SHEARWATER’s Propane Gas Storage Locker Modification
(SHEARWATER is a 1975 MK-II Yawl)
By Tom Assenmacher

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Posted 9/28/2012

Here are a few photos of our installation.  The 'original' propane box (as built by Whitby ) was modified (made a bit taller) to accommodate two 11 pound steel propane bottles instead of the original two 5 pound bottles.  We made the box extension out of 'starboard' (the white plastic board material), and attached it on top of the original gas locker.  We sealed all seamst with '5200', and reused the original solid teak locker lid.


SHEARWATER Propane Locker (as modified) 

Showing the 'internals' of the propane box.



Showing solenoid valve.


Our installation uses copper tubing. In addition to the galley stove, we have a propane instant hot water heater in the head (yes, it’s vented).  There must be no T's in the line outside of the vented locker, hence we ran 2 gas lines from the box to the gas appliances.  The modified propane locker vents overboard through a line in the bottom of the locker which exits above the waterline in the counter stern (as did the original propane locker).



Our Circa 1975 Shipmate propane galley stove.


Of course, if there never was a propane locker installed, one would need to fabricate one of similar size.  Instead of fabricating a propane locker, we might suggest looking at the Trident line of propane lockers (

Our friends, Lou and Jean Wayne  of Rochester , NY , the owners of PIKA, a 1967 MK-I sloop,  years ago installed a Trident box aft of the rudder in the aft end of the cockpit.  You might want to take a look at that installation at: PIKA was the "Featured " A-37 in 2004


We have seen some boaters who carry the propane bottle on the foredeck (in a vented box), or mounted on the aft cockpit rail.  Would work with aluminum bottles or the new composite bottles..... but not very neat!