Dinghy Sling
By Tom and Kaye Assenmacher
Posted 5/28/2012
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We’ve learned a few things during our 3 Bahamas Cruises in the past few years.  One of which is ‘what to do with the dinghy’ when at anchor (SHEARWATER 
being a yawl, with no davits).  We have rigged up a ‘dinghy sling’ using 3/8” double braid line, with a stainless steel 3” lifting ring attached.  We then hoist the 
dinghy using the spinnaker halyard to lift the dinghy out of the water, just forward of the mast.  The sling is adjusted so that in the event of rain, the dinghy will 
Dinghy deployed using ‘dinghy sling’.  
(Photo taken in Eastern Harbour, Man O’ War Cay, Abaco, Bahamas)
This arrangement keeps the boat out of the water (less bottom growth), secure, and is easy to use.  Once can attach small fenders to keep the dinghy off the 
topsides.  We’ve fabricated small ‘strap on’ fenders using 1’ sections of ‘swim noodles’.  If high winds are anticipated, one might consider leaving the dinghy 
in the water.  Once launched, the ‘dinghy sling’ lines remain attached to the lifting points on the dinghy, and are simply dropped to the floor of the dinghy.