From The Galley – ‘Dowry Creek Pickles’

By Kaye Assenmacher

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Posted 1/11/2015

One of our favorite ‘stop-overs’ on our ‘southbound cruises’ aboard SHEARWATER, is the DOWRY CREEK MARINA, near Belhaven, NC.  One of the great things about Dowry Creek Marina is the friendliness Mary and her staff, and the sense of ‘togetherness’ of the cruisers who stop here.  Every evening there is a ‘pot luck’ Happy Hour at the ‘Lounge’.  The lounge has a fully equipped ‘galley’, and is complete with tables/chairs, TV, pool table, etc., and a great place for cruisers to meet after a long day on the ICW.

The ‘Lounge’ Is Located On The Left (Port) Side Of The Dock

One fall, several years ago, we were introduced to ‘Dowry Creek Pickles’, which were being served by one of the cruisers.  They were so good, I had to ask where to buy them.  I was told, ‘You can’t buy them, you have to make them!’  Anyway, I learned the ‘secrets’, and hope you enjoy the following, as they are very simple to make, and aboard SHEARWATER, we like to keep things ‘simple’!


Buy a 1 Gallon Jar of Mount Olive Sour Pickles
(Available at most ‘Southern’ Grocery Stores.)

OK, Now You Have The Basic Ingredient…….  You Need To Have A Few Other Ingredients (but not many)!

- 5 Lbs. Sugar
(The Granulated Kind)

- 1 ‘Head’ Of Garlic

- 10 Whole Cloves

Now For The ‘Hard’ Part

-         Drain The Pickles


-         Thinly Slice The Pickles (About ¼’ Or Less)

- Add About 1/3 Of The Sugar Into The Empty Jar
(Along With About 1/3 Of The Cloves And Garlic)

- Pack About 1/2 Of The Sliced Pickles Into The Jar

- Add Anther 1/3 Of The Sugar
(Along With About 1/3 Of The Cloves And Garlic)

- Add The Rest Of The Sliced Pickles


-         Add The Rest Of The Cloves And Garlic


-         Replace The Cap On The Jar And Turn ‘Up-Side Down’


-         Add The Rest Of The Sugar As The Sugar Melts In The Jar


-         - Keep Turning Jar (With Jar On Its Side) Until Sugar Is Dissolved
(The Sugar Will Dissolve, And Make More ‘Liquid’)


-         Keep Turning For Another Day Or So

The Pickles Can Be Stored At Room Temperature – They Are Good Also Served Cold (but not necessary)!

(NOTE: Since we normally carry some ‘home canned’ food aboard SHEARWATER,
we pack the pickles in pint sized ‘Mason’ jars sealed with jar rings and lids.  They keep perfectly – are are very good!  Our advice is to ‘Try Them’ – you will most likely ‘Like Them’!)