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CARELLEN-1.jpg (20847 bytes) Carellen-2.jpg (79817 bytes) Carellen-3.jpg (50977 bytes)

CARELLEN (1975 mk-II Sloop, #139)
Rick and Paula Humphrey
Scarsborough, Ontario

(Posted 7/12/2009)

Click Here to see photos of their 2000 cruise aboard Carellen

Anemos-1a.jpg (99793 bytes) Anemos-2b.jpg (51976 bytes)

Anemos-3c.jpg (58388 bytes)

Anemos-4d.jpg (72534 bytes)

ANEMOS Sailing On The Northumberland Strait

ANEMOS is a 1979 MK IIAlberg 37, sloop, hull #203
Owned By
Mario Gosselin and Danièle Courchesne
Moncton, New Brunswick


ANEMOS Is Currently The Featured Alberg 37

Kalais-1.jpg (23759 bytes) Kalais-2.jpg (106946 bytes) Kalais-3.jpg (12188 bytes)

Kalaïs (1967 MK-I Sloop, #14) 
Raymond Cauvier


(Posted 1/18/2006)

PIC00203.bmp (2359350 bytes)

"Heron"  #226

Rob and Julie Lee

Denver, CO

Tempus_Fugit.JPG (32626 bytes)

"Tempus Fugit" #7

David & Sheila McVay

Markham, Ontario 

(Boat located in Marvin's Is., Nova Scotia)

(Revised 5/17/03)

Sarah.gif (168768 bytes)

"Sarah" #60

John and Cynthia Hughes

Barrington, RI

Tania Aebi.jpg (21952 bytes) "Tania Aebi"
tevake.jpg (20623 bytes) "Tevake" #63
"Estoril" #245

Solar_Wind-3.jpg (150782 bytes) SolarWindBahama-rev.jpg (79710 bytes)

"SOLAR WIND I" # 237  

(Paul and Carol Dunne

St. George, Ontario)

TundraBarefoot.jpg (53032 bytes)

 Tundra_Sails_Bequia_2002.JPG (71484 bytes)

Tundra Sails Bequia 2002.



Brian and Kathy Marsh

Sarnia, Ontario

(Updated 8/02/2002)

ragnarii.jpg (172629 bytes) "Ragnar II"
stornoway.jpg (45997 bytes) "Stornoway" #182

(Anchored in Teakerne Arm, Desolation Sound, British Columbia, Canada)

teelok1.jpg (343625 bytes) Teelok masthd.jpg (14780 bytes)"TEELOK" #178
eagle5.jpg (172416 bytes) "Eagle" #177

(taken from Tom Assenmacher's dock after a reunion)

RedFox6 (1).jpg (29505 bytes) "Red Fox" #14

Brandelara2.jpg (112331 bytes)

Pipe Creek, Exumas, Bahamas
Frank & Linda Smart

Jobb-Brandelara_II-2-w.jpg (86608 bytes)

With New Radar, Wind generator, and Sailcover.  2007 Winter Cove, Saturna Island, BC
Pat & Wayne Jobb
Owners since 2003
(Posted 9-19-08)



Jobb-Brandelara_II-w.jpg (4763 bytes) 

BRANDELARA II" #66 Desolation Sound, BC

sojourn.jpg (548924 bytes) "Sojourn" # 239
(Click here for more photos)
pat-sea.jpg (174518 bytes) "PAT-SEA" #201
spirit.jpg (213825 bytes) "Spirit" #33
wmlucas2.jpg (26876 bytes)  
wmlucas.jpg (14131 bytes) "William Lucus" #214


Shearwater-2000.jpg (346779 bytes) SHEARWATER-Krentz-w.jpg (41085 bytes)

"Shearwater" #157 
1982 MK-II Yawl

(Tom and Kaye Assenmacher, Kinsale, VA)

Also see 2006 Bahamas Cruise Photos

"Good News"  #144

(Ashley Walker, Kemah, TX)

"Wanesa"  #46

(Bill Kellett, Minneapolis, MN)


4thJULY-SPIN.jpg (50624 bytes)



"Shared Watch" #246

(Jay Zittrer, Houston, TX)

Revised 7/11/02


"Sally Anne" #83

(Mike and Dawn Johnson,
San Diego, CA)

Posted 5/17/01


Kevin Milliken

Canmore, BC
(Revised 1/23/2015)


Gannet II anchored in front of Cassel Falls, Redonda Island, Desolation Sound. 
(depth 110 ft.!! )
Kevin has owned GANNET II since September, 2012.

Miguel Diaz Clement
 Carlos Diaz Clement

Puerto Montt, Chile

MIGUELETE is the Southernmost located Alberg 37!

Posted 9/3/01



Bruce McFarland

Wilmington, DE
Posted 2/3/02


Susan Payette

Dan Oswald

Posted 9/01


Bob and Marj


North Marshfield, MA

Posted 9/25/01



David and Delores Cassel

Centerport, NY

Posted 10/08/01

WIND SONG.jpg (65432 bytes)

1973 MK-II Yawl, #112
Bob and Cheryl Seaver
Noank, CT

leeway-1.jpg (8549 bytes)

leeway-2.jpg (151529 bytes)

leeway-3.jpg (107882 bytes)


Wayne and Cindy Milroy

Oshawa, Ontario

Posted 12/14/01

Falcon_Broad-Reach.jpg (40540 bytes) Falcon_reach-drifter.jpg (64299 bytes)

(Being Sailed on Lake Erie)

Greg and Margo Vandenberg

Grand Rapids, MI
Posted 06/21/04

dr071.jpg (37265 bytes)


(Click here for more photos)

Linda Main and David Arbuckle Mississauga, Ontario

Posted 4/22/02

Southern_Cross-12-20-01.jpg (70031 bytes)

Marcel and Karen Steinz

(Sailing between Great Sail and Green Turtle, Abacos)

Oakville, Ontario
Posted 7/7/02

Raven-5x7.jpg (54903 bytes)

Charles and Helen Bahn

Bethesda, MD
Posted 7/18/02


karma-2.jpg (84650 bytes)

KARMA_Keys-w.jpg (26506 bytes)

Off 7 Mile Bridge, Florida Keys

Keys 004.jpg (96277 bytes)


1975 Sloop

Frank and Mary Carr

St. Petersburg, FL

Posted 10/25/02

reach.jpg (37981 bytes)

Windflower.jpg (26084 bytes)


1985 Yawl, #240

John and Priscilla Daverman

Northport, Michigan

Posted 11/15/02


1974 Yawl, # 127

Pierre Mignot and Genevieve Langlois

Outremont, Quebec

Posted 4/16/03


Folichon_1_Ile_aux_Bouleaux .jpg (7716 bytes)

Ile aux Bouleaux

Folichon_1-Bay_of_Gaspe.jpg (9228 bytes)

Bay of Gaspe



Folichon_1-Bay_des_Chaleurs.jpg (8640 bytes)




Folichon_1Gaspe_marina with_Cap-Lib.jpg (18881 bytes)

Gaspe Marina with CAP-LIB



1967 MK-1 YAWL

Papo and Gina Negron

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Posted 4/30/03

Negron-Elusive_at_anchor-w.jpg (33451 bytes)




1970 MK-1 SLOOP

John Birch/June Hodgins

Hamilton, Ontario

Posted 6/24/03

Sunstone2 Labour Day 2002.jpg (42396 bytes)

Sunstone is second to last of the MK I 's,



1967 MK-1 SLOOP

Ian Dunn

Rye, New York

Posted 3/30/04

Vectis_Reach-W.jpg (15772 bytes)



1973 MK-I YAWL

Jack and Gerna St. John

Boothbay Harbor, ME

Posted 6/16/04


Now Owned
Simon Foster 
Wales United Kingdom 

STJohn-FIGMENT-1.jpg (27173 bytes) 
FIGMENT dressed for the Antique Boat Parade in Boothbay Harbor, ME.

FIGMENT-September3.jpg (29625 bytes)
Figment (Now Owned by Simon Foster) at anchor in Crosshaven Ireland after crossing the North Atlantic in August 2006 from St John's, Newfoundland.
(Posted 7-19-07)


(Additional Photos of 2004 Summer Cruise)


1972 MK-II Sloop

M.J. and Judy Mintz

Alexandria, VA
Posted 5/12/05

Mintz-L'AMARRE.jpg (27547 bytes)

L'AMARRE's Home Port is 
Edgartown, MA

1980 MK-II Yawl
John and Judy Langley
Baddeck, NS
Posted 10/8/05

Regatta-Talisker.jpg (27192 bytes)
On Bras d' Or Lake


1968 MK-I Sloop
Jon and Helen Kuhl
Camden, ME
Posted 10/8/05

SPIRIT-Cockpit.jpg (38525 bytes)
A Beautiful A-37

SPIRIT-Sunrise.jpg (24610 bytes)
The Perfect End to a  Perfect Day

1972 MK-II Yawl
Heather and Bill Beaver
Annapolis, MD
Posted 12/17/2005

Halcyone-W.jpg (30114 bytes)
HALCYONE Anchored in the Yeocomico River, near Kinsale, VA -  May 2005


1970 MK-I Sloop
Les and Eileen Owen
Grande Prairie, Alberta
Posted 9/5/2006

Owen-CALIBRATE-w.jpg (21461 bytes)
CALIBRATE sailing in BC
(Currently Berthed at Boat Harbor, Nanaimo BC)

Previously owned by Mary Williamson and Ronald Devins who left Victoria, BC on June 5 1990, headed west and returned July 5 /97 (52000 nm)  She wrote a book on their adventure "Grandma Ran Away to Sea"!

1967 MK-I Sloop
(Hull # 4)
Al Peckenpaugh
Renee Brescia
Trumansburg, NY


1Aftbefore.jpg (34635 bytes)           1Aftafter.jpg (48878 bytes)
   Before                    After


GLTopsidespainted.jpg (112654 bytes)        GLMay07b.jpg (15515 bytes)  Repainted Hull      Under Sail 6-07



1970 MK-I Sloop
Mike & Lisa Rostron
Bellingham, WA


Galenadownwind-w.jpg (58952 bytes)


1972 MK-II Yawl
Marc Kip Culver
San Rafael, CA

image002.jpg (35139 bytes)
Off The
Mexican Coast

 image004.jpg (26513 bytes)
Anchored In Morro Bay , CA

Marc Kip Culver purchased his Alberg 37 Yawl in 1998 in Boothbay Harbor Maine . After changing the name from the original Marcassa II to Treasurlee and later to Folie Douce, [which means sweet folly in French] he spent a lovely two years sailing  down the intracoastal waterway and living in Florida . He next  trucked the boat to Napa, CA and after a complete refit, sailed the boat to Mexico and two years later returned to San Francisco, a voyage of over 3,000 miles. He is currently sailing his home waters while upgrading and adding new systems in preparation for his circumnavigation. He resides in San Rafael , CA where he makes his living as a writer/shipwright/delivery skipper.

Posted 1/22/2009

1975 MK-II Sloop 
(Hull #153)
Charlie Carbone
Mount Nebo, Queensland

(Posted 12/29/2010)

Scarborough-Classic-Regatta.jpg (32038 bytes)  Scarborouhg-Classic-Regatta.jpg (44772 bytes)
TRONDELAG Participating
In The 
Australian Scarborough Classic Regatta

TRONDELAG was previously owned by Lynne and Gerry Purvis

1967 MK-I Sloop (Hull # 3)
Gabriel Bonventi
Toronto, Ontario

(Posted 6/13/2010)

rodeo.jpg (44840 bytes)

RODEO is a 'newly discovered' early MK-I

1975 MK-II Yawl
(Hull # 144)

Joan and Maarten van Hasselt
Houston, TX

(Posted 3/30/2011)

JOAN_III1.jpg (45460 bytes)

Click Here To Go To 
JOAN III's Website

Purchased In 2010 From
Ashley Walker