Galley 'Tool' Holder
By Tom Assenmacher

Posted 1/2/2011

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One of the many small modifications made to our 1975 MK-II Yawl SHEARWATER over the years (at the 'request' of the 'executive chef' Kaye), is a 'Galley Tool Holder'.  It's very easy to build and install, consisting of 2 strips of teak (1-1/4" x 3/8" x 14"), a few large brass cup hooks, about 1' of 1/8" bungee cord, 4 small (#6 x 1" SS oval head) wood screws and 4 #6 SS finishing washers.  The tool holder is located just above the galley chopping block (on the MK-II), and just aft of the galley non-opening port (on the MK-II).  The installation for the MK-I would be similar.  The below photos should be self explanatory.

(Please disregard the dates annotated on the photos - the photos are actually from November, 2009 when we were in Vero Beach, FL on our cruise last fall to the Bahamas).

Assembling The 'Stuff' For The Job



Installing The Upper Rail


Upper Rail Installed


Lower Rail Installed With Cup Hooks Installed On Upper Rail


Lower Rail With Bungee Cord Attached


Galley Tool Holder Holding Galley Tools
(Note: bungee cord has been changed to different color - from black to white/black striped.)