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  Gear For Sale
Spinnaker pole for Alberg 37, $150. This pole is in good condition for its age. It is 14 feet lone, 4" in 
diameter and weighs 40 pounds. 
Check out the U-Ship website to get economical shipping anywhere in the US. 
The pole is located in Milwaukee, WI. 
George Mueller at
(Posted 3/23/2017)
Hood Mainsail for Alberg 37 sloop. Dacron, used about 10 years.  Condition Good, $900.
150% Genoa, Mylar, Fair Condition, @200.
130% Genoa, Hood, Dacron, Fair Condition $200
Contact Charles Deakyne (410) 647-6674
Posted 4/25/2016
JON KUHL, the owner of the 1968 MK-I Sloop KEMO SABE, has offered the following item: "For sale, three bladed bronze prop (16"X11"X1" RH), used but in very good condition. The engine on our Alberg 37 is a Perkins 4-108 40HP. I changed to a 14" prop which suits the Perkins at a somewhat higher RPM." 
(See attached two photos and contact information)
(Posted 4/25/2014)

I have a virtually new A-37 Mainsail for sale.  It is by North - usage can be measured in days.  Nice sail with tapered battens (top two full and two half battens) up and over leech line so you can  adjust it at the mast.  Battens are nice tapered (expensive) battens. 

 $1700.00 USD obo.  

Jay Zittrer

McKesson Medical & Surgical corp.

713.582.3911 cell

713.583.6611 fax
Posted 10/9/2012

Sandy Romer, who recently sold TUMBLEWEED (her "Alberg 37 Cousin", a Cape Dory 36), has some cruising gear for sale.  
Check out the items she has for sale!
(Posted 10/26/2010; Revised 9/18/2012)


Geoff Cunliffe of Mississauga, Ontario, the former owner of the 1979 MK-II Sloop, THE EVERDEN, now cruises aboard a Lagoon 410 Catamaran, PARTY OF TWO.  As part of his re-outfitting PARTY OF TWO, Geoff is having a new hard dodger built for his boat.  He has a very heavy duty dodger frame for sale, which could be adapted to a large catamaran, or a wide beam monohull.  The frame is built of 1-1/4” heavy wall Stainless Steel.  The Frame is approximately 12’ wide. Good for use 'as is' OR could be parted out for davits, or other uses.


Geoff is asking $200 for the unit.


The following photos and diagrams describe the assembly.

 DodgerFrame-1.jpg (71412 bytes) DodgerFrame-2.jpg (47752 bytes)

DodgerFramePhoto1.jpg (81153 bytes)  DodgerFramePhoto2.jpg (83692 bytes)


The frame is located in Kinsale, VA, and is available for viewing.  The Frame is quite large, and would need to be picked up by the buyer at Kinsale.


If interested, contact Tom Assenmacher at (804) 472-3853, or Email: (remove “nospam”).



Gear Wanted


 I am looking for a knurl knob for the Jib car on my boat, if anyone has one from a jib track you aren’t using anymore please let me know.


Lloyd Speyer

26 Rimmington Drive

Thornhill, Ontario L4J 6J8

Phone: 416-727-3930


(Posted 24 May 2016)






ROWAN MURDOCH, the owner of the 1980 MK-II Sloop HENRY, is looking for one of these devices (Pressure Pump) from an old Shipmate Pressurized Alcohol stove. Attached are two pictures.  Rowan is wondering if anyone out there may have possibly replaced their alcohol stove and still have the parts lying around. 'Rowan's fingers are crossed if something comes up'.

Shipmate Stove Pressure Pump

Shipmate Stove Pressure Tank
(The Pressure Pump Inserts Into The Hole On The Left Side Of The Tank)

If anyone out there has the pump (and it's in operable condition), please contact Rowan at: (Please replace 'AT' with '@) - this hopefully thwarts 'Email Spammers' out there!

(Posted 5/14/2014)



We have a new parts manual for the Volvo 2000 series diesel engine.

Contact Tom and Rose

Posted 5/10/2016