Modification to Check Gearbox Oil

Malcolm and Cathy Blackburn recently wrote of their improvements to KAILA II:

"Our major advance this past season was to finally get a system of checking the oil in the gearbox of our MD-IIB Volvo diesel, without having to dismantle the whole sink and plumbing. I found several pipe fittings that together, fitted into the filler plug hole, and affixed a length of stiff hose to the fitting, long enough to reach up and forward, so that its open end is accessible by removing only the steps. For a dipstick I use a length of rigging wire, with a piece of white tape on the end (calibrated to the full mark). I remove the wire until I can read the oil level, and the hose is long enough that the oil doesn't splash out. Those lucky souls whose gearboxes don't leak and only need to be checked a couple of times a season will probably laugh, but now I can check the oil every time before we set off, if it seems likely we'll be motoring for a long time."