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UsedBoatEquipment.com is an eBay of sorts specifically for the boating market. The boating market is a very big landscape and we are building a platform so we don’t have to rely on the big box platforms like EBay, Craig’s list etc to sell of old or unused equipment. The benefit of getting this equipment online is that Boat owners can find deals. They can also find parts that are NLA no longer available. All of this leads to a win win for everyone involved whether its industry or Boat Owner. (Listed 2/17/2016)


An active set of maps and charts for regions of the US. This is a GOOD site.



This web site is designed as a companion to SpinSheet, a monthly magazine published in Annapolis, MD. Founded in July, 1995, SpinSheet is the only magazine specifically devoted to Chesapeake Bay sailing.



National Data Buoy Center – online weather observations from the weather buoys.



For you ham operators:


Image Communications such as Facsimile, Wefax and Slow Scan TV (SSTV).


The Packet Radio Home Page



For the rest of us:

Thai Teak Marine Co., Ltd

Manufacturer of superior teak yacht fittings, marine woodwork and teakwood boating furniture since 1972. Custom teak woodwork a specialty - catalog online - order online - quality guaranteed.



Atlantic Sail Traders (New and Used Sails)


SailCare, Inc. (Sail Reconditioning)


Sails (kit & finished), canvas supplies, rigging, hardware, kits, tools, sewing machines, sunbrella, dacron, sail cloth etc.


Good Old Boat Magazine (We’ve mentioned this site before, but it deserves mentioning again. This new magazine hopefully will be a success and needs our support, as it is well written, and pertains only to older boats).



Marine Surveyor

This site has information on surveys and articles about such subjects as blisters, engines, maintenance and troubleshooting, buying a used boat, hull design, moisture content, and painting fiberglass.



Marine Navigation Department, National Imagery & Mapping Agency

All sorts of marine navigation information. Too much information to mention here, but a "must see" site.



Answer Center: Retirement

(Worksheets to help you know what you need to save now to meet your retirement goals and "GO CRUISIN".)



Other useful URLs

Marine Diesel Information



Sailing the Dream



Kraft Interactive Kitchen



Guide to cruising information, voyage logs, seamanship and sailing skills and much more:



AWLGRIP - A comprehensive guide for application of AWLGRIP Paint products:



Guide to cruising information, voyage logs, seamanship and sailing skills and much more:



Good Old Boat Magazine (Jan/Feb 2002 issue) has a great article about Carl Alberg, and also a good article about Topside Refinishing by Don Casey. Unfortunately, the articles are not "On-Line", but check out their website anyway:




The following relate to Worldwide Weather Sites:

Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES). http://www.goes.noaa.gov/

Oceanography Resources on the Internet. http://www.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/staff/chartspubs.html

British site links to weather services from Hong Kong to South Africa and to scores of other sources of weather data and forecasts. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/

University of Michigan provides access to over 380 North American weather sites.


Wx Advantage presents a handpicked selection of handpicked selection of useful sites on a single URL. http://www.wxadvantage.com/

National Weather Service weatherfaxes and other comprehensive weather data. http://weather.noaa.gov/fax/marine.shtml

Marine Prediction Center marine forecast products. http://www.opc.ncep.noaa.gov/

National Hurricane Center provides detailed information about tropical storms and hurricanes. http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/

Navcenter.com provides accurate weather forecasting data overlaid onto nautical charts and maps. http://www.navcenter.com/

Commanders' Weather provides forecasts and routing for all types of sailboats and powerboats traveling anywhere in the world. http://www.commandersweather.com/

The Global Hydrology and Climate Center (GHRC) collects data from many different satellites, surface ground validation stations, as well as high altitude aircraft outfitted with science instruments, and also offers an extensive set of geostationary weather satellite images. http://weather.msfc.nasa.gov

The Johns Hopkins Ocean Remote Sensing site provides Gulf Stream and other area information. http://fermi.jhuapl.edu

"The Ultimate Weather Resource Guide" - http://www.areavibes.com/library/ultimate-weather-resource-guide/

"The Science Of Lightning" - http://www.widespreadsales.com/Electricity-and-the-Science-of-Lightning


Quinte Canvas/Topshop Inc. manufactures canvas tops and covers for recreational, power and sailboats including the Alberg 37.



A good sailing/marine resource web site.



Roller furling gear at reasonable prices



A Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast - A great site for serious cruisers.



History of Carl Alberg - From the article by Brian Hill in Sailing magazine - February 1984.



Mystic Stainless and Aluminum - Fabricators of custom marine hardware including folding ladders, etc.



By the Sea – The Online Boating Magazine - Information for boaters including boats for sale, events, message boards, boat builders, boat dealers, more.



The Knowledge Page – Information on the various types of Stainless Steels and their uses, and much more good information.



Landfall Navigation - Source of offshore safety and navigation equipment for serious sailors and navigators.



Living Aboard Magazine - Dedicated to people who dream of the life and live the dream of living aboard watercraft.



Sailing with Lin and Larry Pardey – Keep up with the voyages and adventures of this world class cruising couple.



Whitehall Rowing and Sail – For those who love Whitehall classic rowboats.



Ocean Navigator - A great site for serious cruisers - includes discussion groups and much more.



TIDES END LTD. Bellingham Chart Printers Division - Nautical Chart reproductions at discount prices.



Propane 101 - Promoting Propane Safety.....Through Better Understanding (Includes Overfilling Protection Device - OPD - Requirements

All about propane systems, tanks, regulators, appliances, etc.



Safety Standards for Backyard Boat Builders.  This pamphlet is a simplified explanation of Federal recreational boat construction requirements intended for the use of the non-professional, individual builder.



Yacht Design Info The Directory of Yacht Designers and Yacht Builders, Power and Sail.



John's Nautical & Boatbuilding Page. Incredible list of links to all things having to do with the water: http://www.boat-links.com/


National Weather Service Ocean Prediction Center. NOAA now offers weather fax images by email as well as directly downloadable versions:



U.S. Navy’s Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center. Excellent weather charts and satellite images: http://www.usno.navy.mil/FNMOC


Panama Canal. For those contemplating a canal transit or simply for some interesting viewing:



 New York Canal System. For Those contemplating a transit through the NY Canal System



The Royal Meteorological Society in the U.K. Provides links for forecasts, satellite and radar images and detailed information on all weather related activities:



Joe Mehaffey and Jack Yeazel’s GPS information website. Much useful information about GPS and product reviews: http://gpsinformation.net/


Reed’s Nautical Almanacs. Includes tide information and other useful links: http://www.reedsnauticalalmanac.co.uk/


American Radio Relay League. Learn about ham radio for boaters: http://www.arrl.org/


U.S. Naval Observatory. Much useful information regarding celestial navigation publication sources:



Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (Crab)

CRAB is a  non-profit sailing program, dedicated to providing sailing opportunities to persons with disabilities.



GelPlane ProScraper

Need a good scraper to get bottom paint off the hull, or to strip varnish from wood? Use the ProScraper (a scraper with a carbide blade used with a shop vacuum cleaner - we bought one and it works great!).



Bosun Supplies Company

Marine stainless steel hardware, rigging, and fittings.



Cajun Trading

Good prices on running rigging supplies, line and rope. http://www.cajunrope.com/


The Crosby Group

Great source for anchor swivels, masthead sheaves, marine blocks and much more. http://www.thecrosbygroup.com/


Hamilton Marine

Good source for marine supplies, accessories and tools.



Gam On Yachting

North America's Oldest Sailing Magazine.  Lots of useful information and links.


Cruising Club of America (http://www.cruisingclub.org):  Excellent resource for the cruising sailor.

Maritime & Coastguard Agency (http://www.mcga.gov.uk): British website containing much marine safety and medical related information.

Standards, Tables, International Equivalents (http://www.pkys.com/Reference.htm):   Useful information including ABYC standards information, wiring codes, etc.

Yachting and Boating World Forums (http://www.ybw.com/forums/index.php): Multi-thread comprehensive list of sailing forums.

Zimmerman Marine Technical Articles (http://www.zimmermanmarine.com/tech) : Technical articles contributed by Steve D’Antonio.  


Electro Guard - Provider of “prop nut zincs” and electrolysis prevention information:



Noonsite - The global site for cruising sailors is the culmination of Jimmy Cornell's work on the global cruising scene for the last quarter of a century and a distillation of his best-selling books World Cruising Handbook and World Cruising Routes.


Canadian Metals/Martyr Zinc Anodes (Prop shaft anodes).http://www.martyranodes.com

Lots of useful boatkeeping and woodworking information from Jamestown Distributers

Meridians and Parallels Weather (Numerous weather related links). http://www.meridians.us/weather/weather.htm

Crawfords Nautical Books of Tilghman Island – A very comprehensive listing of Nautical Books. www.CRAWFORDSnautical.com

 Boat Lovers Transport – A thoroughly competent boat transport (also own an Alberg 37) company located in the Mid-Chesapeake Bay Area. www.boatloverstransport.com/index.html

Sail The Net - Marine Directory with 13,000+ listings
* Crew Swap for skippers, owners and crew,
    * Boat Jumble - sell and buy used gear,
    * Cruising Guide - find information on harbours, marinas, anchorages & moorings or contribute with some info of your own
    * Gear Guide - reports on equipment, good and bad, let us have your comments on your favorite bit of gear or why it is now resting on the ocean floor
    * Links section - over 4,100 links to non-commercial marine sites

Boat Appliances - A good source of information regarding “Stuff” aboard boats.
Air Conditioner (Ventilation, Fan, Cooling) section
Barbeque (BBQ) section
Head (Toilet, Holding Tank) section
(Air) Heater section
Refrigeration (refrigerator, freezer) section
Sewing Machine section
Stove (Oven) section
Washer / Dryer section
Water Heater section
Watermaker section
 Computer section 
 Stereo, TV section 

(Off Phi Phi Don, an island severely harmed by the tsunami.)
Courtesy of Jay Zittrer

Marine and Coast Guard Agency ( United Kingdom ) A wealth of safety and health related information for those going to sea: http://www.dft.gov.uk/mca/

Riparia Resources - A collection of useful, (and not so useful), items in medicine and sailing,: http://www.riparia.org/index.html  


BoatU.S. Hurricane Resource and Tracking Center  http://www.BoatUS.com/hurricanes  


PHRF Ratings for Various Boats Including Alberg 37s:  http://www.phrfne.org/page/567   


Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories http://cruisenews.net/index.php  


Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) Discussion Board (http://forum.ssca.org/phpBB3/)


SimplySailingOnline.com is a website developed by long time cruisers (Connie and Dave McBride),  which shows by example how easily you can eliminate stress, become more independent, raise your children in a safer environment (while spending more time with them, instilling values not based on the mighty dollar) and avoid the traps of commercialism. "Because we live and sail simply, we have been wandering for 8 years with no intention of stopping. This is not a trip for us; it is our life, and I hope to share our success with stories of laughter and tears, as well as how-to tips and DIY projects for preparing, sailing and making a boat a home, so that others can join us." (http://www.simplysailingonline.com)

Clean Boating Act This web site explains the EPA Clean Boating Act, and its implications to boaters. (http://water.epa.gov/lawsregs/lawsguidance/cwa/vessel/CBA/)

 ActiveCaptain - The Interactive Cruising Guidebook   The Active Captain database has one goal in mind - to provide a place where boaters can freely share information. The results prove that it works. http://www.activecaptain.com)
(Ed. Note:  Check out this website, especially the on-line The Interactive Cruising Guidebook!)

Ocean Navigator Online - The Online Resource For The Offshore Sailor (http://www.oceannavigator.com)

Many of us A-37 owners have a Simpson-Lawrence windlass or other S-L product, but somehow have lost the manual, or need spare parts.  Check out the SL Spares Website.  They also provide FREE parts diagrams for S-L Windlasses. (http://slspares.co.uk/pdf-downloads.php)


http://www.passageweather.com/  Wind, Wave & Weather Forecasts for Sailors and Adventurers (We often used this website while cruising in the Bahamas in 2006-07; and 2009-2010)

http://rads.tudelft.nl/gulfstream/  Current velocities of the Gulf Stream (graphical historical information)  

Cruising Resources and Information for Sailors   (http://cruisingresources.com/)  

CapeHorn Integrated Self-Steering - lots of information regarding windvane self steering (http://www.capehorn.com/superlatives.htm)

The Salty Southeast Cruisers Net - A terrific resource for Sail (and Power) Cruisers transiting the US Southeast Coast : http://www.cruisersnet.net/ Contains info regarding bridges, anchorages, weather and tides and much more!

Knots: How to Tie Knots (http://www.2020site.org/knots/index.html)  This website contains descriptions and illustrations on tying over 35 knots, including: bowline knots, half hitch knot, overhand knot, hitch knot and many more!  

U.S. Customs and Board Protection (http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/pleasure_boats/) Lots of information/forms/procedures for those planning on cruising
outside the United States and returning to the United States.

Oceanography Resources http://www.actiondonation.org/articles/oceanography-resources.html

http://www.polarnavy.com/     Polar Navy is dedicated to building efficient, user friendly cross-platform marine navigation software. Our applications provide consistent user experience with native look and feel on Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux systems. (Ed. Note:  This inexpensive (approximately $40 USD) nav program looks quite good.  Polar Navy also interfaces with Active Captain, an interactive cruising guide. We have installed it on our ‘poor man’s chartplotter’ (a laptop) tied to our GPS.  It looks promising!.  Check it out.)

CaptainRated (http://captainrated.com/) is the boating review site providing real reviews by real boaters brought to you by ActiveCaptain (https://activecaptain.com/)