Galley Sink Issues

In response to the question from Mark Lay (ELIXIR) in the April 1997 newsletter regarding the size of the Alberg 37 galley sink, Rear Admiral Gene Farrell (SALLY ANNE) reports that he has had no problem with the sink's capacity because he habitually limits the size of his offshore cruising complement to no more than three people, including the skipper. A small crew of two or three eases the strain on logistics, housekeeping and dish-washing.

He does offer some advice on plumbing the sink for salt water for any purpose: If your galley configuration has the sink above the engine, as with most Albergs, DON'T DO IT. Some years ago when he outfitted the SALLY ANNE for a voyage from Annapolis to San Diego, he thought it would be neat to add a salt water faucet to the galley sink for washing or rinsing dishes. To his regret, he underestimated the quantity of sea water that would splash from the sink in rough weather and seep through the crack between the reefer top and the engine cover, which houses the sink and faucet/s. Directly below the crack are some very sensitive components such as the alternator, starting solenoid, voltage regulator and starting motor whose tolerance for salt water, even a few drops, is very very low.