Garth Jones of Mulege, Mexico recently send a photo showing  a new stern rail/pulpit, one of the many improvements on his 1969 MK-I sloop (hull #50) INCLINATION.  “The stern rail is of 1 inch 316 stainless and is 33 inches high, much higher than most,  so I feel it offers some real security instead of just something to trip over on the way out of the boat. 

The central 1 ¼”  inch tube supports two 75 watt solar panels which make the boat electrically self sufficient.  I have no lifelines at all,   instead a central jackline with a short tether so I can't fall off the boat.  I think most lifelines are too low and are usually crevice corroded and often fail when really needed. 


I did all the fitting and a Mexican welder friend buzzed the rail together for me in San Carlos , Sonora , Mexico .