Refurbishing Horseshoe Life Rings
Life Slings

By Tom and Kaye Assenmacher
, VA



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Our Horseshoe Life Ring and our "Life Sling" flotation devices are old, but still in good condition, other than that the exterior of both devices were faded.  Being somewhat 'frugal', in our monetary outlook, we thought that they might possibly be refurbished.


Horseshoe Life Ring Before Refurbishing


To this end, we looked as several readily available 'paints' to use, and not being located near a "Marine" store, we resorted to our local "Ace Hardware" paint department. We found that "Yellow Krylon Fusion For Plastic" spray paint worked and covered the items well.



Krylon Fusion Paint


Before we painted the items, we thoroughly cleaned the exteriors of the items to be painted.  We then gave the items several coats of the Krylon Fusion paint.  As it drys to the touch in about 15 minutes, we were able to paint both items with several coats within about an hour.  The results were quite good.


Painting The Horseshow Life Ring



Finished Horseshoe Life Ring




Completed Life Sling Flotation Device


One can of the Krylon Fusion Spray Paint was sufficient to provide both flotation items with sufficient coats of paint.  Time will tell whether the paint will provide continued protection against the elements.


(Posted 7/12/2009)