Volvo MD-2B Fuel Leak

Bob Grindahl (NARCISA) wrote that in late season he had some problems with leaking diesel fuel. He traced it to the high pressure fuel line connection at the injector pump (VOLVO MD-2B). He removed the fuel lines and one appeared to be cracked. Bob ordered new lines from the local Volvo-Penta dealer and a few days later was informed that Volvo no longer makes fuel lines for that engine. Bob finally found a company that could fabricate the lines.

During the course of these repairs, Bob needed to fabricate a tubing wrench. He used an old "box end" wrench of the correct size that he had on hand, and using a Dremel tool with a fibre cut-off wheel attached, cut a slot slightly larger that the fuel line pipe diameter. The tool has now been added to his on-board tool kit for those special times when only the correct device will work.