(Midship Galley Layout)





Recently, Lou and Jean Wayne stopped by the Assenmacher dock in Kinsale, VA aboard their 1967 MK-I sloop PIKA, where we had the opportunity to view/study the layouts of both the MK-I and the MK-II side-by-side.  PIKA has an unusual interior layout in that she is one of a few with a mid-ship galley along the starboard side.


MK-I_LayoutMG-2-w.jpg (23535 bytes)  

MK-I (Midship Galley Layout)

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MK-II_LayoutMG-3-w.jpg (19746 bytes)

MK-II (Aft Galley Layout)

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In the past there has been a bit of discussion and/or controversy about whether interior dimensions (mast location, bulkhead placement, cabin top dimensions, etc., are the same between the MK-I and the MK-II.  Most of us know the obvious differences: the interior layout of the MK-I is different; the companionway is offset opposite that of the MK-II; the MK-II has a “liner” whereas the MK-I does not; the MK-I has 5 opening ports/side whereas the MK-II has only 3/side; the non-skid is different; the toe rails are different, etc., etc.

We took extensive interior and exterior measurements of both boats, (we have not had the opportunity to make the same measurements with a standard/aft galley MK-I layout – so there may be differences between the various measurements of the variations of the MK-Is as well.) and have arrived at some interesting conclusions (all measurements were taken from the stemhead of both boats).  A few of the differences are listed:


-         The mast is located in the same position on both the MK-I and the MK-II (no surprise here).

-         The chain locker on the MK-I is approximately 10” further aft than on the MK-II – with the v-berth on the MK-I being approximately 3.5” longer than in the MK-II – resulting in a longer and much wider V-berth both at the foot (10” wider) and at the head (8” wider) on the MK-I (because the foot of the MK-I v-berth begins where the hull is wider).  A 6’ person can lay cross-wise at the head of the MK-I v-berth.

-         The head of the MK-I is about 6” narrower than the MK-II.

-         Most MK-I interior bulkheads are placed in different locations than on the MK-II.


-         The coach-roof on the MK-I begins about 7” further aft (110” vice 103”) of the stemhead than the MK-II, resulting in a longer and somewhat wider foredeck.

-         The side decks of the MK-I are about 3” wider on the MK-I than on the MK-II.

-         The cockpit well is about 3” wider on the MK-I than on the MK-II