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VOL 25, NO. 4 (Fall 2015) 28 September, 2015

Posted 28 September 2015

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Message From The A-37 Editors, etc…..

Well, as ‘Garrison Keillor’ says, “It’s been a slow day in Lake ALBERG 37”.   We cancelled the Rendezvous over Labor Day weekend – too early for most folks, and it was HOT here too.  No problem and there’s always next year, and we’ll shoot for early October next Fall.


In anticipation of this year’s Rendezvous, we requested (and received, thanks to the great folks at GOOD OLD BOAT) two complimentary subscriptions to their great magazine.  We provided the subscription certificates to 2 ‘Good Old Boaters’ Lawrence Leonard and Don Polifka who will make great use of the knowledge gained from this publication.  Thanks To Good Old Boat Publishers KAREN LARSON, Jerry POWLAS, along with  staff MARK BUSTA and TIM BAUERNFEIND for providing the subscription certificates!


SHEARWATER is still on the hard at Bock Marine , near Beaufort, NC The ‘Rudder Work’ (crack in the lower ‘pin’ area) has been completed and is awaiting installation.  Depending on weather (doesn’t look great in the Beaufort area this week (September. 27 - October 3), we plan to drive down to Bock Marine and get ‘things’ ready for launch, get the boat in the water to check out all the systems, then return home to Kinsale to bring down all the ‘boat stuff’ and hopefully be ‘southbound’ no later than mid-October.  We should be ‘ahead of schedule’, as the boat is already about 250 miles south of Kinsale, VA and we normally don’t leave Kinsale until mid-October.  DESTINATION ‘The Abacos’!  So we are keeping our ‘fingers crossed’!

Tom and Kaye in Kinsale, VA



New Members

Welcome aboard to Ryan and Erin Easter, of Charlotte, NC who recently purchased the 1980 MK-II (Hull # 214) Sloop MARIAH from Joe and Sharon Griffin.


Ryan recently wrote: ‘We are going to keep MARIAH here in Charlotte/Monroe North Carolina on the hard so that I can do all of the work necessary.  This will probably take quite some time, but she will eventually be berthed either on the NC or SC coast (maybe Bock Marine! maybe Charleston) while we commission her.

I foresee some work on MARIAH’s rudder in the future, there is some slop in the shoe fitting, I’ll need to replace the stuffing, and I noticed some small cracks that look like the beginning of delimitation on the trailing end of the rudder.  The cracks looked very repairable but I won’t know without further investigation.’


Welcome aboard to Jeff Thomas, of Woodland Hills, CA who recently purchased the 1970 MK-I (Hull #63) Sloop MISCHIEF from Kip and Linda Newbould of Coles Point, MD.  MISCHIEF is currently berthed at the Kinsale Harbor Marina, in Kinsale, VA.


Welcome aboard to Ben Frasier and Elisabeth Perrealt, of Buffalo, NY, the owners of PAT-SEA, the 1979 MK-II Yawl (Hull # 201), previously owned by Pat and Bill Schrader.  Ben and Elisabeth look forward to meeting other Alberg 37 owners.


News From Members


(Received shortly after posting this Newsletter 1200 EDST 28 September 2015!)



We received the following Email from Robin Phillips, the owner of the 1967 MK-I Sloop KATYDID.  KATYDID IS HULL # 1!!!  AND STILL GOING STRONG!!! 


Sent: Mon 9/28/2015 2:16 PM

Hello Tom and Kaye

When looking at the website I realized just how out of date the information you have on Katydid is. Since the last contact I had with you in El Salvador, I have covered a few miles.

I started by making the trip south to Mexico from west coast Canada, and then through Central America. Katydid has since been across the Pacific from Panama through the Marquesas (46 day passage), Tuomotos, Tahiti, Suwarrow in the Cook Islands, Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, PNG, Micronesia, Philippines, and Malaysia. She is now in South East Asia and I will likely stay here for a few years.

Katydid has been awesome, weathering everything she encountered with grace and confidence. She is still sailing with Kip's (Kip Newbould) mainsail, though it needs replacing. Together she and I have covered over 20,000 nautical miles. A lifetime lies in front of us.

Thanks for newsletter, your efforts are appreciated.

Robin Phillips


Currently in the Singapore region


Back in July, just after we published the last (Summer) newsletter, we received the following from Christian Gratzer, the owner of the 1967 MK-I (Hull # 3) sloop RODEO:

Tom and Kaye!

Thanks and same hot summer to you!

Nov. 2nd I’ll be back on RODEO (currently floating Hog Island, Grenada).

PS: by the way, met people from ESTORIL in GND/Prickly Bay! Very nice contact!

Attached picture from Bequia approach in Feb. this year (2015).





(ED. Note: The photo which Christian sent was posted (with Christian’s permission) on the A-37 website ‘home page’ which most of you have already seen, but it’s such a great photo, we’ll pass it on again here:

Wouldn't You Rather Be Sailing??

RODEO (1967 MK-I Sloop, Hull # 3) 
Approaching Bequia, February, 2015

Photo By  Christian Gratzer (Owner)

Also, years ago (probably in the late 1980's, or early 1990s), we met the crew of ESTORIL in Annapolis, MD. Not sure of the owner's name at that time, but probably was Ed Goveia. They sold the boat to Ian Cheeseman of Canada, who still owns the boat, and is most likely the person whom you met. He has been in the Caribbean for years, and we met him once years ago at one of our rendezvous in Canada. As far as we know, he's still sailing in the Caribbean.)


We recently received the following email from RICK SINDONI of Snyder, NY, the owner of the 1967 MK-I Sloop SILK PURSE:

‘Hi. We are the owners of Silk Purse a A37 Hull #20. Currently, we are running a 2 blade prop and are not happy with the performance, especially in reverse. We want to change to a 3 blade prop but are having a hard time finding the correct size. She is powered by a Perkins 4-107M. Any suggestions on what size & pitch or where I can find this information would be greatly appreciated. Cheers! Rick’

(ED Note: We suggested to Rick that he contact the previous owner (Lou Wayne) regarding the prop size, which we believe resolved Rick’s question. 

In any event, we've used the 'Prop Formula' provided by when we 're-engined' our 1975 MK-II Yawl (SHEARWATER) back in the early 2000's. Unfortunately, the use of the Prop Formula is not 'free', but we found it to be quite accurate in determing prop size. Entering arguments are quite specific, such as waterline length, prop aperture size, reduction gear ratio, etc. etc.)



We recently heard from Maarten van Hasselt, the owner of the 1975 MK-II Yawl JOAN III:


‘Dear Kaye and Tom,

We are preparing to return to Europe after almost 9 years in Houston, just when JOAN III is in perfect condition. We have been reviewing transport to Europe but that is very expensive and we don't have the time to make the crossing on our own keel.

Therefore we are looking for the next loving owner (number 4). JOAN III is moored in the Houston Yacht Club.

Kind regards,

Maarten van Hasselt’

(Ed. Note: JOAN III has been listed on the Alberg 37’s For Sale/Wanted page)



Brad Reed, of Traverse City, MI, recently offered his 1978 MK-II Sloop 7 SEAS for sale.

(Ed. Note: 7 SEAS has been listed on the Alberg 37’s For Sale/Wanted page)



Frank LaValley, of Lery, Quebec, recently offered his 1981 MK-II Sloop MAROONED for sale.

(Ed. Note: MAROONED has been listed on the Alberg 37’s For Sale/Wanted page)



We recently received the following from JOHN RILETT, the owner of the 1981 MK-II (Hull # 218) Sloop MOLLIKETT:

“Hi Tom,

I'm wondering if you've seen A37's lifted this way?

My son has Mollikett out in Sidney B.C.

John Rilett”

John Provided The Following Photos Of MOLLIKETT Being Lifted!





(Ed. Note: We’ve not seen this sort of ‘launch vehicle’ before, but we have seen ‘hydraulic boat trailers’ which use several ‘boat stands’ to support and distribute the weight of the vessel during launch.  Has anyone experienced the use of this type of ‘launch vehicle’?)



Bob and Cheryl Seaver, the owners of the 1973 MK-II Yawl WIND SONG recently reported:


‘There is a lot of cracking and blistering around the cabin top fiberglass moulding surrounding all 3 hatches, companionway, mid and forward. It is oozing a" brown crystalline goo" more so in the warm weather. We are planning to remove all the hardware and ports (the plexiglass in the fixed ports needs replacing) sand the fiberglass and paint it, but we need to address this blistering and was hoping you could give some insight before we start tearing it apart. Bob is very good at fiberglass repair, thank goodness. He has already fixed holes and cracks in head floor pan and reinforced the floor in several areas. I am attaching a few pictures of the problem area. There is also some stuff smeared around the hatch mouldings and various other areas on the ceiling that's flaking off ( it's visible in the pictures) That can't be original from Whitby ? It's all over the place.

Thank you so much for any help you might be able to offer !’


The Following Photos Apply





(ED. Note: Sorry to hear of your problems. Most likely is due to water intrusion through some cracks in the deck lay-up, etc. We had some similar problems on SHEARWATER (1975MK II). We had some deck work done in 2005 after we shipped SHEARWATER up to Whitby for repainting and hull and deck work (crazed gel coat). However our problems were not a severe as yours appear to be. Suggest that you find a local person (marine surveyor) who can use a moisture meter to check the areas of concern. You may be apply a 'barrier coat' to the areas to prevent further water intrusion.)


Subsequent to the above email and photos, we later received the following update along with additional photos from Bob and Cheryl:

‘Dear Tom and Kaye,

Yes, I'm afraid the deck is going to need some surgery. Our guess is that there are many areas of water intrusion. We removed the stanchion near the port above the wet locker on the starboard side and found rotten core.

I'm attaching some pictures of our initial discovery. Kind of like opening a can of worms !









We've also dismantled the salon cabinets for refinishing




Cheryl and Bob’



We also recently heard from Catherine Bennett of Lancaster, VA, the owner of the 1982 MK-II Sloop TWO TARS:


‘Dear Tom and Kaye,

…..Hope your summer is wonderful. We have had Two Tars on the hard since last fall. In the spring we will splash her again and this time I’m really working her.

Best to you both, and Shearwater!




We recently received the following email from Jorg Mattern, of Dade City, FL and the owner of the 1973 MK-II Yawl MAJA:

‘Hello Tom & Kaye,

Sorry for my late reply. Just being very busy working on my boat. Just finished rebuilding the engine. I have lots of pics and videos from my boat. But due to my extremely slow internet and data cap I'm not able to upload any on your website. But for anyone who would be interested following the progress on the restoration on my boat is very welcome to send me a friend request to Facebook, under my full name, Jorg Mattern.

I have lots of pics and videos on there, from the beginning when I bought the boat, got it ready to put it back in the water (after 10 years storage on the hard) and finally the 120 mile tow back to my marina. This may be interesting for some and if you wish please publish this info on your website. And thank you very much for accepting me as a member.


Jorg Mattern’



Back in August, Kaye and I made a trip to Nova Scotia to visit with ‘Cruising Friends’ and to attend the ‘Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival’.  While in Nova Scotia, we looked up Jeff and Janet Dickie, the owners of the 1974 MK-II Yawl TRUANT III, (who live and keep their boat near Lunenburg) who had recently returned from a ‘southbound cruise’ of several years.  We met at a great local waterfront restaurant in Chester, Nova Scotia - the Island View Restaurant for a great lunch!

Jeff and Janet currently have TRUANT III on the market.


A-37 Rosters Available

If any member wants an 'UP TO DATE" roster of A-37 IOA boats/owners, just let us know via email ( - replace the "-at-" with "@”) and we'll send you a copy via email attachment. The roster will be in "HTML" format, and you will be able to display the roster via your web browser. The reason we don't publish the complete roster on the A-37 website is to maintain member's privacy as the roster contains phone #s and email addresses.


A-37s For Sale
Please Visit The A-37 Website For The Latest Listings

(Ed. Note: Several Alberg 37s have recently changed hands – so there are people out there looking for these great boats.)


Gear For Sale
(Check out the
Gear For Sale/Wanted section of the website for latest listings)





Trevor Ellermann recently sent the following:

‘I'm looking to cruise the world for a couple years and I can't think of any boat I would rather do it on then an Alberg 37. I'm not looking for a project boat so ideally it's ready to go but I'm also not afraid to put in a little work if that's what it takes. The catch, I'm in California, so I'm only looking on the west coast. If you have or know of an A37 on the west coast in reasonable condition I would love for you to email me at (Replace AT with @ to avoid ‘spam’). Thanks!’


AKA ‘Boilerplate’
By the Editor

We are always looking for articles (cruising, racing, maintenance, etc.) and photos of your boat for inclusion on the website and newsletter. Send the articles via email attachment in MS WORD and the photos in .JPG format if possible. Please don’t send large files, especially high resolution photos. Photos should be 100 kilobytes or smaller if at all possible. Hopefully, we've included most or all of the pertinent correspondence that we've received over the past few months. Our apologies to those items which we may have missed.

We need a good candidate for "Featured A-37" It's been several years since we had a new addition to the Featured A-37 list. If you would like to do a write-up and submit photos of your boat, we'd like to hear from you! Take a look at the articles on the website (click on the link above) as examples.

The A-37 IOA participates as a cooperating group with BOAT U.S., and members receive BOAT U.S. membership for half price. Just mention you are a member of the Alberg 37 Owners Group and include the Cooperating Group number GA 83253 S when you join Boat U.S. or send in your annual renewal of membership.

Have a great Alberg 37 FALL!!!


Tom and Kaye Assenmacher in Kinsale, VA

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