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VOL 26, NO. 1 - 2 (Winter/Spring 2016) 23 May, 2016


Posted 23 May, 2016 

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Message From The A-37 Editors, etc…..

As of this writing (23 May 2016)


We remained in Vero (aka ‘VELCRO’) Beach Florida for the rest of the Winter!

As earlier reported Kaye and I (the ‘Crew’ of SHEARWATER) decided that due to the ‘strange and unpredictable (sort of)’ weather, we would simply spend the Winter here in
Vero Beach (aka ‘VELCRO’) Beach Florida for the rest of the Winter!.  It’s been windy, cold (a few mornings in the mid-30’s with afternoons in the mid-50s (F), and occasionally heavy rain, but at least it hasn’t SNOWED HERE (yet)!  A lot of ‘snowbird cruisers’ have remained here in Vero or plan on staying in south Florida


We did, however, get our Abaco (Bahamas) ‘fix’ by flying over to the Abacos in mid-February, where we spent 2 weeks as guests in our Canadian friend’s cottage ‘FIG TREE’ on Man O’ War (MOW) Cay.

Fig Tree Cottage


 We flew Bahamas Air from West Palm Beach (FL) to Marsh Harbour, Abaco on 14 January, (about a ¾ hour flight) then a 20 minute ferry ride (Albury’s Ferry) from Marsh Harbour to Man O’ War.  It’s amazing how well the Bahamas Air aircraft bucks a 220 Kt headwind across the Gulf Stream!!! (Pun intended).  We reversed the trip on January 28,  and returned to Mooring #40 in Vero Beach.


While in Man O’ War, we saw and visited with many cruising friends and local residents and business owners.  It had been 3 years since we last visited MOW, and it seemed like we were there only ‘yesterday’.  The weather was basically the same that was experienced in Vero Beach during our absence (cool temperatures, heavy rain, and high winds).


For those interested, several years ago on one of our cruises to the Abacos, we put together a ‘Slide Show’ of a ‘Walking Tour of Man O’ War Cay’. (Click on the link).  Not much has changed in the last few years.  We love Man O’ War Cay!


Now For The Latest Update!

In February, the weather still had not improved very much, so we decided to ‘simply enjoy life’ in Vero Beach.  Great beaches (although a bit windy and cold), free bus transportation, good walking areas to the beach and back, etc.


In late February we learned that Kaye’s brother Max, who lives in Texas, was getting married in Corpus Christi on May 14.  Since Max was ‘Best Man’ at our wedding 52 years ago, and also attended our kids weddings years ago, we would make the trip to TX.  We decided to leave Vero Beach a bit earlier (in mid-March) than we usually do, so we could make it back to our dock in Kinsale, VA in time to get ready to go to TX for the wedding.


As our trip ‘North’ slowly progressed (cold weather, winds, heavy rain, etc. – generally ‘lousy’ weather up and down the East U.S. coast – we decided to not rush ourselves), so we decided to proceed as far North as practical, and leave SHEARWATER somewhere along the way in mid – late April. 



To make a ‘long story short’ we decided to leave SHEARWATER again at Bock Marine, just north of Beaufort, NC, as we had a year and a half ago due to prop shaft failure and a rudder problem.  We were hauled out at Bock on 21 April, and we proceeded home to Kinsale (via Enterprise Car Rental) a few days later.  It was a good thing that we left the boat in NC as the weather since then has been still windy/rainy/cold, etc.   (Yeah, we know, but we are ‘OLD SAILORS’ but not ‘BOLD SAILORS’)  After we return from Texas, we will begin planning the last leg of SHEARWATER’s trek back to Kinsale from Bock Marine (about 2 weeks if ‘everything cooperates’), and hopefully will be back home in early June.  We’ll probably fill in the final details in the next newsletter!  


The latest ‘NOTE’ (as of 23 May, 2016) is that we’ve returned from the wedding in Texas (very nice event), and will be looking forward to begin the ‘trek’ back from Bock Marine to our dock in Kinsale in the next few weeks.  The weather has been ‘COLD and RAINY’, but hopefully more enjoyable weather will be arriving soon!


New Members

Welcome aboard to Katja Negru Perrey of San Diego, CA, the new owners of IMAGINE, the 1969 MK-I sloop (Hull # 54).  The boat is currently being outfitted for ‘Cruising South’ beginning in Spring, 2016.


(Ed. Note:  This Alberg 37 appears to be a ‘newly found’ A-37, as we have no record nor previous history of Hull # 54.)






Welcome aboard to Anna and Frank Michiels of Houston, TX, the new owners the 1975 MK-II (Hull ID #144) Yawl JOAN III, previously owned by Maarten van Hasselt, also of Houston, TX. 


Frank recently announced his new purchase via email:

‘Hello Tom and Kaye, I have been exploring the page and love that you've kept up with so much of the other owners.


Anna and I, Frank Michiels, are a young married couple in our 30s who will be learning a lot about the Alberg and sailing. Anna and I recently purchased the 1975 MK-II Yawl Joan III from Maarten Van Hasselt Hull #144 as our first real sailboat, (we’ve owned a Hobie 16 prior on which we learned to sail). Since she was renamed after his wife’s name we’ll be renaming her again to ‘SEA YAWL’, it will be her third name I believe the original name was Good News.


We had the opportunity to crew with Maarten (a great sailing mentor) for a year on his boat in several of the Galveston Bay races where we got to know the boat. We will be keeping her in Houston Texas where we currently live as we become more familiar with the boat on our own and hopefully prepare her for some more extended offshore sailing in the future.


We look forward to reading the newsletters you prepare and keep you informed of our travels. Thanks again for your time with the website!’


Frank Michiels



Welcome aboard to Gurz and Charlene Gungil of Montvale, NJ, the new owners of the 1967 MK-I Sloop LOTUS, which is berthed in Liberty Harbour. They recently purchased the boat from her previous owner Mario Brunetta.  This is Gurz and Charlene’s first boat, and they will retain the boat’s name LOTUS.




Welcome aboard to Jeremiah and Brittany Gowl, who recently purchased the 1985 MK-II Sloop SOJOURN, from Tom McMaster and Rose Hansmeyer.  For further information on the new buyers, etc., check out the ‘rest of the story’ in the News From Members’ below.






We recently received the following email query:


 Hi there, Wonder if you can help me? I'm looking to track down Lee Carey, owner of Alberg 37 hull #155. Her name was (and still might be Mondia IV. This was my Dad's boat, and I'm very interested in finding out how she's fairing. Thanks so much. Arthur Boas

If you have any information about this boat, please contact the newsletter editors ( OR – replace AT with the symbol @)


News From Members

Late last September (2015) we received the following Email from Ryan and Adrian Mann, of Marston Mills, MA, the owners of the 1976 MK-II Sloop AVALON:


‘Tom and Kaye,


I hope all is well with you. Sorry to be following the problems with your A 37 this past year. I look forward to tracking a successful trip by you two this winter!


Parenthood has definitely truncated our use of Avalon, but we did once again participate in the Figawi Race to Nantucket over Memorial Day and Rowan (now 15 months) spent a week with us cruising Martha's Vineyard and around the Buzzards Bay area around the July 4th holiday. We look forward to raising Rowan with an A37 keel under his feet!


Unfortunately, en route to the Hurricane Cup, this Fall, we were struck by lightning and will need extensive refit of all electrical systems. A new work area for Avalon is being constructed and she may spend next summer on the hard. It is a disappointment because we have had such a great time over the past few seasons on her, but as she is turning 40 this coming year, we are OK with a little upgrade to keep her going another 40.


In addition to the wiring, we will probably pull the engine for servicing, replace the old water heater, remove the refrigeration system as it only works on shore power (which we rarely use), and address some deck core issues (we have some brown liquid in some spots same as reported by other owners). I've also been toying with the idea of modifying the area that currently houses our nav station to create a port side quarter berth as I have seen on several other A37s.


In the meantime, Robert Mintz, owner of A37 L'Marre has gotten to be a great fellow A37 owner and we have not only raced against each other a few times in Figawi, but sailed L'Marre back to her winter home near North Falmouth this past week. It was blowing into the mid 20's and as A37's usually do, she was loving every minute!


It was fun to see how another A37 has been modified. L'Marre has had an extensive refit over the years and it was fun to see how her wiring is laid out. Both boats have recently upgraded their wheels to between 36 and 40 inches which we both agree is an amazing improvement in handling.


Best to you on your trek south.


Best, Ryan’




Also, last fall, we heard from Gerry Dickson, the owner of the 1977 MK-II Alberg 37 Sloop ASATO MARU:

‘I'm also planning a trip to Bahamas. When are you planning on leaving? I'm in Palm Coast Fl.’


We responded:


Lots of 'stuff' has to happen before we get underway on our 1975 MK-II yawl SHEARWATER.  You may have read of our 'saga' over the years on the A-37 website.  We hope to be back in the water within the next 2 weeks, and if the weather, etc. cooperates, we will begin the trek south from Beaufort (NC) where our boat spent last winter and summer.  We hope to be in Vero Beach for Thanksgiving, and cross over to the Abacos in December.  We hope to be in the Abacos for Christmas. This will be our 8th (I think) trip to the Abacos.  We've never had our boat south of the Abacos (Exumas, etc.), although we have spent a bit of time in the Georgetown/Long Island area with friends aboard their A-37 back in 2005.


Perhaps we'll see you along the way.



British Quote During WW-II


TJ and Kaye’


( ED. Note: As we all know, ‘THE BEST LAID PLANS DON’T ALWAYS HAPPEN’!!  We haven’t heard from Gerry since last fall, but assume that he made the trip from FL to the Bahamas




While we were in Vero Beach, FL this winter aboard SHEARWATER, we had the pleasure of meeting Gabriel and Monique Lussier, of Howick, Quebec, the owners of the 1976 MK-II Sloop YARY. (#166).  They were on their way ‘south’ in early March (2016), and we were only able to meet with them once for ‘Happy Hour’.  The following day they left Vero Beach, and a day or so later we received a phone call from them that they had broken their propshaft while off-shore, but managed to return to FL.  The following are excerpts from emails exchanged between us, as we had a similar problem aboard SHEARWATER the previous year.  The shaft broke right in front of the prop, and they lost the propeller:

Hello to you two,


Well, the boat as been hauled and it's on dry now. The shaft as been removed and we are waiting for Bobby soles Propeller company to pick it up and make a knew one. We were unable to find the right specs and had no other choice but to haul the boat. We're at Crackle Boy Boat Works  (Ft. Pierce, FL) and they are very Professional and efficient.


Thank's for sending us the links ot look at, but we had already looked up your website and couldn't find the proper size prop. We included a picture of the shaft that broke. We never know, it could be helpfull for other Alberger's, as you say.



We will keep you updated once we get the knew shaft and we want to mention that we also enjoyed our get together in Vero Beach. It was a nice time. It was also a great video on youtube.


Be safe,


Monique & Gabriel Lussier


2016-03-02 17:56 GMT-05:00 A37-IOA <>:


We replied:


Gabriel and Monique,

Sorry to hear of your prop shaft failure, but happy to hear that you are safe and sound. It could have been worse had conditions been different.


As discussed on the phone, we had our prop shaft faile in the fall of 2014 when we were heading 'south' . Suggest that you read the article which we wrote for the Alberg 37 web site. Simply click on the following article


Also, check out this link as it shows the new shaft and coupling.


Since every boat is slightly different (with different engine/transmission combinations, etc.), unless you have the 'old' shaft to take measurements from, you will need to take measurement yourself (or have a marine mechanic do it).. I've actually used a 1" (for a 1"shaft) wooden dowel as a substitute for the shaft, which can be inserted into the 'cutless' bearing and up into the transmission coupling, from which measurements can be taken.


As you don't know the propellor diameter or pitch, there are ways to determine these factors. One is to go to 'BOAT DIESEL.COM ( where they have a prop calculator program. You might want to check it out! I also wrote a short article about this at


Another article of interest you might check out is : This shows what all we had to go through about 6 years ago after numerous transmission failures. Shows some detail in getting the proper prop shaft, etc.

If I think of other material, I'll try to send it. In any event, We've Been There - And Done That!


Good luck! And Keep in Touch!

British Quote During WW-II

TJ and Kaye

We have not heard from Gabriel and Monique since the emails in early March, but assume that their ‘prop shaft’ problem has been solved.



Tom McMaster and Rose Hansmeyer have recently sold their 1985 MK-II Sloop SOJOURN to new owners Jeremiah and Brittany Gowl who will In March, be heading to Port St. Lucie.

Tom and Rose recently visited Kaye and I here in Vero Beach.  They had the following comments on the sale:


“It's been said that the two happiest days in a boat owners life are the day they buy it, and the day they sell it. I'm not sure I totally agree with those sentiments. Today we sold our sailboat Sojourn, a fine vessel we've owned since Gary Anderson missed the infamous field goal against Atlanta in 1999. She has served us well with countless weekends sailing the Apostle Islands, many trips to the Canadian north shore, and in 2006 our dream became our reality when we sailed out the Superior entrance from Barkers Island.

Seven years and 20000 + nautical miles later, circumnavigating the entire Caribbean, visiting numerous islands in the eastern Caribbean, a trip up the Macareo river in Venezuela, 3 months of scuba diving in Bonaire, and spending hurricane season in beautiful Cartegena, Colombia, 6 mo. meeting Kuna in San Blas, remote islands of Vivarios (by Nicaragua), more diving in Bay Islands Honduras and Belize and beautiful Guatemala, Mexico then final land travel to Cuba before sailing SOJOURN to FL in 2013 with final 2015 journey to Bahamas for 6 months.


No other way could we afford to stay that long in any country! These are but some of the many fond memories that our sailboat brought to us, so I would probably describe my feelings today as bittersweet. We believe the boat has found very eager and capable new owners, a young couple with an eleven month infant.

The last piece of advice I gave them was: Take good care of her, and she will take good care of you. The time was right to start a different adventure!


We officially got the money wire transferred to our bank on Monday. We slowly drove down to Delray Beach meeting other sailors. Here we have been staying with Tom's cousin for a couple days but will move into our rented 1 bedroom condo on Sunday for the month of February…..


Its been a whirlwind of getting rid of stuff, selling stuff, packing in bags with the SUV totally full. We will then go rent a house with other MN sailor friends in Naples for a week in early March before visiting other sailor friends while returning back to MN. The 40's family of a 11mo. old boy, 3 dogs and 4 part time teenagers will live and love our boat as much as we have. He is the only one that has any sailing background as a child so SOJOURN will get a workout!!!


The ‘Former Owners’ (Tom and Rose) Of  SOJOURN.


The ‘New Owners’ With The ‘Youngest Crewmember”.


The Other ‘Crewmembers’!


It was a difficult time getting SOJOURN ready to sell, with more mold than any other time, some unexpected engine projects and COLD weather while living on the hard in a dirty work yard with grinding fiberglass and bottom paint all around. We survived and got launched and within a few days we got a email from our free sailboatlisting site (after we had provisioned, etc.), they came down, loved her, negotiated pricing with us (no broker) and had survey and sea trial. I guess it just takes 1 buyer.

We decided to stay in FL and found a 1 bedroom Condo in Delray Beach via Craigslist. We are exploring, biking, hiking, bird watching, visiting other sailors, etc.”



We recently heard from Jorg Mattern of Dade City, FL, the owner of the 1973 MK-II (# 113) Yawl MAJA: “My Boat is now located at a private Marina in Hudson, FL. I removed the Mizzen Mast because I prefer the Sloop version. I'm going to change the name of the boat as well. Just don't have any ideas yet.”

(Ed. Note;  Jorg has his ‘mizzen rig’ for sale - Check out the Gear For Sale/Wanted section of the website for information and photos of Jorg’s rig.)


Recently received the following email from Nickie and Jason Sattler, the owners of ELPHABA (1967 MK-I Sloop # 2):

‘Tom & Kaye,

ELPHABA (#2) is being moved to San Diego. We are in the middle of a 2 year upgrade that will see her sail to NZ via Tahiti and Tonga (among others) in May '17.


Nickie & Jason’



Back in October we heard from Robin Phillips, the owner of KATYDID, 1967 MK-I Sloop (#1)”

 ‘Hello Tom and Kaye,

When looking at the website I realized just how out of date the information you have on Katydid is. Since the last contact I had with you in El Salvador, I have covered a few miles.


I started by making the trip south to Mexico from west coast Canada, and then through Central America. KATYDID has since been across the Pacific from Panama through the Marquesas (46 day passage), Tuomotos, Tahiti, Suwarrow in the Cook Islands, Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, PNG, Micronesia, Philippines, and Malaysia. She is now in South East Asia and I will likely stay here for a few years.


KATYDID has been awesome, weathering everything she encountered with grace and confidence. She is still sailing with Kips mainsail, though it needs replacing. Together she and I have covered over 20,000 nautical miles. A lifetime lies in front of us.


Thanks for newsletter, your efforts are appreciated.


Robin Phillips


Currently in the Singapore region’




A-37 Rosters Available

If any member wants an 'UP TO DATE" roster of A-37 IOA boats/owners, just let us know via email ( - replace the "-at-" with "@”) and we'll send you a copy via email attachment. The roster will be in "HTML" format, and you will be able to display the roster via your web browser. The reason we don't publish the complete roster on the A-37 website is to maintain member's privacy as the roster contains phone #s and email addresses.


Spares Anyone!!??

We all carry a few ‘spares’ on board, especially those of us who leave our ‘local’ area/sail offshore, etc. The following are excerpts from an email we recently received from the folks who provide boaters with the great resource ‘ACTIVE CAPTAIN’. Be sure to check out Active Captain if you aren’t already a user! 

We carry most of the ‘spares’ listed below aboard SHEARWATER.

“This week winter ends and spring begins, and many boaters are getting  their boats ready for the next season. We wanted to give our experience with spares and the things we think every boat should have onboard whenever the lines are untied. We're not saying that these are the only spares to have, but this part 1 is a list of some things that boaters often don't think about - until they really need them.


1. Impellers. We change every impeller on every engine, every year. They are maintenance items and overusing them leads to vane failure. In addition, we carry 4 spare impellers total for our 2 engines and 4 spare impellers for our generator. We've also saved about 4 other impellers pulled from previous years as further backups. Leaving without multiple spare impellers is a mistake and one per engine is not enough.


2. Spare raw water pump for propulsion engines. This is more rare but just as important. There are 2 seals on a raw water pump - a seal to keep out the raw water and a seal to keep out the oil. These seals eventually fail. We carry 2 or more spare water seals - they are easy to replace on our engines. However, the oil seal requires a press and needs a shop. So we carry an entire spare water pump. If we're underway and a pump starts spraying, it's not the time to start replacing seals. Instead, 2 hose clams, 2 bolts, and the spare fresh water pump is in place. We keep it well lubed with an impeller installed and ready to go.


3. Belts. Every engine has some type of belt used to turn pumps on the engine from the engine drive. Belts are maintenance items that wear out and fail when they are in use. So while underway, you want to have spare belt for every belt used on every engine. And it's not good enough to have a belt - it has to be the right belt. Too often, a spare belt has never been checked. Check today to make sure the spare belts you have are the right part for each belt on your engines.


4. Macerator pump. Yes, we carry a completely set up, ready-to-go macerator pump. Nothing will end a cruise faster than the inability to empty your holding tank. And if you're in a remote area, pumping out is it. We've had to replace while cruising before - having one all set up is wonderful. It then gives you time to rebuild the problem one, making it the spare.


5. Spare drinking water pump. Same thing - we've replaced it at anchor when our water pump failed. Having a ready-to-go spare makes the emergency disappear.


6. Rescue Tape. This is amazing stuff. We fell in love with it 6 years ago. Rescue Tape is self-sealing silicon tape. But because it's good to 500 degrees, 950 psi, and 8,000 volts, it's the perfect thing for emergencies onboard.”


Our Thanks to: Karen and Jeffrey Siegel


Castine, Maine

Sharing the experience




A-37s For Sale
Please Visit The A-37 Website For The Latest Listings

(Ed. Note: Several Alberg 37s have recently changed hands – so there are people out there looking for these great boats.)



Yes it is true!! After having TUNDRA built in 1977 and cruised in her in the fresh waters of the Great lakes for 30 years, then moved her into salt water for another 19 years, we have decided to give her up to a second owner. Our age and health concerns are the biggest driving force to do so. For the past few years we have based ourselves in the RIO DULCE, GUATEMALA. We have found this secure place to store in fresh water and sail her from into the beautiful Bay Islands of Honduras and Belize with her off shore reefs and atolls. Detailed Information for her sale can be found at our web page TUNDRA TRAVELS’ at the‘INTRODUCTION PAGE’ link   For more information about The Rio Dulce scroll through the links to the left top of the page entitled Western Caribbean and West Carib Recent. Our agent for her sale is CHRIS STANLEY Chris and Kelli are located in the RIO Dulce Guatemala. To receive Contact Information from TUNDRA’s first and only owner go to:  


PRICE IS REDUCED TO 49,900 USD as is with complete inventory. Delivery to a suitable port in the US at the right time of year is possible with incurred additional cost. (Updated 5/9/2016)




A37, 7 SEAS, 1978 MK-II Sloop - for sale located in Traverse City , Michigan . Ready to sail. New rudder, halyards, sheets. Some engine work done. Volvo MD11C runs.

Copper/epoxy hull coat. Deck and interior could use finishing. She is solid throughout. On the hard at Traverse City, MI . Asking $16000

Contact Brad at (231) 357-4040


Email: Brad(at) (replace '(at)' with @)

Posted 8/11/2015


FOR SALE: NANCY ANN, 1978 MK-II 2 hull # 189.

Contact Nick Valci at (314) 814-2357

Posted 6/3/2015


FOR SALE: 1974 Alberg 37 MK-II Yawl, TRUANT III - Hull #129: Truant III is returning from a two year cruise.She has had extensive upgrades in preparation for this cruise. All systems onboard are in good working order and she is cruise-ready. Currently in the Bahamas, heading north on the US east coast in May to arrive in her home port;Halifax,Nova Scotia by mid-June.This boat has spent most of her cruising life on the Great Lakes.

- SAILS-All sails in good condition. 100% jib by Hood. Mainsail fully batten, two reef points by North Sails. Mizzen fully batten, one reef point by North Sails. Genoaker new condition by North Sails. Storm jib, new condition.

Furling Headstay, Removeable Baby stay for storm jib, running backstays on mizzen. Whisker pole, primary winches:2 Lewmar 44 self-tailing.

- MECHANICAL-Volvo Penta model 2003 27 hp. 3 cylinder, fresh water cooled. Low hours, installed new in 1982,3 blade fixed propeller. All new Groco seacocks(2013). Jabasco electric water pump (2013).Jabasco accumulator tank (2013).Potable water lines replaced with pex piping and filtration system installed in 2013.

- GROUND TACKLE- Custom made heavy duty anchor roller,555 Simpson Lawrence manual windlass,55lb Rocna primary anchor with 220 ft. 5/16 G4 high tensile chain, secondary anchor-Fortress FX16 30 ft. 3/8 chain and 200 ft 3/4 inch nylon rode.

- ELECTRONICS and NAVIGATION-Plastimo binnacle mounted compass, Raymarine C-90 wide screen multi function display including Canada, US, Caribbean and Bermuda charts, Raymarine 35 mile digital radar,ST4000 wheel autopilot,ST60 speed instrument,St60 depth instrument,St60 Wind instrument. Monitor self steering windvane. Standard Horizon VHF radio with Digital Selective calling and ram mic in cockpit. ICOM SSB radio and tuner model 718 (2013).JVC stereo AM FM receiver and CD player. Bluesea distribution panel,285 watts mono-crystaline solar panels and Morningstar solar charge controller with remote display(2013).Batteries-Trojan T105 (2013), 2 banks for a total of 440 amp hrs.Inverter-1750 watt Eliminator.


- CABIN HEATER- Airtop 2000 forced hot air diesel heater (0.2 liters per hr).

- GALLEY- Force10 3 burner propane stove with oven and broiler.17lb. composite propane tank with galley controlled solenoid shut off (2014).Fridge-WAECO cold machine with small freezer (2013).

- STORAGE-Custom made heavy duty cradle,custom made canvas winter cover with aluminum framing.

- TENDER- 8 ft Bombard rib (Zodiac) fiberglass bottom, no patches, no leaks.2.5 hp 4 stroke Yamaha outboard.

- LIFERAFT- Viking valise style 4 man-needs inspection.

Price reduced to $38,500 US dollars.

Click here for more information and photos,

Contact Seller at: (Replace "AT " with "@ " to avoid 'Spam')

(Posted 3/30/2015)


FOR SALE: Alberg 37 Sloop, 1975, Hull #142, MAGGY FIELDS IV. Offshore cruising features: * CAPE HORN wind vane steering. *ICOM M802 Ham/ marine SSB transceiver. *Removable inner forestay. *Storm jib and storm trysail. *Macerator pump. *Furling main and genoa. Lying at Etobicoke Yacht Club, Toronto, ON.

Asking $45000 (Cdn), and worth every penny.

(Click Here For Photo)

For a detailed inventory contact:

Gord Martin, PH/TXT 416 399 2349 (Replace AT with @)

(Posted 1/4/2015)


FOR SALE : KUMA - 1971 Alberg 37 MK-II Yawl (Hull # 78 - Owned By Peter McIntosh)

"I am moving up to a larger boat, and would like to sell KUMA. She is lying ashore in Antigua BWI. I have recently painted the topsides, overhauled the engine, rebuilt the stern gland. She has had the cockpit rebuilt with oak frames (the core was damp) and I have removed the wheel and water heater. She is ready to sail.

She is sold as seen $25k - please e- mail me at
(Click Here To View a Few Photos Of KUMA)


FOR SALE - ESTORIL - 1987 Alberg 37 MkII Sloop #245. Cruise ready with Furlex roller main & jib, wind & solar power, Amplepower 100amp alternator + battery monitor, fridge, propane stove, GPS, VHF & SSB radios, 9' Caribe dinghy + 8hp Johnson o/b & much more. Standing Rigging has been replaced. Presently in Grenada to cruise the Island chain. Asking $30,000USD. For details contact Ian @ 011441424733155 or 011447815870369 (UK #'s) -  My Grenada tel# is 1 868 768 8479
Or email  


(Click here for link to photos)
(Posted 10/30/2011 - Revised 6/1/2016)


FOR SALE - MARYNYA - 1973 MK-II Yawl, Hull # 123 - $35,000 USD. Contact Michael Hughes at (replace AT with @ before sending email). Click here for further details and link to photos.

(Posted 5/21/2011)


FOR SALE - 1975 Alberg 37 Mark II Sloop SCRIMSHAW, Hull #152.

Cruiser/racer well equipped for both missions. One owner. Excellent racing record. Superbly maintained. Many extras including cookware, dishes, silverware, cockpit cushions, dingy, Winslow 4 man liferaft, tools, 3 size genoas, 2 spinnakers, 2 mainsails, Raytheon depth/speed/wind instruments, loran, GPS, Tiller master, 3 anchors, 150 chain/nylon anchor rode plus additional 100 nylon anchor rode, cockpit canopy. Boat located in Annapolis, MD.

(Click On Thumbnails For Larger Photo)

2010-Gov-Cup-A-1195-w.jpg (84690 bytes)2010-Gov-Cup-C-1675-w.jpg (57465 bytes)

Scrimshaw_Deakyne(C)-2-5x7-75.jpg (48267 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne(C)-3-5x7-100.jpg (50633 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-4-5x7-100.jpg (57086 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-6-5x7-100.jpg (58266 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-8-5x7-100.jpg (31933 bytes)Scrimshaw_Deakyne-7-5x7-100.jpg (65330 bytes)

Owner Anxious - Make Offer.

Contact: Charles Deakyne. 410-647-6674,Email

(Posted 12/22/2010 Revised 2-28-2014)



  Gear For Sale
Hood Mainsail for Alberg 37 sloop. Dacron, used about 10 years.  Condition Good, $900.
150% Genoa, Mylar, Fair Condition, @200.
130% Genoa, Hood, Dacron, Fair Condition $200
Contact Charles Deakyne (410) 647-6674
Posted 4/25/2016

Jorg Mattern the owner of MAJA, has the following items for sale:



Asking $2000.00



WAYNE MILROY, the former owner of LEEWAY II has the following For Sale:


Feathering Propellor manufactured by P.E. Luke Co. of East Boothbay, Maine. This prop is a Right Hand, 3 blade, 15"x15"x1"bore with a standard taper. This prop was made for our Alberg 37 and fits into the aperture with minimal modification because it has no large center hub like many other props.

We had this prop on our boat for over 5 years and found we gained about a knot in sailing speed, no lose in motoring ability, and greater control in reverse. The prop cost over $2500 in 2006 and has been fully refurbished by the factory. It can be easily mailed to your location. We are asking $890. and you can contact us via email at
Posted 10/2/2015


JON KUHL, the owner of the 1968 MK-I Sloop KEMO SABE, has offered the following item: "For sale, three bladed bronze prop (16"X11"X1" RH), used but in very good condition. The engine on our Alberg 37 is a Perkins 4-108 40HP. I changed to a 14" prop which suits the Perkins at a somewhat higher RPM."
(See attached two photos and contact information)
(Posted 4/25/2014)


I have a virtually new A-37 Mainsail for sale. It is by North - usage can be measured in days. Nice sail with tapered battens (top two full and two half battens) up and over leech line so you can adjust it at the mast. Battens are nice tapered (expensive) battens.

$1700.00 USD obo.

Jay Zittrer

McKesson Medical & Surgical corp.

713.582.3911 cell

713.583.6611 fax
Posted 10/9/2012

Sandy Romer, who recently sold TUMBLEWEED (her "Alberg 37 Cousin", a Cape Dory 36), has some cruising gear for sale.  
Check out the items she has for sale!
(Posted 10/26/2010; Revised 9/18/2012)

ROWAN MURDOCH, the owner of the 1980 MK-II Sloop HENRY, is looking for one of these devices (Pressure Pump) from an old Shipmate Pressurized Alcohol stove. Attached are two pictures. Rowan is wondering if anyone out there may have possibly replaced their alcohol stove and still have the parts lying around. 'Rowan's fingers are crossed if something comes up'.

Shipmate Stove Pressure Pump

Shipmate Stove Pressure Tank
(The Pressure Pump Inserts Into The Hole On The Left Side Of The Tank)

If anyone out there has the pump (and it's in operable condition), please contact Rowan at: (Please replace 'AT' with '@) - this hopefully thwarts 'Email Spammers' out there!

(Posted 5/14/2014)


I am looking for a knurl knob for the Jib car on my boat, if anyone has one from a jib track you aren’t using anymore please let me know.


Lloyd Speyer

26 Rimmington Drive

Thornhill, Ontario L4J 6J8

Phone: 416-727-3930


(Posted 24 May 2016)



Prior to going cruising we took off the V-Berth teak doors of our Alberg 37 MK-II to make more room, etc. They are in great shape. Are you interested in them FREE? I suppose you could even use the teak wood for another project?

We also have a new parts manual for the Volvo 2000 series diesel engine.

Contact Tom and Rose

Posted 5/10/2016

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I'm looking to cruise the world for a couple years and I can't think of any boat I would rather do it on then an Alberg 37. I'm not looking for a project boat so ideally it's ready to go but I'm also not afraid to put in a little work if that's what it takes. The catch, I'm in California, so I'm only looking on the west coast. If you have or know of an A37 on the west coast in reasonable condition I would love for you to email me at Thanks!

Wanted: Alberg 37 Yawl

We are a family of 4 looking to sail down to the Caribbean , we give ourselves the summer of 2016 to learn our new boat and fit it with all we are going to need for the year at sea. We are on a budget and cannot spend more then 15000$ on a good hull, good sails strong boat. A " friend" sold us a alberg 71 that we fell in love with for 1/2 that but needed a lot of work. Again not a problem. But he backed out for whatever reason and left us boatless.


If you have an alberg 37, hopefully a yawl, but any will be more then loved and cared for, and are willing to help us on our quest to get our children (9-16) out from in front of the tv and live what the world as to offer for a year. PLEASE HELP US.


A A37 would be awesome and really what we think would be the best boat. If you know of or have a sailboat 35' and over that is in the Great Lakes or anywhere up and down the Saint Lawrence, PLEASE CONTACT ME. JATEK227@SYMPATICO.CA. OR 613-805-5463


Thank again


Jason Ellis


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By the Editor

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Have a great Alberg 37 Spring and Summer!!!


Tom and Kaye Assenmacher in Kinsale, VA

1006 Brook Ave.

Kinsale, VA 22488 (replace AT with @)