Custom Cockpit Table For SPIRIT

By Jon and Helen Kuhl
(1968 Alberg 37 MK-I Sloop Hull #33)

With the Alberg 37 wheel & binnacle set forward as it is, installing a typical marine ‘store bought’ cockpit table is out of the question.  So, we designed and built a large cockpit table that is easily set up and stowed, and most importantly, is stable and fairly easy to get four people around without upsetting the apple cart so to speak.


The attached four photos show the table set up, the table to wheel straps which connect to the wheel (locked of course), the leg mounting and the folded table in its stowed position.


The table is 3/4" plywood with Formica contact cemented to it and trimmed in Teak.  The whole affair is given multiple coats of clear polyurethane. The two straps are made from stock SS strapping (3/16"X 1 1/4") bent and polished to fit.  Look closely and you will see that they have to be long enough to clear the center wheel hub. The maple wood leg is mounted with two screws.  It is easily removed and stowed between the folded table. The table is hinged, yet the weight of the table plus the installed leg keeps it perfectly flat.

As long as the wheel is locked firmly the single leg serves well against tipping and is fairly easy to avoid with feet.

The dimensions are:  width 23" (folded 11 1/2"each leaf), length 33", leg 25", table height approx 26".

This article along with photos appears in  the Vol-18-No1-Winter_2007-2008 Newsletter.