easier.  One simply pulls out the foil covered aluminum sheet, removes the aluminum foil cover from the sheet, and recovers the sheet with new aluminum foil.


The Above Photos Show How We ‘Line’ The Area Underneath The Galley Stove

All Put Back Together

This was a HUGE job, but well worth the effort.  We will be reloading the boat in September (perhaps before the Rendezvous) for some Fall Cruising on the Chesapeake Bay (which we haven’t done for years)!


A-37 Rosters Available

If any member wants an 'UP TO DATE" roster of A-37 IOA boats/owners, just let us know via email ( - replace the "-at-" with "@”) and we'll send you a copy via email attachment. The roster will be in "HTML" format, and you will be able to display the roster via your web browser. The reason we don't publish the complete roster on the A-37 website is to maintain member's privacy as the roster contains phone #s and email addresses.

A-37s For Sale
Please Visit The A-37 Website For The Latest Listings

 (Ed. Note: Several Alberg 37s have recently changed hands – so there are people out there looking for these great boats.)

Current offerings include:

TRADE WANTED: I am interested in trading my upgraded A 30 for an A37. Boat is located in the Seattle area and is fully equipped for an ocean crossing and extended short handed cruising.

Contact Glenn Brooks

Mobile 206.790.8711

FOR SALE: LEEWAY II is a 1984 MkII, Hull #233 that has been pampered in the freshwater of the Great Lakes until 4 years ago. To say she is cruise ready is an understatement. She sports a newer Yanmar diesel engine with just over 1000 hours, a 120 amp alternator with smart charging, 790 amp hour battery bank, solar, wind, radar, chartplotter, full canvas, and lots of creature comforts. For a full description and pictures click here. Here's a chance to own one of the last Albergs ever made and a true turn-key cruiser. Now offered at the REDUCED PRICE of $61,500, she is currently lying in Indiantown/Stuart, Florida for a quick get-away to the islands. Don't miss this great opportunity. Call Dennis at (772) 284-2628.


FOR SALE : KUMA - 1971 Alberg 37 MK-II Yawl ( Hull # 78 - Owned By Peter McIntosh)

"I am moving up to a larger boat, and would like to sell KUMA. She is lying ashore in Antigua BWI. I have recently painted the topsides, overhauled the engine, rebuilt the stern gland. She has had the cockpit rebuilt with oak frames (the core was damp) and I have removed the wheel and water heater. She is ready to sail.

She is sold as seen $25k - please e- mail me at

(Click Here To View a Few Photos Of KUMA)

FOR SALE : GENESIS - 1967 Alberg 37 MK-I Sloop ( Hull # 23) offered at $49,000 USD (Recently purchased Zodiac Cadet Series dinghy with recent 6 HP Tohatsu outboard can be negotiated). Genesis has been completely modernized, while retaining her classic lineage. She has been professionally painted, rigged, wired, and fitted with new electronics in 2007. I have owned Genesis since 1995. Over time, we completed a fairly extensive refit which is now 5-10 years old.

Main features: Awlgrip deck, mast & topsides; complete re-wire & re-plumb; recently replaced electronics, including Raymarine chartplotter, wind/speed/depth, radar, & under-deck Raymarine auto pilot. Inverter and microwave. Integrated Ipod stereo, refrigerator and hot water heater. Engine re-power with Westerbeke 44B in 2003. Rope halyards that lead to cockpit; modern ports; sails & canvas in great shape; rigged for spinnaker. 12” Flat screen installed in v-berth; and many, many other smaller items.

The work was completed over 5-7 years, and was done professionally. Extensive records and documentation kept. Boat is located in Naples , FL. Will consider a 50% share under the right circumstances.

Contact Reid Tomlin

Phone - Cell (973) 332-5701

Email: (replace AT with @)

Click Here for Photos

FOR SALE - ESTORIL - 1987 Alberg 37 MkII Sloop #245. Cruise ready with Furlex roller main & jib, wind & solar power, Amplepower 100amp alternator + battery monitor, fridge, propane stove, GPS , VHF & SSB radios, 9' Caribe dinghy + 8hp Johnson o/b & much more. Presently in Trinidad W.I. to cruise the Island chain. Asking $60,000Cdn. For details contact Ian @ 011441424733155 or 011447815870369 ( UK #'s) - My Trinidad tel# is 1 868 768 8479

Or email

(Click here for link to photos)

SALE - MARYNYA - 1973 MK-II Yawl, Hull # 123 - $35,000 USD. Contact Michael Hughes at (replace AT with @ before sending email). Click here for further details and link to photos.

FOR SALE - 1975 Alberg 37 Mark II Sloop SCRIMSHAW, Hull #152. Cruiser/racer well equipped for both missions. One owner. Excellent racing record. Superbly maintained. Many extras including cookware, dishes, silverware, cockpit cushions, dingy, Winslow 4 man liferaft, tools, 3 size genoas, 2 spinnakers, 2 mainsails, Raytheon depth/speed/wind instruments, loran, GPS , Tiller master, 3 anchors, 150' chain/nylon anchor rode plus additional 100' nylon anchor rode, cockpit canopy. Boat located in Annapolis , MD.

(Click On Thumbnails For Larger Photo)

2010-Gov-Cup-A-1195-w.jpg (84690 bytes)2010-Gov-Cup-C-1675-w.jpg (57465 bytes)

Scrimshaw_Deakyne(C)-2-5x7-75.jpg (48267 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne(C)-3-5x7-100.jpg (50633 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-4-5x7-100.jpg (57086 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-6-5x7-100.jpg (58266 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-8-5x7-100.jpg (31933 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-7-5x7-100.jpg (65330 bytes)

Owner Anxious - Make Offer.

Contact: Charles Deakyne. 410-647-6674, Email



ROWAN MURDOCH, the owner of the 1980 MK-II Sloop HENRY, is looking for one of these devices (Pressure Pump) from an old Shipmate Pressurized Alcohol stove. Attached are two pictures.  Rowan is wondering if anyone out there may have possibly replaced their alcohol stove and still have the parts lying around. 'Rowan's fingers are crossed if something comes up'.

Shipmate Stove Pressure Pump


Shipmate Stove Pressure Tank
(The Pressure Pump Inserts Into The Hole On The Left Side Of The Tank)

If anyone out there has the pump (and it's in operable condition), please contact Rowan at: (Please replace 'AT' with '@) - this hopefully thwarts 'Email Spammers' out there!

Gear For Sale
(Check out the
Gear For Sale/Wanted section of the website for latest listings)


AKA ‘Boilerplate’
By the Editor



We are always looking for articles (cruising, racing, maintenance, etc.) and photos of your boat for inclusion on the website and newsletter. Send the articles via email attachment in MS WORD and the photos in .JPG format if possible. Please don’t send large files, especially high resolution photos. Photos should be 100 kilobytes or smaller if at all possible. Hopefully, we've included most or all of the pertinent correspondence that we've received over the past few months. Our apologies to those items which we may have missed.

We need a good candidate for "Featured A-37" It's been several years since we had a new addition to the Featured A-37 list. If you would like to do a write-up and submit photos of your boat, we'd like to hear from you! Take a look at the articles on the website (click on the link above) as examples.

The A-37 IOA participates as a cooperating group with BOAT U.S., and members receive BOAT U.S. membership for half price. Just mention you are a member of the Alberg 37 Owners Group and include the Cooperating Group number GA 83253 S when you join Boat U.S. or send in your annual renewal of membership.

Have a great Alberg 37 SUMMER!!!


Tom and Kaye Assenmacher in Kinsale , VA

1006 Brook Ave.

Kinsale , VA 22488 (replace AT with @)