Refit and Restoration
1970 MK-I Yawl
Owned By Kip and Linda Newbould
Coles Point, VA

(Work Began Fall 2007)

(Posted 4/6/08 and revised 1/5/09)

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Phase I 
Fall 2007

Kip and Linda Newbould of Coles Point, VA recently purchased the 1970 MK-I Yawl TEVAKE from  Chris Anderson.  Kip and Linda have begun a complete rebuild/refurbish of  TEVAKE which will include installation of a new engine. They are renaming the boat and the new name will be MISCHIEF.

Kip and Linda have considerable experience refurbisbing/repairing boats in general, having owned numerous sailboats and powerboats, and have worked in the boat repair industry for years.  They also have considerable cruising experience having cruised for years in the Caribbean , Bahamas , New England , etc.

The boat is in sound condition (hull and deck wise), but is in need of systems upgrade, cosmetic work on hull, topsides and deck, refurbishing the interior, etc. etc. The boat came with new sails, a life raft along with numerous items which will be refurbished and placed back into commission.

Work so far includes removal of unwanted/unneeded deck hardware, filling of hardware mounting holes, and general preparation for refurbishing of the deck and cabintop.  The topsides have been repaired, sanded (removal of several coats of paint down to the original gel coat) and generally prepared for eventual repainting later this spring.  An inoperable engine (Perkins Perama) has been removed and a substitute engine, a used Yanmar is in the process of being installed.

Below are a few photos of MISCHIEF in the early stages of work we expect to see further accounts of this restoration/refurbishing as work progresses. 







MISCHIEF Begins Restoration

 Phase II 
Spring, Summer and Early Fall 2008

Kip and Linda Newbould, of Coles Point, VA continue the refurbishing of their 1970 MI-I Yawl MISCHIEF.  Recent (Spring, Summer and Fall 2008) projects include a new toe rail, a new rub rail, and a new paint job on the topsides (dark green Awlgrip).


MISCHIEF Receives A New Paint Job



MISCHIEF Receives A New Toe Rail



MISCHIEF Receives A New (Used) Engine

Shiny, Huh?!


Kip and Linda's House Reflection In The Freshly Painted Topsides

Kip And Linda Installing New Toerail


More Toe Rail


Kip In Process Of Trial Fitting Toe Rail

Phase III 
November/December 2008

In November and December,2008, Kip and Linda finished work on MISCHIEF's topsides, toe-rail, and bottom in preparation for launch, and rigging the boat. Kip and Linda were REALLY anxious to get the boat in the water!

11 NOVEMBER 2008

MISCHIEF In The Travel Lift On Launch Day At Coles Pt Marina (VA) 11/21/2008

Kip At The Controls!


Proud Owners Kip and Linda.
It Was A COLD November Launch Day!

Taking a 'Trial Run' Back To Kinsale Harbor Marina (VA)


15 DECEMBER 2008

MISCHIEF Arrives At Krentz Marina 
To Have Her Mast Stepped

Just About Ready To Step The Mast

Hoisting Away!

Down The Hole!

Setting Up The Rig

Kip Removing The Hoisting Bridle

Back At Kinsale Harbor Marina
(The Mizzen Will Be Stepped Later)

MISCHIEF With Mizzen, Mizzen Boom, and Main Boom 
Installed And Partially Rigged


(To Be Continued)