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VOL XIII, NO. 1                                                                         

 7 January, 2003




By the Editor


Here’s wishing everyone a great 2003!  2002 was a stressful period with the world wide economic problems, terrorist threats, and political situations that affected all of us.  This year will be a good time to “chill out” by sailing and working on our Alberg 37s – good therapy no doubt!

We didn’t receive the normal volume of letters, and emails from members for this newsletter– but realize the holiday season is a busy time for all. 

Kaye and I recently returned from a 5400 (STATUTE) mile / 3.5 week “land cruise” by car where we visited children and relatives in MN, MO, AR, TX, LA and FL.  We had the car packed with nearly as much “stuff” as we have in SHEARWATER and only had 2 mechanical problems (flat tire and a serpentine belt replacement) AND we didn’t run aground!  Was nice to walk the beaches of Padre Island, TX and Pensacola Beach, FL in early December.  This was the first long road trip that we’ve taken in years, and was good to see the REAL America for a change (small towns, friendly people, wide open spaces).

Please note the two upcoming events for 2003 – the Winter Rendezvous on 8 March; and the Summer Rendezvous on 28 June.  More about these in this newsletter and on the web site.




The annual Alberg 37 International Owners Association Winter Rendezvous will be held on Saturday evening, 8 March, 2003 at Harrison’s Chesapeake House, Rte. 33 in Tilghman, MD.  The evening’s events will begin with “Happy Hour” beginning at 1800 in the “Living Room”, with dinner at 1930.  See the attached flyer for additional information.  Plan to attend if at all possible!

(Note: Rendezvous information is posted on the A-37 web site.)




The following was received from Brian and Kathy Marsh who are cruising in the Caribbean aboard their sloop, TUNDRA:

“Hello All,

Trinidad is indeed still experiencing her rainy season. It pours around noon each day, so we have been planning our projects carefully. On the hard, here in Peakes yard, it is quite interesting with boats hauling and `splashing' daily. Our present neighbours are from Britain and South Africa. Air conditioning was a boon. We found Tundra in great shape and did the usual bottom painting, polishing the hull, and commissioning tasks while slowly acclimatizing. Refinishing the head was added to the list. We ground off all the peeling paint and painted on a white coloured epoxy finish. I stripped the brass pump fittings and we've decided to let them weather naturally. This means the bronze will take on a few salty green areas. Paint just wasn't adhering with all the scrubbing. Then Brian installed our newly reconditioned throne. Our propane tanks (steel) have seen a better day, so we bought 2 new aluminum ones from Budget. Not an inexpensive feat here in Trinidad. Brian spent several days enlarging our propane locker to accommodate them. Yes he is indeed Mr. Epoxy! We will have a complement of 4 now - two steel and two aluminum. The steel need scraping and painting on a regular basis. Friends in Trinidad were very pleased to take the other two steel off our hands.

We `splashed' on November 25th. That's a Trini launch. Then off to Coral Cove Marina for a few weeks to await parts and service on our hart inverter. While waiting I worked on the teak and tarps while Brian installed a new bilge pump and worked over the engine. We spent several days installing the new Garmin GPS 152, rewiring and such. Then the new task was to figure how to make it talk to the computer. Thank heavens my captain is multi talented.

Entertainment abounds in Trinidad. A trip to their famous Pitch Lake site south of San Fernando was very interesting. They extract and ship out tons of tar a day! Our guide walked us around the various layers of maturity in `the mother stream'. Needless to say, we stayed very close to her. A bulldozer goes out onto the surface to be taken and loads the pitch into mining rail cars. Sulphur fumes abound.

Several times we played dominoes and I loved playing some bridge with other yachties. One long hike to North Coast Radio on top of our local mountain was my birthday treat. I love the rain forest and we were lucky enough to see howler monkeys.

I attended a Lydian singers' concert with Yvonne of Scrammin' and Christine of Quadrille. It included wonderful four part harmony singers, some interpretive dancing, a school choir, fireworks and native drum serenades. Masters were encouraging and nurturing the many different cultures in Trinidad.

A Christmas concert just before our departure featured steel band music with classical and carol pieces. This was a fund raiser for one of the local orphanages.

Finally our part arrived, Friday, the 20th. Brian installed it on Saturday. On Monday we were ready to check out of customs. With fuel topped up and Scrammin' alongside we powered around to Scotland Bay to tie all down and reef the sails. We sail with double reefed main and our working jib.

We departed Trinidad on the 23rd at 1800 with Scrammin' and experienced our most boisterous sail ever, en route to Grenada, arriving here in Prickly Bay at 1000 in the morn of Xmas eve. We now know the meaning of Xmas winds. Tundra pulled us through, but we both stayed awake all night huddled in the cockpit getting drenched and hanging on! Of course we wore our life jackets and our harnesses were secure.

Over great food and wonderful visits, Our cruising friends, Marnel and Mima, told us of the wonders of Venezuela. We hope the country will regain a sound economical base for all. On this Xmas eve politics reign supreme in many areas of the world.

We enjoyed Xmas Brunch at Secret Harbour in Mt Hartman Bay with many other cruisers and were treated to a lovely swim in their pool. Xmas night was on Marnel and we hosted a traditional Canadian boxing day on Tundra. Many stories later, we've decided to cruise the windward islands in the new year and try Venezuela when it's safe again.

Happy holidays to all and a happy new year.”

Web page is "Tundra Travels"


We recently heard that Scotty Lamont recently sold ROB ROY.  However, we haven’t heard from Scotty, or from the new owner.


Rick Jeffs ( asked the following in a recently received email.

“I’m replacing the shifter set up for the 4-107/Paragon tranny. Any recommendations for side mount(where original was)with throttle and gearshift together? I have only found Morse products so far with both; they seem rather cheesy. I’d like to keep the same beefy cable (5/16”) if possible.”


Geoff and Bunkey Cunliffe, who are cruising the Bahamas aboard their sloop, The Everden, sent a Christmas greeting on December 24:

“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Concerning the prop, we lost it waiting for Jensen Beach Bridge to open. The shaft sheared off under the prop, halfway down the taper. It must have been all set to let go, and finally walked off the shaft when I went into reverse to stop the boat. After frantically trying to find out what had happened to the transmission, I realized the shaft was turning, dove over the side and saw...nothing!! Thank God for the $99 Tow Boat insurance. When the boat was hauled you could see evidence of fatigue crack development over about half the area of the break, initiating at the keyway. Why it happened? Who knows. Several dockside experts suggested crevice corrosion, but I didn't see any, unless there was a tiny bit that then allowed the fatigue to get a hold.

Geoff and Bunkey

PS. Made it to Bahamas. Checked in at Chub Cay 1500 Christmas Eve!!”


Lois Jacob and Merle Galbraith sent Christmas Greetings:

“TUNDRA & ESTORIL are here for the holidays. Our year was a bit ho-hum. We hope to launch and sail in January. Luckily for us, last winter in Chicago was the warmest on record in 100 years! That is where we began, and spent the majority of, 2002 tending to medical appointments and SSCA projects. Merle accompanied Lois to Ft. Lauderdale in May for an SSCA (Seven Seas Cruising Association) Board Meeting. Afterwards we took a side trip to the southernmost point in the Continental USA - Key West. The historic district had charming architecture, best seen from the town's "Conch Train Tour". At the Annual meeting of SSCA later in the year, Lois was elected Vice President.

In summer, we enjoyed the concert series in Chicago's Lakefront park (with spectacular fire works on the Fourth of July), the annual air show and 4-day Chicago Jazz Festival over Labor Day weekend, and the 15-hour open house at the Chicago Symphony. Our adventures were local, riding commuter trains to the end of their lines on weekends, once ending up in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

On our return flight to Trinidad, with heightened security, we anticipated, but never received hassles over the odd-looking propeller, winch, and plumbing parts in our baggage. On the other hand, Lois’ MINI key chain with its knife, scissors, bottle opener and screwdriver was confiscated at the Miami airport even though the knife barely cuts an apple. C’est la vie after 9-11-2001.

We send these greetings from the tree house Interlude, nine feet in the air (on-the-hard in nautical terms) in Trinidad where she’s been stored for the past eighteen months. Life is a bit chaotic as we clean, reorganize, and restore operating systems in the boat and car. We knew we were in Trinidad when, at our first stop sign, a friend approached by car from the opposite direction, stopped, lowered her window, waved, and welcomed us back to Trinidad! Thirty minutes later, as we sat stalled in the middle of a major intersection, an employee from our mechanic’s shop recognized the car and stopped to help us. This friendly hospitality doesn’t happen in Chicago!

An impromptu evening of carols with a local choir, of which we were members in 1992, helped put us into the holiday spirit and we WISH YOU A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY, HEALTHY, NEW YEAR!

Lois and Merle



2003 Alberg 37 Summer Rendezvous


The 2003 Summer Rendezvous will be held at the Oakville Yacht Squadron (OYS), Oakville, Ontario on Saturday, 28  June, 2003. Like the 2001 Alberg Rendezvous which was held at the OYS, fellow members, Karen Kinnear and Marcel Steinz, ( sloop/cutter SOUTHERN CROSS), have again graciously offered to host the event. This location will allow more Canadian members to participate in the annual Rendezvous.  Start making plans now to attend this fun event!  See the attached flyer for additional information.  (Note: Rendezvous information is posted on the A-37 web site.)




We heard from no new members during the fall.  Could we be at the “saturation” point!!??  If you know of owners of Alberg 37s who are NOT members, please have them contact us – we would love to hear from them. 





Anyone wanting their A-37 “Featured” on the web site, simply send us a half dozen or so color photographs (action/sailing views preferred). If you have a digital camera, so much the better (saves us having to scan the photo)….Low resolution settings seems to work quite well for viewing photos on a computer monitor while keeping the file size within reason. For those sending hardcopy photos, we need REALLY GOOD photos in the 5”x7” range.  We really cannot use larger photos, or grainy reproductions.  We’ll return hardcopy photos if desired.





A-37 Coffee Mugs are available for $15 U.S. which includes postage (within the U.S.). The mugs have a line drawing of the A-37 (sloop or yawl - please specify your choice) imprinted with "ALBERG 37 INTERNATIONAL OWNERS ASSOCIATION" and a color drawing of the A-37 Pennant printed on the outside of the mug. (We can place your BOAT NAME under the line drawing for no additional cost if you so desire - please specify). Please allow at least 3-4 weeks for delivery, as we have them made up individually. 

Also, A-37 Pennants are available for $30.00 U.S. which includes postage (within the U.S.). This is a very tastefully rendered and durable pennant.

For those ordering mugs and pennants outside the U.S. please add $5.00 for additional postage. We can only accept payment by check drawn on a U.S. bank, OR an International Money Order (for Canadians, a Canadian Postal Money Order works well.)



(Check the Website for further details and photos)

Recent offerings include:


1968 Alberg 37 Yawl, equipped for cruising.  On the hard at the Indiantown Marina, Indiantown, FL.


Ron and Cindy Strahm

2820 S. Crenshaw Road

Independence, MO 64057


TEL: 816.228.6325

FAX: 816.229.6100



1967 Alberg 37 Sloop, many updates, slipped in Manitowoc, WI.  Asking $37,000 U.S.  Call for information.

David and Joyce Lahmann

TEL: 319.882.3023



1974 Alberg 37 Yawl, Hull #126, Equipped for cruising, Slipped in Longport, NJ

Asking $35,000. U.S. Call for information.

George Chapman

TEL: 609.625.1110



1973 Alberg 37 Yawl, Hull # 107.  Complete recent refit, more than $90K spent in the last 2 years.  Excellent buy at $48,500 US.  Recent change in plans necessitates sale.  Boat lying in Cape Canaveral at Cape Marina.

Contact Rick Jeffs




Alberg 37 Yawl, Hull # 84.

"We have been liveaboards for 7 yrs, on a custom designed interior Alberg 37. When completed, we cruised the Caribbean, and are now back, refitting her again to put her on the market." 

Jimmy & Jeanne Sadler







Wanted: Mizzen rig for Mark II yawl. Any information, design details, photos and parts welcomed. Has anyone got an old rig removed in a conversion to sloop? Please contact Bob Prescott, North Marshfield, MA (617) 921-0235





Port lights for Sale (1975 Alberg 37 WINDSWEPT)

I'm replacing all of my port lights with stainless steel one over the winter. I have six original port lights, all in good condition.  I want $ 50 each for them, or $ 240 for the set. I'm located in Toronto, Ontario but they can easily be shipped anywhere in the world.

Christopher Morgan




A Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast - A great site for serious cruisers.


History of Carl Alberg - From the article by Brian Hill in Sailing magazine - February 1984.


Mystic Stainless and Aluminum - Fabricators of custom marine hardware including folding ladders, etc.


By the Sea – The Online Boating Magazine - Information for boaters including boats for sale, events, message boards, boat builders, boat dealers, more.


The Knowledge Page – Information on the various types of Stainless Steels and their uses, and much more good information.


Good Old Boat – Magazine devoted to “Classic” Boats (like the Alberg 37).


Landfall Navigation - Source of offshore safety and navigation equipment for serious sailors and navigators.


Living Aboard Magazine - Dedicated to people who dream of the life and live the dream of living aboard watercraft.


Sailing with Lin and Larry Pardey – Keep up with the voyages and adventures of this world class cruising couple.


Whitehall Rowing and Sail – For those who love Whitehall classic rowboats.




Bob and Linda Grindahl have tentatively offered to help coordinate a "North Great Lakes Alberg Rendezvous" in 2004, provided there is enough interest in such an event.  Bob notes that place good place for the rendezvous would be the North Channel of Lake Huron, where on occasion there have been 4 Albergs at anchor in Browning Cove of Haywood Island.  Members interested and/or wishing to volunteer to help coordinate such an event are invited to contact Bob and Linda at:

5661 Noel Court

Saginaw, MI 48603-3673

Tel: 989.791.4268




Due to the proliferation of SPAM on the Internet, we no longer publish Email addresses on the A-37 web site (or in the quarterly newsletter) unless you request otherwise). Please visit and participate in the USERS FORUM periodically as there may be a topic for which you are an “expert”! We also invite you to send maintenance, project, cruising, etc. articles to us for inclusion in the newsletter (and for posting on the web site). We prefer you send the text material in WORD format via email attachment (text in the body of an Email is OK, but takes a bit of “massaging” to get it into the proper format).

We also welcome photos of your boats for inclusion in the “Photo Gallery” – we like the photos to be in JPG format if at all possible but can handle most other formats (we can also scan your photos if you want to send a hardcopy). Keep the file size fairly small (50-60 Kb works well). We still need your Email address updates for the A-37 Roster, which is not publicly posted.  If you want a copy of the roster let us know and we'll either Email a copy to you or send a hardcopy if desired.



By the Editor


The purpose of the newsletter is to provide a vehicle for the exchange of ideas relating to our Alberg 37 experiences (good and bad), maintenance tips, cruising information and to maintain a roster of Alberg 37 owners.

We suggest a donation of $10.00 U.S. a year to cover costs of publishing the quarterly newsletter, postage, Xerox services, and of course, maintaining the web site. We suggest to our Non-U.S. members that they send an International Money Order payable in U.S. dollars (a Canadian Postal Money Order works for Canadian members).

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If you are transiting the Chesapeake Bay, please plan to stop by Kinsale for a few days (or longer). It's only about 10 miles off the Bay (up the Potomac to the Yeocomico River), and our area is very secluded, protected (good hurricane hole) and quiet, and a very good cruising area, especially in the fall. We always have a couple of open slips. Each fall/spring we have several ‘snowbirds’ stop on their way south/north.

Please note our Kinsale VA phone number: (804) 472-3853 - leave a message if we aren’t at home.

If we inadvertently missed any of your correspondence, just hit us again – we like to receive correspondence, especially email, as it’s the grist that makes the Newsletter interesting. REMEMBER, THIS IS YOUR NEWSLETTER!

Have a great Alberg Winter planning those summer cruises and projects. – Keep the letters and emails coming ……AND THINK SPRING!!!!




Tom and Kaye Assenmacher