By Joran Gendell (ELIXIR)

Joran Gendell recently designed and built a neat cockpit cover (which only covers the cockpit) for his MK-II Yawl, ELIXIR.

The cockpit cover is just the thing needed to keep leaves and other debris out of the cockpit while providing easy access to the cockpit. 

My girlfriend and I made the cockpit cover.  Yes, it is proving to be practical.  For a quick mid-winter trip below, I can just unsnap the forward port corner and access the companionway.  I may use it occasionally during the summer.  For now, I have the dodger frames removed.  In the spring, we plan on reinstalling the frame and modifying the cockpit cover with velcro slits to go under/around the frame hinges.

The following tips are provided, but you will get the idea by viewing the photos of the cover:

(Click on the Thumbnail Photos to see and Enlarged Photo)

- Start with two length of Sunbrella, seamed down the middle.

- Across the cabin top and down the house sides, use the existing dodger fasteners.

- I screwed one "lift-the-dot" fastener to a handle, as a tool. When heated with a flame, this burned/melted each hole for the installation of the fasteners in the cover.

- The cover "tents" over the binnacle.

Image6.jpg (59384 bytes)

- The seam stops just forward of the mizzen mast. On the underside, webbing holds a D-ring. This gets lashed to the mizzen to carry the primary fore/aft tension. This feature could easily be adapted for a sloop.

Cover_Mid_Aft.jpg (55016 bytes)

- Just aft of the mizzen mast, the seam resumes, but with velcro closures.

Cover_Aft.jpg (5108 bytes)

- At the end of the velcro, grommets and a lashing hold the centerline together.

- A total of ten snaps (five per side) were installed in the coamings

.Cover_Fwd.jpg (39129 bytes)     Image10.jpg (4114 bytes)    

- Just aft of the secondary winches, the cover transitions from "snapped down" to "lashed down".

Cover_Mid_side.jpg (45309 bytes)      Image8.jpg (37923 bytes)


At the binnacle, it is 48" from the centerline to the outboard edge of the coaming's teak cap.  So I do think that the project is best done with 60" Sunbrella fabric. The length overall is about 14' so one could buy 10 yards and do the job. 

 I ordered 12 yards from Sailmaker's Supply which left a large remnant for other odd jobs.

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