Regarding leaky portlite gaskets, a partial solution is to wipe a very small amount of silicone sealant around the mating surfaces of both the rubber gasket and also the port frame to fill the little pits (clean both surfaces with a bit of acetone).  Let the silicone set up for a day or so before closing the ports, otherwise they will be 'glued' together.  If new gaskets are required, a couple of sources of gasket material are:

Clean Seal, Inc.

20900 West Ireland Road

P.O Box 2919

South Bend , IN 46680-2919

Web Site: www.cleanseal.com

Email: cleanseal@cleanseal.com
Phone: 800.366.3682

(According to Steve Johnson (TANGLED AGAIN) the following Clean Seal item works:  Item # 4879HATS-C Description: .250 X .500 Rectangle EPDM Taped W/ Hats On .250" Side)


Atkins and Hoyle

71 Portland Street
Toronto , ON
M5V 2M9

Web Site: www.atkinshoyle.com

Email: atkinshoyle@dapa.com

Phone 1-877-415-5167
Fax 1-800-263-4184