SHARED WATCH Wins Harvest Moon Regatta
By Jay Zittrer
Houston, TX

Ed. Note: Jay Zittrer sent the following in late October regarding the Harvest Moon Regatta (October 13-14, 2005 – Galveston , TX to Port Aransas , TX ).

“Some of you have sailed on Shared Watch either in a regatta or just booze cruising.  I thought y'all might take an interest in knowing that this year we won the Harvest Moon Regatta Cruising Spinnaker Fleet.  I only found out yesterday.  It appears there was a problem with the scoring program when they entered the results in Port A.  They have re-calculated the results using the correct variables and formulas and Shared Watch came out on top! At any rate, great race sailed 150 NM in 23 hrs 23 minutes with the chute up in relatively light air the whole way. 

 I knew we sailed a fast race when we showed up in Port Aransas. and there were only race boats in the harbour ...SHARED WATCH (1986 Yawl, Hull # 246) may have been a purpose built race boat on paper when Carl Alberg drew the Alberg 37 in 1966 but she certainly can't be considered a race horse today. Pretty cool stuff!  Myself and the guys that sailed with me this year are feeling pretty proud! Cheers, JZ”