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Posted 6/3/2013

The following photos are of the 1975 MK-II Yawl JOAN III, owned by Maarten and Joan van Hasselt:

"Just a few pictures of the last two weeks with Joan III. fully on the water. Both pictures in gusty winds on Galveston Bay . First is actually just mizzen and 70% of genoa; second and full view is taken by Brad Larson while we participate in the Houston Yacht Club Spring Series, in the process of tacking."



JOAN III Looking Good On Starboard Tack


JOAN III In The Process Of Tacking


The following photos were taken in December (2010). Most of the work on Joan III has been done (there is still a list, but we are getting to what we felt was needed for the first round). These are very "Texan" pictures taken in Galveston Bay as you can see the gas platform in the background! Joan III is in the picture as are our friend Leo Sayavedra and his son Christophe.




Joan I And Our Friend Leo Sayavedra And His Son Christophe


N III With Mylar Sail


(Ed. Note: You may follow Maarten's and JOAN III's progress on their Website.