How to Cut Your Finger Without Really Trying

Tom Assenmacher was recently (9-18-06) working in SHEARWATER’s “engine room” (1975 MK-II Yawl), tightening the prop shaft coupling set-screws, when he inadvertently “sliced” open the little finger on his left hand on a sharp SS hose clamp, the tail of which he had clipped off when he had installed a new engine and exhaust system several years ago.

After saying “Oh FUDGE”, he wrapped the profusely bleeding finger in a (relatively) clean rag which he had nearby (didn’t want to get blood all over the white boat!), and proceeded up to the house, whereupon after counseling with Kaye, proceeded to the Emergency Room at the Rappahannock, VA hospital (a close 25 miles distant) where he spent the next 3 hours awaiting 13 stitches to be applied.

 To make a long story short, the finger has healed quite nicely, and the hose clamps have subsequently been taped. 

One never can be TOO careful when working around BOATS!!

(Posted 10/7/06)