Cleaning ‘Solutions’
By Kaye Assenmacher



While cruising aboard SHEARWATER, and not wanting to carry a lot of cleaning supplies, we’ve narrowed down the number of ‘Cleaning Solutions’  to basically 3 items.  Using old spray bottles, we use water and household ammonia in one spray bottle; water and white vinegar in another; and water and laundry bleach in another bottle.  The proportions are approximately 25% ammonia/vinegar/bleach and 75% water.   Be sure to clearly label each bottle with an indelible marker (Magic Marker type), and do NOT mix ingredients.  We use the ammonia/water mixture to clean countertops, cooktops, etc.; vinegar/water mixture for mildew control, and general cleaning (also recommended by STRATAGLAS as a cleaner for dodger vinyl); and bleach/water mixture for sanitizing the head/shower/etc.  We like the above ‘solutions’ so well that we use them almost exclusively at home too!!




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