SHEARWATER’s Refueling Syphon Rig
By Tom and Kaye Assenmacher
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Posted 5/27/2012
Not normally liking to go to the fuel dock at marinas, and being in a lot of ‘out of the way’ places, we tend to carry extra fuel in ‘jerry cans’
 (specifically Spector plastic fuel jugs).  We normally carry 4 jugs of diesel fuel (6 gal. each – if one is careful putting the last gallon in the jug 
due to foaming), for a total of 24 gallons.  These fuel jugs are carried on the starboard side of the boat, secured during transit with nylon strapping
 to a ‘strapping board’ attached to stanchions (we carry 3 jugs of fresh water and one jug of outboard motor fuel on the port side).
This externally carried fuel is in addition of approximately 36 gallons carried in the internal fuel tank under the cabin sole.
In order to get the externally carried fuel into the internal tank easily, we’ve devised the following ‘fueling rig’  The rig is stowed when not is use in the
 area immediately above the internal fuel tank, and takes up very little room..

Fuel Rig folded for Storage
The fueling rig shown in the above photo consists of a section (approximately 2’) of  ½” OD rigid plastic tubing connected to an outboard motor 
‘squeeze bulb’ fueling line (purchased at West Marine, or any marine store having parts for outboard motors).  The fueling line is attached to the 
plastic tube with a hose clamp,  Downstream of the ‘squeeze bulb’, we’ve inserted an automotive (‘Fram type) fuel filter to strain out the ‘big lumps’ 
of dirt in the diesel fuel.  .  In the photo above, the end of the fueling hose is slipped over the end of the plastic tubing for proper stowage of the ‘Fuel
Rig’ (keeps those last drops of fuel remaining in the line from dripping on the deck).

Fuel Rig ready for inserting into the jug of fuel,

The rigid plastic tube ready for insertion into the fueling spout of the fuel jug,
The plastic tube is then inserted  into the fueling spout of the fuel jug, and the fuel line downstream of the fuel filter, is inserted into the internal fuel
tank  filler port during the actual fueling operation.

The fuel line downstream of the fuel filter is inserted into the fuel tank filler port.

(Note the Dri-Dek  interlocking tiles on the side deck – keeps both the deck and jugs clean.)
To begin fueling, a few squeezes of the ‘squeeze bulb’ starts the fuel to begin flowing into the tank, creating a self-sustaining syphon. 
 It takes approximately 13 minutes to ‘decant’ 6 gallons of diesel fuel into the internal fuel tank

Observing the fueling operation.

One doesn’t really need to stand by during the ‘decant’ operation, provided that you have ‘dipped the tank’ to ensure you can have sufficient 
room in the internal tank to accept the fuel.
This rig has worked well for us over the past few years – AND requires no electricity!