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VOL 25/26, NO. 1/2 (WINTER 2013/SPRING 2014) 24 MARCH, 2014

By Tom and Kaye Assenmacher
Currently Aboard SHEARWATER In
Vero Beach , FL


Hi from SUNNY Vero Beach , FL !

After NUMEROUS COLD fronts, we finally have had some relatively nice weather, with temps finally in the mid 70's (F). We've recently had low temperatures a couple of nights with temps in the mid to upper 30's (F). Our Dickerson ' Chesapeake ' heater (it uses either kerosene or diesel fuel) has really helped make the cold mornings more comfortable! But at least, it’s NOT SNOWING!!

Crossing the Gulf Stream has not been in the works (for us at least) due to the short 'Crossing Windows' this winter (at least the crossing windows have not met our criteria - as we are 'Old Sailors, but not Bold Sailors'). Actually, there have been quite a few boats here that have not made the crossing either. We normally make the crossing in late December.

We (Tom and Kaye) decided to "scrub this mission" - the mission being a crossing to the Bahamas and spending several months in the Abacos, as in prior years. The weather has been a BIG factor, however, the two crossings, and the trip back up the ditch (ICW) add up to more than we want to handle this winter. We're thinking of leaving FL the end of March, weather permitting and traveling back up the ICW to home in Kinsale.

We are both well, and thoroughly enjoying our stay in FL. Vero has GREAT beaches, great FREE public transportation, is VERY cruiser friendly, but it's really not comparable to being in the Abacos.

Kaye ‘On Da Beach’ In Vero

We'd love to hear from you!


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Tom and Kaye aboard the S/V SHEARWATER in Vero (Velcro) Beach, FL



New Members

Welcome aboard to Randy and Cindy Olli of Manistique, Michigan, the owners of the 1978 MK-II Sloop ALLELUIA (Hull # 186), which is home ported in Manistique.
(Ed. Note: ALLELUIA is a ‘newly discovered’ Alberg 37, as we have no prior listing of this Hull Number!)

Welcome aboard to Bob and Cheryl Seaver of Winsted , Connecticut , the owners of the 1973 MK-II Yawl WIND SONG ( Hull # 112). They purchased the boat from Duncan Curry, who had previously owned the boat. WIND SONG is currently located in Matthews, VA. They plan to move the boat to Noank , CT this spring.

In early January, we received the following from Bob and Cheryl:

We have just returned from a 4 day trip to Mathews, Virginia , so that I could see WIND SONG for the first time - I Love her ! We did a lot of work while we were there. We brought home 42 pieces of teak from the boat as we are refinishing the interior. This weekend was spent cleaning 67 hinges that were covered with years of teak oil build up. It's exciting, even though it doesn't sound it !

I have been able to reach David and Mary Roost (prior owners)! They now live in Toronto , Canada . David is involved with the National Yacht Club of Toronto . We had a wonderful chat and they were so pleased to hear that Sunday's Child (Wind Song) is alive and well! They really loved the boat. They are trying to make contact with the man that they bought #112 from. He was the second owner and the boat was called Sunday's Child when the Roost's acquired her.

I also was able to contact Stuart Gillespie Jr., whose father and mother reportedly owned # 112. There must have been some kind of mix up in reporting the hull # , because Stuart sent me pictures of their boat and she was yellow with teak decks. She was a custom build. He thought she could have been re-gelcoated, but our boat is original gel coat. I did not have the heart to tell him that there was a mistake. His father is 101 years old and was so excited to hear from us. He relayed some wonderful stories from his Dad.

So I have accounted for 31 years of ownership. Duncan Curry, 1 year, the Arecchi's , 12 years and the Roost's 18 years ! The first and second owners only had her for a total of 9 years.

I have also spoken to the Arecchi's several times via email.

Doug Stephenson from Whitby Boat Works is going to try to look up the original owners name.

I hope that you are having a wonderful time on your cruise and I will keep you posted if I have any new information .


Cheryl Seaver”

The Seavers also sent a recent photo of WIND SONG.







News From Members


We recently heard from Mike and Lisa Rostron of Bellingham , WA , and the owners of the 1970 MK-I Sloop GALENA . As GALENA is currently for sale, they are looking for a smaller boat. In any case, although we like the Alberg 30, we will be looking for something even smaller and more ‘trailerable’ - perhaps a Commander or Ariel, or something similar. As we get ready to downsize and "semi-retire" we will need to avoid the costs of mooring in a marina, so we will be looking for something that we can store seasonally on our own property and haul out ourselves.”


Back in October, we received the following from Robin Phillips, the owner of KATYDID, his MK-I Sloop ( Hull #1):

“Katydid and I are taking a year off cruising to work here in New Zealand . She is a magnificent sailing vessel who has taken good care of me as I cross the Pacific through all kinds of weather and sea conditions. I am currently building a hard dodger for her, and have finally begun the tasks required to clean up and finish the interior. I will also take this off season to reseal all of the port lights and hatches, as the crossing to and from NZ tends to be a wet one. Be sure to let Kip Newbold (RASCAL) know that the generous gift of his old mainsail is still ongoing. I had the roach cut out this year, too much sail area and a tendency for the batten pockets to fray.”


Janet and Jeff Dickie, the owners of TRUANT III (1974 MK-II Yawl) of Hammonds Plains , Nova Scotia are currently cruising in the Bahamas . They spent several weeks in Vero Beach , FL before crossing to Nassau in early January. This is their first Bahamas cruise, and are enjoying it!

Ian Dunn, the owner of VECTIS (1968 MK-I Sloop) reports: VECTIS is out of the water in Port Charlotte (FL). The non-skid areas on the deck that Alex painted started to flake, so I have been sanding them off and will recoat them with Kiwi Grip (a great product if you do not know it). There are also a few dings on the topsides and the cost of repairing these was only slightly less than a repaint, so I am having the topsides redone also, as well as a redo on the bottom. I am currently also redoing the brightwork so am getting a lot of heat gun time! Should be back in the water by Feb. Ian’.


Brian and Kathy Marsh, the owners of TUNDRA (1977 MK-II Sloop) of Sarnia , Ontario recently reported: Tundra is still our ‘sea cottage’ in Guatemala and we hope to fly down mid- January to get out of the bitter cold of winter. Last year Belize was our cruising ground and we sailed with old friends and new experiencing some new anchorages and enjoying the snorkeling and swimming. For further detail on our 2013 cruising on TUNDRA in Guatemala and Belize please visit “TUNDRA TRAVELS” on .’


SOJOURN, a 1985 MK-II Sloop, owned by Tom McMaster and Rose Hansmeyer of Minneapolis, MN recently arrived in Vero Beach, FL from a nearly 8 year cruise to the Caribbean, Venezuela, and other points south. They had stopped by the Assenmacher Dock in Kinsale , VA in the Fall of 2006 on their first ‘Southbound Cruise’. Kaye and I met them later that Fall (October 2006) here in Vero Beach , on our first cruise ‘South’. We had not seen Tom and Rose since 2006, so it was a great reunion.


Tom, Kaye, TJ and Rose
‘On Da Beach’ In Vero In March, 2014


As of 3 March, they plan to do a bit of cruising here in South Florida , before returning to Green Cove Springs , FL where they will store SOJOURN on the hard for the summer. Their subsequent cruising plans are ‘indefinite’ at this time. Check out Tom and Rose’s Blog - Travels of Tom and Rose Aboard SOJOURN


BODILLA, a 1975 MK-II Sloop, owned by Dave Jenkins of Stoney Creek , Ontario spent a few days here in Vero this winter.





SHEARWATER ‘Lessons Learned’
By Tom and Kaye Assenmacher

(Currently aboard SHEARWATER in Vero Beach , FL )



Over the nearly 32 years of cruising aboard our 1975 MK-II Yawl SHEARWATER, we’ve ‘learned a few things’ that we thought might be of interest to A-37 owners – the following few items and ‘suggestions’ come to mind:


‘Summerization’ (Preparing a boat for Summer Storage)

. Back in April, 2013 we left SHEARWATER on the hard at Westland Marina in Titusville , FL. We followed the INSIDE/OUTSIDE CHECKLIST - WARM CLIMATE STORAGE but would recommend the following additions: If you use ‘de-humidifying’ crystals, be sure to place the crystals in LARGE plastic containers. The containers that we used were too small, and the resulting highly corrosive liquid overflowed the small containers we used and caused a BIG MESS! Since we left the dorades open for ventilation (we of course covered the dorades with ‘no-see-um’ screen) we really doubt whether the de-humidifying crystals significantly reduce the interior humidity, especially in the high heat and humidity summer season in central east coast of Florida area.

Fuel and Fresh Water Considerations.

We carry approximately 80 gallons of water in SHEARWATER’s internal tanks, and an additional 18 gallons in ‘jerry cans’ on the port side deck. Two of the tanks (V-Berth tank, and the small tank aft of the mast) are aluminum, and as such, are subject to ‘pitting’ and corrosion if one adds a small amount of chlorine bleach to the water. To avoid this pitting, we have installed magnesium anodes in each of these tank, which has eliminated the pitting and corrosion. The anodes last for approximately 2-3 years and we have replaced the anodes several times. Unfortunately, we didn’t take photos of the ‘spent’ anodes, but after several years of use, there is not much of the anode remaining. We drilled and tapped a ½’ NPT hole in the aluminum access panels of both aluminum tanks (may not apply to MK-I A-37s). The anodes are ordered from McMaster-Carr. The V-berth takes a 14” long anode, and the small tank aft of the mast takes a 12” anode. 


The McMaster part numbers and descriptions are:


Magnesium Corrosion-Inhibiting Rod 1/2" NPT, 12" Rod Length, 5/8" Rod Diameter Part # 3642K15


Magnesium Corrosion-Inhibiting Rod 1/2" NPT, 14" Rod Length, 5/8" Rod Diameter Part # 3642K16


12” Magnesium Anode Before Installation



Water Tank Access Panel Showing Magnesium Anode Installed



Dinghy Storage Considerations

Since SHEARWATER is a yawl, we don’t have dinghy davits. On offshore sailing sessions, or where we expect rough seas, we stow our inflatable (Achilles LSI 10’-4” inflatable floor) on the foredeck. When at anchor OR when on a mooring, AND if the wind is forecast to be less than about 20 kts, we use a 4-point dinghy sling attached to spinnaker halyard to lift the dinghy with motor (9.8 HP Nissan) attached. This keeps the dinghy bottom clean and free of marine growth, and if rain is predicted, we remove the dinghy drain plug, so that the dinghy will ‘self drain’.


Dinghy In Sling On Port Side of SHEARWATER



Galley Considerations


Use of Flame Spreaders

We still use the original Shipmate 3 burner propane stove (SHEARWATER was built in 1975, which makes the Shipmate stove nearly 40 years old. Even the oven still works! It's not quite as 'modern' as later propane stoves, as it requires a 'match' or a 'lighter' to to light the top burners and the oven. The following are a couple of 'suggestions' on how to 'get along' with an older propane stove:

We use a 'flame spreader' to heat up muffins, leftover pancakes, or to heat up small items that would normally require the use of the oven. This saves time, propane, and since the oven is also a storage area for baking pans, etc., it saves having to 'unload' the oven for small heating tasks.

Flame Spreader Ready To Use


Muffins Needing 'Heat'


Flame Spreader In Use


Since our oven of our Shipmate Stove has a 'hot spot' (where you insert the lighter to 'light' the oven), we often use a flame spreader to more evenly distribute the oven burner heat.



'Pretzel Things'

Kaye does most of the cooking on board SHEARWATER (TJ can boil water and can make coffee!) and TJ does the dishes! One thing which she makes occasionally are 'Pretzel Things'. They are easy to make, are enjoyed by SHEARWATER's crew, and make nice 'baggy gifts' to other cruisers. The following photos show how to make 'Pretzel Things'.

You start out with a bag of 'small' Pretzels, a cookie sheet, a couple of 'bricks' of 'Almond Bark', both plain and chocolate.


Bag of Small Pretzels


Almond Bark, both Vanilla and Chocolate (for variety)


Bag of 'Multi-colored' M & Ms


The next step involves heating up the 'Almond Bark' until it is quite soft (but not boiling). As shown below, the semi-liquid almond bark is being spooned (a small 'dollop' on each pretzel). Apply to a small number of pretzels and while the almond bark on the pretzel is still soft, place an M & M in the center of the 'dollop' of almond bark. Let the pretzels cool, and then bag them (provided you can resist eating them all!).


Applying the Almond Bark to the Pretzels


Just about finished!


Completed 'Pretzel Things'



Sea-cock, Y-Valve, and Through-Hull Considerations

Exercise these critical pieces of equipment every 2 weeks or so. If you don’t they become very difficult to close and may be impossible to close during an emergency (such as a leaking hose).


Use Of Clothes-Pins
(Yes, the things one uses to hang clothes on the washline)


. We find multiple uses of wooden clothes-pins (the 2 piece kind with a spring in the middle) - among the uses we find useful are:

We use them to close up breakfast cereal (Cheerios, etc.) bags. The bags in which cereal comes in is very strong, but lacks a closure. Two clothespins do the trick.

Clothespins Holding Cereal Bags Closed
We bet that you can think of many more uses of clothespins!



Weather Forecast Sources
(To name a few of our favorites)

- Weather Underground Great source for weather in most cities around the world.

- Chris Parker Great source for ‘offshore’ weather; Bahamas weather and Caribbean weather on SSB Radio.
Also conducts a PODCAST on the web early every morning (except Sunday) for the same areas at the same time as the SSB Radio broadcasts.

- Passage Weather Great source for ‘offshore’ forecasts, ‘Grib’ (wind forecasts), surface analysis and more.

- Barometer Bob Good source for local Bahamas (Abacos) weather.

- Windfinder Offshore and Onshore wind, wave & weather forecasts.

- Of course, NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – a great source of weather information for the United States and coastal waters.

- National Data Buoy Center The NDBC provides hourly observations from a network of about 90 buoys and 60 Coastal Marine Automated Network (C- MAN ) stations to help meet these needs. All stations measure wind speed, direction, and gust; atmospheric pressure; and air temperature. Great info to check before and during off-shore passages.

- National Hurricane Center You all know what this website is for!!

- NOAA Tides and Currents Great source of Tide and Current Information – a ‘MUST’ for transiting the ICW, especially in Georgia where the tidal range can be as much as 7’! Also required for all inlets, etc.

- National Weather Service Marine Forecasts Marine Forecast Offices & Centers provide links to their products as well as additional regionally focused information – Check out this site!

- Saildocs Internet Services For The Bandwidth-Impaired Saildocs is an email-based document-retrieval system for the delivery of text-based Internet documents either on request or by subscription. Saildocs can deliver web pages (including text weather forecasts, and provides subscriptions for automatic delivery. Additionally Saildocs provides custom grib weather-data files, spot forecasts, and other important (to the cruiser) information per request from data downloaded from NOAA/NCEP and other sources, see "gribinfo". These services are available to anyone who has an Internet Connection. We use this system primarily when using ‘SAILMAIL’ via SSB Radio/Pactor Modem.


Whale-Gusher 10 Refurbish

Aboard SHEARWATER, we have the original Whale-Gusher 10 manual bilge pump. As we’ve owned SHEARWATER since 1982, we’ve ‘re-furbished’ the pump several times over the years. In early March, while on a mooring in Vero Beach, we needed to take a good look at the pump, as it would not ‘prime’ ifself. (Note – one should exercise these pumps every week or two to ensure that the valves and diaphram are still working – which we neglected to do!!!!).


The following photos show the dis-assembly and re-assembly of the pump.


Yuch! The inside of the pump after removing the rubber flapper valves, and diaphragm.




Cleaning and reassembling the pump.

Since the valves and diaphram (after cleaning) were in fine shape, we simply reassembled the pump after thoroughly cleaning the pump body. Since the body is aluminum, and the ‘flapper valves’ are attached with stainless steel machine screws, we coated the screws with ‘anti-sieze’ compound to facilitate future dis-assembly of the pump. Having ‘refurbished/rebuilt’ this pump several times, and having purchased several rebuild kits over the years, we have an ample supply of ‘used’ parts (diaphrams, and ‘flapper valves’). Most parts do not really ‘go bad’, but become coated with ‘gunky stuff’, which is easily removed. Rebuild kits for this pump are readily available at most local boating supply stores. For in-depth instructions on servicing your Whale Pump, please check out the Servicing your Whale Pump (a 3 page PDF Document). Click Here For Additional Whale-Gusher 10 Information.


Interior Drawer and Locker Toggles

On our early cruises in the Chesapeake Bay (years ago), we found out (the hard way) that large 'heel angles' would cause some of the interior drawers, and especially the interior lockers to open, scattering the contents onto the cabin sole. We installed 'toggles' on each of the interior lockers and drawers to prevent these occurrences. We fabricated most of the toggles from 1/4" x 3/4" teak scraps. The following photos show how the toggles were fabricated.

Toggle for use on Drawers, and Trimmed Lockers - note offset for Trimmed Lockers.

We glue 2 small pieces of 1/4" x 3/4" teak wood together. Fasten with 'oval head' screws with finishing washers (2 washers for each toggle). The washer shown on the right of the photo provides enough offset to not scratch the attaching surface of the locker or cabinet.

Toggle installed on a 'trimmed' locker door (this is in the head).
Simply rotate the toggle 90 degrees to 'lock' the door in place.

Toggle for use on a 'non-trimmed locker door.
Use a flat washer instead of a finish washer on the inside of the Toggle.

Toggle installed on a 'non-trimmed door'.
The door in the photos is the Starboard Hanging Locker.

Toggle in the 'locked' position

Toggle installed on the 'Candy Store'.


Refrigerator/Icebox Drain Solution

Because we use our refrigerator (the original 1975 Adler-Barber Cold Machine still works great!) as a 'refrigerator', and not as a 'freezer' (the Adler-Barber has a small freezer compartment), we normally keep a bag of ice cubes in the refrig. Since the ice melts (albeit at a slow rate), we use the original drain in the refrigerator compartment, which drains into the sump in the keel. In order to keep the bilge somewhat clean, we've devised a 'holding tank' which holds the drainage from the refridge.

The Refrige 'Holding Tank'

The 'Holding Tank' if fabricated from a piece of 3" PVC pipe, with 2 each 3" PVC Pipe caps at each end. The PVC pipe is (approximately) 3' long.

Drill a 3/4" (approximate) hole in the top PVC Cap.
The hole accommodates the refrigerator drain hose.

The 'Holding Tank' Installed in the bilge sump (directly in front of the companionway ladder)

The holding tank simply rests on the bilge sump 'floor. We manually empty the tank about every 4 days by pulling the refrigerator drain hose from the holding tank, and lift the tank and empty its content into the galley sink.

(Ed. Note: I know, I know, we could have installed a small box with a small electric bilge pump, but we elected to 'keep it simple'.....)


A-37 Rosters Available

If any member wants an 'UP TO DATE" roster of A-37 IOA boats/owners, just let us know via email ( - replace the "-at-" with "@”) and we'll send you a copy via email attachment. The roster will be in "HTML" format, and you will be able to display the roster via your web browser. The reason we don't publish the complete roster on the A-37 website is to maintain member's privacy as the roster contains phone #s and email addresses.

A-37s For Sale

(Please check the Alberg 37 web site (A37's For Sale/Wanted) for the latest postings.) (Ed. Note: Several Alberg 37s have recently changed hands – so there are people out there looking for these great boats.)

Current offerings include:

TRADE WANTED: I am interested in trading my upgraded A 30 for an A37. Boat is located in the Seattle area and is fully equipped for an ocean crossing and extended short handed cruising.

Contact Glenn Brooks

Mobile 206.790.8711


FOR SALE : GALENA, 1970 Alberg 37 MK-I Sloop, Hull # 59 (Owned by Mike and Lisa Rostron of Bellingham, WA) This is a rare chance for someone on the West Coast to own an Alberg 37, as there are only a hand-full of these boats in this area. GALENA is being offered for $42,000 USD. She has a 35 HP Kubota 4 cyl. engine with low hours, and is ready to sail-away as is!

For more information and photos, check out GALENA on the "Bellingham Craigslist".

FOR SALE : MISS NETTIE, 1968 Alberg 37 MK-I Sloop, Hull # 26. Total refit in 1997 with light, mostly fresh water (all but 2 years) use since. 2013 fuel pump and injector pump on the Westerbeke 40 with 1200 hours since rebuild. AC and DC completely rewired by electrical engineer. Diesel heater, EZ kold reefer, heavy duty bow pulpit with dual anchor rollers, sloop rig, belowdeck Autohelm ST 6000 autopilot, Radar, GPS . Removeable inner forstay with running backstays. Everything works and is ready to go. $39,900.

Call George Mueller 414-299-1674.

(Click Here To View A Few Photos Of MISS NETTIE)

FOR SALE : KUMA - 1971 Alberg 37 MK-II Yawl ( Hull # 78 - Owned By Peter McIntosh)

"I am moving up to a larger boat, and would like to sell KUMA. She is lying ashore in Antigua BWI. I have recently painted the topsides, overhauled the engine, rebuilt the stern gland. She has had the cockpit rebuilt with oak frames (the core was damp) and I have removed the wheel and water heater. She is ready to sail.

She is sold as seen $25k - please e- mail me at

(Click Here To View a Few Photos Of KUMA)

FOR SALE : GENESIS - 1967 Alberg 37 MK-I Sloop ( Hull # 23) offered at $49,000 USD (Recently purchased Zodiac Cadet Series dinghy with recent 6 HP Tohatsu outboard can be negotiated). Genesis has been completely modernized, while retaining her classic lineage. She has been professionally painted, rigged, wired, and fitted with new electronics in 2007. I have owned Genesis since 1995. Over time, we completed a fairly extensive refit which is now 5-10 years old.

Main features: Awlgrip deck, mast & topsides; complete re-wire & re-plumb; recently replaced electronics, including Raymarine chartplotter, wind/speed/depth, radar, & under-deck Raymarine auto pilot. Inverter and microwave. Integrated Ipod stereo, refrigerator and hot water heater. Engine re-power with Westerbeke 44B in 2003. Rope halyards that lead to cockpit; modern ports; sails & canvas in great shape; rigged for spinnaker. 12” Flat screen installed in v-berth; and many, many other smaller items.

The work was completed over 5-7 years, and was done professionally. Extensive records and documentation kept. Boat is located in Naples , FL. Will consider a 50% share under the right circumstances.

Contact Reid Tomlin

Phone - Cell (973) 332-5701

Email: (replace AT with @)

Click Here for Photos


FOR SALE - ESTORIL - 1987 Alberg 37 MkII Sloop #245. Cruise ready with Furlex roller main & jib, wind & solar power, Amplepower 100amp alternator + battery monitor, fridge, propane stove, GPS , VHF & SSB radios, 9' Caribe dinghy + 8hp Johnson o/b & much more. Presently in Trinidad W.I. to cruise the Island chain. Asking $60,000Cdn. For details contact Ian @ 011441424733155 or 011447815870369 ( UK #'s) - My Trinidad tel# is 1 868 768 8479

Or email

(Click here for link to photos)

SALE - SOLSKIN - 1970 MK-I Yawl, Hull # 58 (Click here for further details and link to photo)

SALE - MARYNYA - 1973 MK-II Yawl, Hull # 123 - $35,000 USD. Contact Michael Hughes at (replace AT with @ before sending email). Click here for further details and link to photos.


FOR SALE - 1975 Alberg 37 Mark II Sloop SCRIMSHAW, Hull #152. Cruiser/racer well equipped for both missions. One owner. Excellent racing record. Superbly maintained. Many extras including cookware, dishes, silverware, cockpit cushions, dingy, Winslow 4 man liferaft, tools, 3 size genoas, 2 spinnakers, 2 mainsails, Raytheon depth/speed/wind instruments, loran, GPS , Tiller master, 3 anchors, 150' chain/nylon anchor rode plus additional 100' nylon anchor rode, cockpit canopy. Boat located in Annapolis , MD.

(Click On Thumbnails For Larger Photo)

2010-Gov-Cup-A-1195-w.jpg (84690 bytes)2010-Gov-Cup-C-1675-w.jpg (57465 bytes)

Scrimshaw_Deakyne(C)-2-5x7-75.jpg (48267 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne(C)-3-5x7-100.jpg (50633 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-4-5x7-100.jpg (57086 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-6-5x7-100.jpg (58266 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-8-5x7-100.jpg (31933 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-7-5x7-100.jpg (65330 bytes)

Owner Anxious - Make Offer.

Contact: Charles Deakyne. 410-647-6674, Email

FOR SALE - SOLA GRATIA, Alberg 37 Mk II Sloop #107

Clean and well kept A37. Ready for cruising! Solar panel, manual windlass, aries windvane self-steering, 250' chain anchor rode, furling genoa, main with 3 reef points, lazy jacks, upgraded self-tailing winches, 1000 watt inverter, propane stove and BBQ, new anti-fouling, and more. Deck recently professionally repaired and refinished.

On the hard in Toronto . Asking $39,000 Cdn.

FOR SALE : 1972 Alberg 37 MK-II sloop; recent Westerbeke/roller furling/radar etc., etc. / ready to sail! To many toys and no time. $44,000.00 - On the hard at West Newbury , MA

Contact Dan Lord at: 978 462 1112


Gear For Sale
(Check out the
Gear For Sale/Wanted section of the website for latest listings)


AKA ‘Boilerplate’
By the Editor

We are always looking for articles (cruising, racing, maintenance, etc.) and photos of your boat for inclusion on the website and newsletter. Send the articles via email attachment in MS WORD and the photos in .JPG format if possible. Please don’t send large files, especially high resolution photos. Photos should be 100 kilobytes or smaller if at all possible. Hopefully, we've included most or all of the pertinent correspondence that we've received over the past few months. Our apologies to those items which we may have missed.

We need a good candidate for "Featured A-37" It's been several years since we had a new addition to the Featured A-37 list. If you would like to do a write-up and submit photos of your boat, we'd like to hear from you! Take a look at the articles on the website (click on the link above) as examples.

The A-37 IOA participates as a cooperating group with BOAT U.S., and members receive BOAT U.S. membership for half price. Just mention you are a member of the Alberg 37 Owners Group and include the Cooperating Group number GA 83253 S when you join Boat U.S. or send in your annual renewal of membership.

Have a great Alberg 37 Spring!!!


Tom and Kaye Assenmacher in Kinsale , VA

1006 Brook Ave.

Kinsale , VA 22488 (replace AT with @)